Brent McGillis: 03/01/2017 - 04/01/2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alberta WCB Due Process Jerrymandering

 Once again I revert to the original reason I started this blog, was to keep track of real time events in the "Alberta documents blizzard" that befall you when you have a WCB claim. Back when I started this blog, I was the unwilling participant in fighting with 6 different federal and provincial govt agencies, all simultaneously! 
 There is no experience in life that will prepare you for the moment your (PC) government decides it is going to wage an all-out government attack on your credibility as a disabled person. There is no training course or book that you can read that will prepare you for the panic attacks, fear and helplessness that will overcome you as you simply try to get proper housing that your body can tolerate at an affordable cost. The idea that there are all a pile of social nets for Canadians to fall into in this province is completely false; this has been my experience, because this does NOT mean that these programs will be accessible to YOU, the disabled worker.
 All of these feelings are beginning to come rushing back, the memories of being humiliated by self-serving public servants, who always manage to turn your immediate need from their department "Into something about THEM..." 
 Any normal human would ask themselves, "How is it possible that all Alberta govt offices function in this manner? Being subjected to the Alberta govt paper blizzard, is bumper sticker that no human should ever have to collect.
 Worse yet was the attacks by the Harper gangsters that were flown in to deny me CPP benefits, by simultaneously attacking me and spending the majority of the appeal with the 3 panel members calling me a drug addict and demanding that I seek addiction counseling. I asked them what their claims had to do with my disability, they had no reply. That was a very traumatizing time, because of the failure of the WCB to recognize my injuries, it made it impossible for me to seek any CPP Disability benefits as well. The badgering by the committee was the worst part of that 2 yr bogus process, because the Harper govt. loaded up the Office of the Appeals Commission with his own Party Hacks. They got paid handsomely to abuse disabled people across Canada and as a casualty of the abusive nature of the CPP Appeals that was brought to light with media exposure of these panel abuses, the panel was dismantled. I do not even know what Trudeau has replaced it with, if anything I really don't know.

This is where I came up with the association of the AB WCB and the Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine bureaucracy that flourishes within the kleptocracy of many of Alberta government departments is where the confluence of aristocracy and bureaucracy both used to meet for coffee; with a some Due Process gerrymandering thrown in for desert.  A normal human who has never been shoved into this kind of government meat grinder, naturally is not equipped mentally to cope with the stress that you will be exposed to.
 There are a great many parallels to the Byzantine Empire of many centuries ago and the current day political climate we are experiencing with Donald Trump as POTUS. 

 WCB still refuses to forward my referral. This is exhausting for a disabled person in a weakened mental and physical state to spend 2 months for a simple referral.
 My claims manager STILL has not completed the very first and ONLY request that I made to the WCB! Why does she refuse to refer me to a WCB Orthopedic Surgeon named Cory Cundall?
 Dr. Cory Cundall is a WCB doctor, he is paid by the WCB of Alberta. My claims manager continues to say that I am not being blocked, but that is not true because she is the only one who can hit the enter button on her keyboard to forward the referral to the Surgeon.
 This entire current round of WCB deflections is that my original letter to the WCB, where I request a referral to one of the WCB's very own Orthopedic Surgeons is STILL being denied.

 This still does nothing to address the bizarre denial of a bed for me, why am I still being denied a bed? You cannot claim to be a legitimate WCB organization when you refuse to buy a bed for a man who fell and broke his back. To say that the WCB's official position on this matter is legitimate is just so patently absurd, that this in of itself proves to me that nothing has changed within the WCB of Alberta.

 Just as I have always said and wrote, "If the WCB says it over the telephone, then it is a lie". That is one constant that never changes within the WCB. Here we are 2 months after my initial letter and the WCB is still spinning itself in circles. I honestly believe that the WCB of Alberta will NEVER let me see a Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon for a diagnosis or a long term prognosis of my condition, because it would not sufficiently dilute my injuries enough for their own objectives is my opinion. 

 So here we are 2 months after I delivered the letter to the downtown WCB offices, while there has been some advancement of the WCB officially recognizing my some of my injuries, the central argument is and always has been that the WCB of Alberta still refuses to accept responsibility for my neck injury and my knee injury when I fell. We are back to square one, locked in the very same disagreement that sparked the original fight with the WCB Millard, and that is:
 The WCB still does not have a legitimate process in place that 
A. Investigates a workplace injury that resulted in a career ending injury to a worker. Jamie's and her supervisor's claim that because the OHS and the WCB are not connected there is nothing they can do about the fact that NO WCB investigator ever came to talk to me about what happened on that day working on the PacLease/Kenworth site in south Edmonton.
B. No legitimate process to investigate the accident, their only policy is just to say NO, NO, NO, NO and NO. How can any reasonable person say that this is a legitimate process of investigating the injuries of a worker. I repeatedly told Dr. Jiang about my neck and my knee. His response was, "Look, I am ONLY being paid to fix your back."

 Since I was unable to initiate a medical response from the doctor who was supposedly a professional acting in a professional manner, I had to wait until I got to the Millard Center to tell the WCB what happened on that day in March of 2006. But, the only problem with that idea is that the WCB of Alberta and the WCB phony rehab facility known as Millard, these people could really CARE LESS, because they don't care about your injuries.

 This has always been the case with the WCB Millard, when I was originally injured working on the Edmonton Journal back in 1990, it was the same damned thing at Millard. The only thing they could talk about is how they are going to torture you as a injured worker suffering from a terrible back condition. WCB Millard was a bunch of FLAKES back in 1990, that is why I sought medical treatment from my chiropractor because the Millard approach to Threats and Intimidation did nothing to treat my back injury, even in 1990, go figure huh?
 Chronic Pain has come to call, I need to rest...more later.