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Saturday, May 30, 2009

WCB Alberta

The Federal RICO Act & The Injured Worker

49 min - 11 Nov 2008 -

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Are Federal (RICO) Racketeering Lawsuits The Solution To Finally Get Justice For America's Injured & Disabled Workers When Those Responsible ...
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Above is a video of the WCB in Michigan in whom are being sued under the United States Federal RICO act. For fraud and Racketeering. Go Figure, HuH!? Who knew? Sound familiar? Because they and other WCB operations nationwide in Canada and the U.S. , are all participating in exactly the same tactics. Those tactics are of conspiring to deny legitimate injured workers benefits that they are legally entitled to. These people have stolen billions from seriously injured workers over the last few decades. All the while, governments watched and did nothing. It's like some kind of perverted Irish reform school.

So much for the Power of a MLA

My experience from last week with Colleen Bamford denying my CT and MRI scans is just living proof that these people do not even have any respect for ministers of the legislative assembly or their assistants. This Corporation is actually more powerful than the Government, and they didn't even have to win an election.
It is funny how we let democracy slip away.
It is everyone's responsibility to stand up for democracy, only problem is no one showed up. That's Alberta!!! These people are making a mockery of Canada.

MRI and CT scan of my C-spine Denied

Well this news really comes as no surprise. Since my obtuse case manager is still the totally incompetent, uneducated do-nothing is once again Colleen Bamford. She must be a finalist in the "Extreme Maltreatment of Claimants" contest at the WCB Alberta. Given her past trophies.
It is then without any surprise that my claims manager Colleen Bamford turns down my doctor ordered CT and MRI scans. Funny I don't recall a MD being in front of her name, huh! Hello, It is incumbent upon you to forward medical needs to a medical panel. This is not even a surprising development in my case, because it is just another abuse by the Alberta WCB. A woman who refused to return my phone calls last year, including her superviser Trevor Dill doing the same. Then as a final insult, she changed her phone number and then proceeded to tell my doctor that my file was closed.
Really at the core of this issue of disputes with WCB Alberta, is the fact that any of these issues can be resolved swiftly and efficiently with a simple "Phone call". In addition this means that includes a phone call to my physician if you have any questions whatsoever about my file.
But we all know that that is not their goal, their goal is to bury you in paperwork 10 ft. deep.
I can not bear these "MIND GAMES" that the WCB Alberta has initiated to deny a disabled worker any benefits.
It is just one of their demoralizing tactics not to pay out serious injuries.
This was immediately after my doctor had referred me to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. This continents' leading health facility, with a century of treating serious injuries such as mine for a population more than 10 times our size. The origins of the Mayo Clinic and the country it serves speak for themselves in complete overall Medical expertise. I have written my case manager and outlined the fact that I wanted my "IME" (Independent Medical Examination) performed at the MAYO Clinic in Rochester MN.
While this may not seem important or significant, the fact of the matter is that the IME for a serious spinal injury is critically important. This examination is not complete without consulting with a spinal surgeon, a nuerologist and a series of explicit scans. This is to establish base point data to work from in the future, since complications from this injury will haunt me for years. Without this comprehensive IME, the WCB Alberta will just flat out deny any future medical responsibility, when my condition worsens.
My Case Manager Colleen Bamford refuses to buy me a bed. The single most fundamentally important piece of furniture for a serious back injury and Colleen turned me down flat. Good job Colleen, kick any small pets today?
In addition the Mayo Clinic will be able to diagnose my current condition, and apply the very latest in technological advances in spinal medicine. When the Mayo is done they will provide a long term prognosis with a comprehensive, up to date long term treatment plan for the future.
The Mayo Clinic will not hold a bogus court of medical fools like they do at the Millard Center, and then call that a proper IME. The Millard Center has done this to numerous of my friends in the past and then they proceeded to send them back to work no matter how injured, with no pension and no long term treatment plan. These people are partially disabled and they ended up without any pension whatsoever for the Permanent Impairments they have suffered.

I am a disabled worker as a result of landing flat on my back and breaking my back. And being disabled as a result of this fall. I am now being supported by the Taxpayers of Alberta on Welfare because the WCB Alberta refuses to help in any way. A direct fiduciary subordination, by the people entrusted by the government to financially and medically compensate seriously injured workers.
I can understand how undereducated persons at WCB Alberta would misinterpret this fiduciary Responsibility to mean that they should instead lie, cheat and steal funds intended for the financial, medical treatment, recovery and the well being of hard working seriously injured workers.
The C Bamford greed machine is in full gear. Bonuses for maltreating McGillis. My God what has this province come to?

Friday, May 29, 2009

MLA's Can Help Sometimes

Well it is Friday now and I have to go pick up my scrip over at the pharmacy. The last week has been interesting. I phoned my lawyer and he informed me that the WCB refuses to release my file. This, despite the fact that I sent him the authorization( 8 weeks ago), that he immediately faxed to Alberta WCB. I have been in contact with Brenda from my MLA's office and perhaps that will bear some fruit. It is difficult to get excited about any possible forward motion in my file with Alberta WCB. I have in the past and it only leads to disappointment.
I still have not heard anything on the CT Scan or the MRI that was ordered on my C-Spine 3 Weeks ago. I am going to drop by my doctors office as well and see if I can confirm their intranet connection with the Alberta WCB. I will pick up my Perc's while I am at it. My doctor desperately needs the CT and MRI scans in order to determine the extreme pain and limited range of motion in my neck.
My neck has been a ongoing problem since I fell. I wore a neck brace in the hospital for 6 days. For the first year or so my neck would pop about 10 times a day. That frequency of popping decreased slowly over the next year, until it was reduced to cracking and popping only a few times a day. Over the last winter, it was reduced in frequency to popping and cracking typically a couple of times a day. The only problem was that the pain level has been steadily going upwards during these events.
Then when I started to have my dental work done @ Dr. Pavlenko's Sana Dental office, I had to have multiple root canals, and crowns. During these sessions, the torsion of having my head propped back with my jaw mechanically held open for extended periods was enough to compound my neck problems. To such a degree that during the first sessions Dr. Pavlenko asked me if I knew there was a severe problem with my neck. I replied that I was, but it was yet to be fully assessed. Dr. Pavlenko and his assistant couldn't believe that the WCB Alberta are not providing medical or financial assistance to such an obviously disabled individual. He and his assistants would continually have to stop and give me a chance to recuperate when my neck would pop during these sessions. Dr. Pavlenko even wrote a letter to my Doctor about my neck abnormalities.
He is a medical Doctor and a professional. He just like every other medical professional I have met over the last 3 years and is genuinely committed to helping me. They are medical Professionals and as such do not want to see a patient suffer needlessly. Unlike the "Rent-a-doctors" whom are employed to produce bogus medical reports that not only are they unqualified to produce, but they are outright falsehoods produced for the profit of the WCB Alberta Millard Health Center. These reports are felonious in their intent.

Alberta WCB's approach of stonewalling doctors, medical imaging installations, my lawyer, my MLA's representative is not even a surprise to me. This felonious Insurance Scheme is run by people who operate "EXACTLY" like common criminals. As such the Alberta WCB believe that they are smarter than all of the aforementioned individuals. They actually believe that the whole lot of us are a pack of idiots. This precisely is the same ideological thinking of dominant criminal minds. The WCB has managed to influence the government controlling bodies through System Justification of their ideals, that there is nothing "Broken" at the Alberta WCB. This despite the fact that the last few WCB Alberta years are riddled with corruption, drug addiction and substance abuse, outright lying in court, thievery and embezzlement, as reported in the media. If today's modern highly trained and skilled tradespeople are required to pass random drug testing, than it stands to reason that all staff at Alberta WCB be required to do the same.
Considering they are in charge of billions of our dollars, and to disclose all investments, past and current, including past top bureaucrats in Alberta WCB.
These are not untruths, but public knowledge corroborated by the media. They are so used to lying that they just cover one lie with another.
Sadly the Seriously Injured Worker suffers.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Excuse me while I have my Human rights stripped away

Tomorrows Post

I am never at awe anymore when the WCB Alberta strips away yet even more of my individual rights under the charter, or the phoney rights that are supposed to be adhered to by WCB Alberta.
From the very beginning, once I had arrived home from the Hospital, which I did not want to leave because of my extreme physical limitations. I knew that WCB Alberta would not have home care in place, and guess what?, they did not. I started receiving letters from WCB Alberta about the looming return to work date. I was stunned, they (, had embarked on a program of Intimidation and coercion right from the beginning. Case Plan Letter Page 1, 2, 3, 4. The RAH is not responsible for the WCB shoddy home care operation. Had the Hospital set it up, it would have been in place before I arrived.
The threats and intimidation (coercion) did not end there, they had to get me to the Millard Health Center to fully invoke their sinister plan. The trap was set and all they needed was for me to walk in the door. They (WCB Alberta) had "profiled" me right from the beginning and had no plans whatsoever of planning my Rehabilitation. They were simply springing a trap for me to walk into. Knowing full well that I was under extreme physical and mental duress. They knew it would not take much to use duress as a tool to psychologically stomp all over me. And they executed it beautifully in a WCB Alberta kind of way.
The woman who did my FCE (functional capacity evaluation) then produced a document and herded me into a office with a camera in the ceiling. (Strange form of Rehab) She wrote I had "imagined my injuries to be greater than they actually were". I told her that the majority of my pain in my lumbar and lower area was radiating from the area of my original injury. She told me that I had signed off on that injury years ago (Untrue) and that I would have to sign a similar document now. I refused. She told me I had to and again I refused. She returned sometime later and said that I would not have to sign the document and I left. Dr. Sonnenburg himself wrote WCB Alberta that I have had 3 compensation related previous back injury claims.

It was when I went to meet with the director of return to work services, and that is when all the trouble started. You guessed it!, time to have more of my individual rights stripped away. Bruce Eidick produced a document, that said very explicitly that I had to show up every day @ 8 a.m. sharply or I would be cut off. That was not possible then and to this day is not possible. When I am up all night in pain that is not possible. Every doctor knows that a side effect of Chronic Pain is Chronic Fatigue. And at this rate I will never get my proper Rehabilitation.
It also stated that if I did not make it in, that I had to phone in at precisely 8 a.m. sharp or I would be permanently cut off of benefits. I informed him that this was not possible. He left and returned to tell me there was a phone call in the control room for me.
It was my wonderfully abrasive Claims Manager Kim Kroetsch, and she yelled at me if I did not sign that document that I would be cut off of benefits. God, how I love how the WCB Alberta so gleefully throws around threats and coercion as a Rehabilitation Tool.

Important Note

I think that it is important to note at this time that, during my time in the hospital originally Doctor Zhiang my Orthopedic Surgeon had considered sending me to the Glenrose Hospital for Rehabilitation. I really don't think he fully understood the underlying consequences of letting the "hackboys" at Millard have a go at me. And the fact that the WCB Alberta was already pre-disposed to a program of discrimination against myself. They cannot dispute this since this letter is living proof of their program.

I wonder if the Mayo Clinic Spinal Fusion Rehabilitation Tools and techniques, employ terror, threats and coercion in their day to day operations?

Obviously seriously injured workers might as well get used to crappy medical care right from the Start. That way they won't know any different and will believe that this is the way "Privately Administered Health Care In Alberta", is administered. Thats it WCB Alberta, set the bar low. From that moment to the present day, I have been subjected to extremely low level "Cheapco" care. At it's very worst was the day I got back surgery to have my hardware removed. I would commit suicide before I would let them do major back surgery on me, on an "outpatient" basis. I mean it. I wanted to kill myself for 2 days afterward. This is the best our system can deliver? You can't even keep a person in for 48 hours of observation and direct delivery of morphine through injection for serious operations.
Yep this is Cheap out Alberta Alright.

I have been asking for a bed since I got out of the hospital 3 years ago. No one ever came around as I was told to evaluate my bed (duh, I broke my back). What do you suppose is the very first thing you would buy for a serious back injury client? Duh!!, a bed! So it really came as no surprise that Colleen Bamford denied my request for a decent bed. I don't really think I have to go further on this subject, not even for the uneducated.

The WCB Alberta is so funny because they go on about their much prized "Appeal" process. It is all B.S. And even the Premier_of_Alberta will tell you, B.S. ain't worth a hill of beans. My very first appeal that I submitted on Sept. 10th, 2007 was fed into the paper shredder by WCB Alberta. It was never filed and I never did get my appeal heard by an appeal board or any higher panel. They have destroyed it and refuse to even acknowledge that they received it.
Thank you once again WCB Alberta for stripping away my rights to appeal. Why would I need those stupid damn rights, huh?
Then when I was cut off the second time by C Bamford, I immediately called the Office of the Appeals Advisor and spoke with a representative there. He retrieved my name + file number and informed me that I was an extremely smart man. Strange, we had only been speaking a couple of moments. And then he informed me that I was probably under investigation for "fraud".
I was absolutely floored, stunned and in disbelief that a rep from the Advisor's Office would speak in such a condescending tone. And that as the say, was that. That was my one and only exposure to this "phoney appeals advisor figurhead". So much for my right to appeal, Again.
My mother told me before she died, she was terribly ill for months in the RAH right after I was cut off of benefits the first time by Kim Kroetsch. Sieg Heil.

She told me, and I quote, " Never give up your rights, because you will never get them back." I only hope that the citizens of Alberta understand this as they stand by idly and watch their health care rights steadily eroded.

I can tell you from the standpoint of a person whose medical care is "Dictated" by a Private Insured Health Care Provider, that health delivered by a super board is totally crappy. Why? Duh, because they dole out care to whomever are their friends, not you and your friends. As such if you are not connected, guess what you get squat baby.

"And the people stood by and blithely watched as their rights were stripped from them".
Brent McGillis, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Man what a life!

I would have never guessed that I would be teetering on the verge of homelessness, simply because I fell off a steel rafter busting some Iron together and now I am disabled. The idea that WCB Alberta would have intelligent employees (Claims managers) working for them is a delusion. And further that any of these Claims Managers would have even the most rudimentary medical knowledge is absolutely absurd. If any of these humans exist at WCB Alberta , I certainly have not met any of them. At the very core of this issue is the Stalig 13 type atmosphere at WCB Alberta . If you so much as sneeze the word "OW" you will be terminated from all treatments, benefits and pensions you may have been entitled to at one time in a fictional Alberta. The very idea that a person with less medical knowledge than myself (Ironworker) is in charge of my benefits is absolutely asinine.
When a seriously injured worker who has suffered multiple back injuries, gets injured at physio and reports it, it is incumbent on the Claims manager to order tests. These tests would be to investigate the reported injury. Simply cutting off the claimant and not returning his phone calls, or written communiques is not collaboration on my case plan Colleen. And it is certainly not what Colleen Bamford claims is working with all stakeholders towards the same goal. There is, and never will be, any single stakeholder with a larger stake in this claim than Brent McGillis. Her plan is simple, Obey..Sieg Heil or your entire file will be terminated. What ever happened to the WCB Mantra of working with stakeholders? Her case management is called a dictatorship, and is not conducive to an effective recovery plan map. A recovery plan map that does not include the injured worker in any participatory capacity is not a plan that is achievable.
To be totally blunt, my Case managers has ever tried to work with me or consult me on any of their case plans, ever.

When a Ironworker falls and lands flat on his back, guess what?, there are going to be complications. Being that my injury was not 100 % properly diagnosed at the Royal Alexandra Hospital is not my fault. And it is not their (RAH) fault either. They live under the guidelines of Alberta Health. Their primary goal is to kick you out the door and free up a bed.
I was under the misguided delusion that once I had arrived at the Millard Health Facility, my complete injuries and side effects of these injuries would be assessed. I was under the deluded idea that the Millard Center was a true "Multiple Disciplinary Rehabilitation Facility".
It is a phoney baloney health center. (A real Licensed Hospital or Health Clinic in the Province of Alberta is not allowed to use threats or coercion.) Protection for Persons in Care Act of Alberta. I did not make this Law, the Alberta Government did.
Man was I stupid. The very first thing they did was introduce me to DR. RENCHKO. He blurted, "Lots of people have steel parts in their bodies". And I retorted; "Yah, but not in their friggin spine!! Good God! I don't appreciate having my injury mocked by Medical Professionals, who are my Medical Guardians. It was all I could do to climb onto the examination table, and lay down. This experience was rapidly taking on a bizarre DISTORTION that I simply had not seen coming. Actually being MOCKED by the very people delegated by LAW to help rehabilitate me. I was in complete and total bewilderment. Never before in my entire life had I felt so belittled, insulted, and degraded. I was already under extreme physical duress, now Millard was embarking on a program of applied Mental Duress. And they were acting with Malice. A doctor trivializing my injury while I struggle to get on and off of his examination table. There is trivial about a serious fall.
At this point I was feeling extremely vulnerable, lonely, insulted and helpless. Since I knew that if this was the first encounter this whole gong show (Millard Health Center) was going downhill at a frightening pace. This was the first time in my LIFE that I had actually met a Rent-a-Doc. I guess the bottom 10% of grads need jobs too, just like any other trade.
That was the first exposure to WCB ick that I had to endure. I felt violated and degraded.
The next encounter with there vocational people was uneventful, except for suggestions of helping me find another job. I already had a job that I was to mangled to return to. Their idea is for you to start flipping burgers or something, that doesn't cost them a dime. Good job WCB.
After that they decided that it would be a good idea for me to be subjected to their FCE. You climb a 6 foot ladder, walk on a board. Lift a crate a few times. During this evaluation, I told the woman who was giving me this evaluation about my other injuries. I even demonstrated that I was unable to stand straight up, because of my right knee that was blown in the fall. She off course retorted that there was nothing about that stuff on her report. She would not record any of those concerns, except to write in her report that, "I imagined my injuries to be greater that they actually were."
More flippant remarks from another unremarkable human being used to making no useful contributions to society. Then to cap it all off she herded me into a room with camera's and microphones to make me sign a document saying that I had already signed off on any previous injuries. I told her that I never signed off on my previous back injury and would not do so now. She left for a while, returned and told me that I would not have to sign that document.
The final day was the next day, when I met with Bruce Eidick. He is Millard's RTW director. He met me and described while we were walking down the hallway to another room with camera's and microphones that I would be subjected to an intense program 5 days a week, 5 hours a day of Intense physiotherapy. I told him, "No you're not". I still had steel Rods and Screws in my Spine. There was no way in Hell, then or now that I would let a bunch of Hillbilly hacks risk further injuring my already mangled back. I did not suffer a broken leg. I broke the housing for my Spinal Cord. I know that the WCB of Alberta does not give a sh*t about my back. This is a news flash for the dummies. I only have one back, and it is now horribly deformed and mangled. Maliciously applying even more mental duress really was not an appropriate form of action at this point in my recovery.
After he could not find one of his surveillance rooms to film me signing the WCB's malicious document. A document designed to maximize duress on a client to the point where it will force a client to the absolute breaking limit. These tactics are designed to mentally stress out a client. Thus achieving their goal of attacking you credibility. I told Bruce Eidick that I would show up every single day I could, and do whatever I could. I would treat every person in that facility with respect. But I would not sign a legally binding document with unachievable goals that were impossible for me to fulfill in my weakened and battered state, and now under severe duress. Those goals were impossible then, and they are impossible today.
Is mental and physical torture of a severely injured worker a new Conservative Value? Or is it an Old Conservative Value?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just another day in da' hood

Well the day before yesterday I called my Supervisor for my Social Services worker. She sounded genuinely insincere and completely disinterested in helping me avoid homelessness. I told her that this would be the second time in 7 months that I was going to end up homeless. I described what the events were leading up to this current crisis, mainly insuring my car. Since I desperately need my car to make doctors appointments which are frequent now. To get to my diagnostic test appointments, and to deliver my documentation legal and medical.
Since my last MRI took 2 months to be approved by Colleen Bamford, who is my Claims manager @ the "NO CHANCY" compensation board.
This is not really a surprise coming from a women who's first instinct towards a seriously injured client crying "OW" is to cut him off of benefits and "STARVE" him back to his old work.
You don't need a university education to postulate the idea that a person with a broken back in going to encounter a great many obstacles to his recovery. And when that person cries out in pain, it might be a good idea to order further investigative tests in order to determine the origin of this pain. I would think investigating a client's source of pain would be an incumbent action after being injured in the course of his physiotherapy. I was doing so well up until the time that naive Physiotherapists thought it would be a good idea to give deep back massage to a seriously injured client. I wonder at the wisdom of REMED as a capable deliverer medical services. Why would a physiotherapy clinic try deep back massage on a patient who recently had back surgery? Without proper imaging as a benchmark, to insulate themselves from litigation? Only in "CheapBerta" would anyone attempt such a reckless approach to rehabilitation.
My physical mobility has been steadily going down hill for sometime now over this last winter. My ability to participate in just about any activity has been extremely limited over the winter by increasing complications in my medical condition (broken back).
I also managed to go over and visit the office of my MLA, who is Tony Vandermeer. I spoke with his very sincere assistant Brenda I believe it is. She told me not to get my hopes up, but that their government liason would contact WCB and see what the heck is going on. I am crossing my fingers for that little ray of hope.
Sheila Townsend phoned me last night and told me of a homeless thing going on down at the Shaw Conference Center on May 24th, 2009.