Brent McGillis: Nov 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wayne Coady Speaks Out Against Human Rights Abuse Of injured Workers' & Soldiers: Injured and Abused Workers' Coalition

Wayne Coady Speaks Out Against Human Rights Abuse Of injured Workers' & Soldiers: Injured and Abused Workers' Coalition I was just thinking today about the time I went to the U of A Hospital. When we sat down at the desk to register, there was a sign that said if your ailment was WCB related, there was a appeal process you could apply for. Well, we both just broke into hysterical laughter, because that premise is so absurdly ridiculous. So I won't even tell the hospital that it is WCB anymore, because I actually want some care. WCB=No Care, period. My point is, how much does that cost Taxpayers of Alberta? Each and every year, year after year? If you want to reform Health Care, start with the WCB. Because you cannot use the word Health Care and WCB Alberta in the same sentence. A statement so ridiculous no one believes it. Well I had my first appointment with the U Of A Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic. Well let's see how successful the Pain Clinic is at getting paid by Shill Corp (WCB). I know for a fact that my doctor has problems being paid by these shill bastard WCB people. When I was originally hurt back in 1990, it was the same thing. My Chiropractor was not being paid. I had to go down to the WCB office and demand they pay my Chiropractor. They screwed my father years ago when he got hurt, nothing ever changes.

Tony Vandermeer's office told me to forget it and move on with my life. I was stunned, but thinking back that all makes sense coming from this government. Don't fix the problem, just keep paving over it.
Ironic, that when Raj Sherman is kicked from Caucus the first guy to Stab Raj in the Back was none other than Tony Vandermeer, hinting that their were other avenues Raj could have used. Just another Conservative Party Dirt Bag. Waste of Skin.

It's like a Chernobyl Kluge. (Hellberta)Alberta just may be the Dumbest place in Canada to live.
And you want to let Hector the defector build a reactor. C'mon people!! Just imagine what is going to happen when that Whole GONG show goes sideways. Hillbillies should not be allowed to build reactors. The whole government will just grab their airline tickets and leave. The only reason they need a reactor is so the can stop burning 80 Kazillion cubic feet on natural gas to cook oil for the Americans. It is like watching your mentally imbalanced schoolmate when you were a kid play with his science kit.
Because the WCB is not a legitimate insurance program, the farmers recognize this. That is why Alberta Farmers do not want to get roped into this bogus scheme. They ain't that dumb. They know that the WCB squeeze the balls of the little guys to pay for their entire phoney program. I gave up relying on the WCB for absolutely anything a long time ago. When I look at their internet site, I just howl laughing. That and their news rag is just such a complete joke. Anyone who believes any of that BS is a complete idiot, and should probably not drive.

WCB World Caucasian Brotherhood

Is that what WCB stands for? In the old days we just used to call the Nazi's. Sieg Heil you bunch of Waffens. The Nazi's were not dumb, they get the Waffen SS minions to do their dirty work. They knew the Nuremberg trials were coming. Who do you think invented the paper schredder? If you don't think it can happen again you are just not paying attention. Here is a link to yet another sad case. Here is a link to injustice busters wcb cases. ThutmosisIII worship god of the World Caucasian Brotherhood dating back to the time of Pharaohs. He didn't need FOIP, he had a private Temple. Sound familiar? Hint:Alberta Caucus meetings sealed for 5 years. The general populace believes that fascists live in some far away palace in old Eastern Europe goose stepping to the beat of some insane totalitarian dictator. That image is false. Franklin D. Roosevelt in a April 29th, 1938 message to Congress warned that the growth of private power could lead to fascism: The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. What differs today in our modern conservative perverted model of democracy, is that the Corporate meddlers. have the politicians to mold the privacy laws of the land to execute their sinister plots. Pre-WWII didn't have that problem they just executed their enemies. Today's modern conservative fascist model integrates much smoother less messy mechanisms to carry out their deviate secret Agenda. The brilliant part of all of it, is that they have managed to fool the greater part of the population into believing in their warped vision of our future. Theirs is a vision of gated communities, heavy police and security presence everywhere to protect the citizens from the obviously deranged poor people who for some strange reason seem to be multiplying at a exponential rate.

 This globalization stuff is working out terrific for the corporations. A corporate army to protect you on the way to work, another corp army at work. Straight home to your corporate gated community, with of course it's very own corporate security army. It's terrific. Man it this place called Canada ever great. It is just like the Hellhole we left back home across an Ocean. Why wouldn't people want to immigrate here, it has all the corruption and unreachable corrupt corporate bagmen politicians of their homeland. Stephen Harper on Olympic Holiday to avoid Human Rights Abuses Questions in Canada. For our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to go overseas and even say one word about how Canada stands up for human rights is completely absurd. That only counts if you are Jewish. If I am wrong about the Canadian Human Rights Commission, they can speak freely, uh.., I think.