Brent McGillis: Nov 10, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WCB directly controls Alberta Health Services and uses corruption to DENY Seriously Injured Workers medical treatment!

  When I originally fell at work, and broke my back I had NO idea of how corrupt the Alberta Health Services was and how tightly knit and insidious their collaberation with the WCB AB Hacks and Quacks for WCB interference in the Medical Care of patients who are admitted to Alberta Hospitals really was.
  I was too trusting, I thought that the Alberta Justice and the Law would protect me from abuse by Doctors with nefarious intentions. I could not have been any more WRONG, I did not know the AHS Crooks were working in partnership with the WCB CROOKS. How could I know that Medical FRAUD by WCB and the Hacks and Quacks Network was so prolific in the Royal Alexandra Hospital?

  There is no incentive for Hospitals to change their abusive policies towards Seriously Injured Workers in Alberta because these Hospitals are now run by big American Privatized Hospital Organizations like Covenant Health that operates out of Texas, Michigan, and New Mexico etc. AB Hospitals of course have been starving for funds in the last 20 years. Successive PC and the Harper Government's refusal to become involved in a National Health Care strategy have been effectively starving Hospitals and the our Health Care System for 25 years now; so naturally as a side effect of dysfunctional Conservative Privatization Policy, Hospitals have been scrambling for funding for a great many years now.

Hospitals in Alberta now exist in a paradigm of limited funds and "WHO" they decide is worthy of being treated by the limited Health Care dollars they are allotted. This has led to private Drug Companies using their "Funding Clout" to skew Pharma testing for companies like Valeant Pharmaceuticals.
Valeant Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Cesamet in Canada. The Cannabinoid that is marketed as the "Weed Pill" is bogus, and does not kill pain as they claim. Cesamet only makes you confused and gives you the munchies but does NOT Kill the Pain.
While I was attending the University of Alberta Chronic Pain Clinic a young woman entered my exam room and asked if I would like to participate in their study of Cesamet, I replied "Sure".
 When her questioning produced negative results and that the only product of her company Drug was making me stupidly confused; she told me that I did not qualify for her study. She said because I had been on the medication for more than 3 months I did not qualify.
I asked her, "You are doing this study for the University, correct?". "No" she replied, "I work for the manufacturer". Then she quickly left the room.

 The strange and corrupt behavior from medical staff at the Univ. of AB Hospital/Royal Alex did not set off any alarm bells in my head back then, but looking back now these events are clear evidence of highly Unethical Standards and Practices within the AHS system of Alberta Hospitals overall.
When I look back at all of the medical events that living with my condition has encompassed over the last 10 years since I fell, it is very clear to me; How corruption RUNS the Alberta Health Services.
  I believe that AHS is the MOST CORRUPT Health Services Corporation operating in Canada. It TRULY IS. When I approached the Royal Alexandra Hospital and asked their administration office why WCB Doctors are allowed to enter my room and lie to me about his identity and motives, they had no response. Dr. Leslie DeLima removed my neck brace causing me to cry out in pain. He then declared, "There is nothing wrong with your neck". "That was your test?" I cried out in response. Bizarre, and clearly that event was not even the beginning of the Unethical Treatment and Abuse within an Alberta Health Services hospital.
  The Alberta Health Services TARGETED Brent McGillis for specific abuse, by the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network of crackpot crony doctors. The Royal Alexandra put their rubber stamp of APPROVAL of specific targeted ABUSES directed at my person. The Royal Alexandra KNEW for a fact that I was in a terribly weakened STATE of Mental duress and under a terrible load of Physical Duress from the Spinal Injury suffered in my fall. The Royal Alex is likely the benefactor of very GENEROUS kick-back schemes for their roll in conspiring to Defraud legitimately Seriously Injured Workers out of Medical Treatments and proper diagnostic imaging to determine the extent of my injuries to my neck.
  I believe that the Royal Alexandra Hospital was complicit and that the Royal Alex should be charged as co-conspirators with Dr. Leslie DeLima for their role in producing the Hospital conditions that FOSTER these Physical Attacks by WCB Hacks and Quacks on innocent patients, that are rendered inoperative from Trauma duress and whom are rendered defenseless by heavy doses of Morphine etc.