Brent McGillis: Feb 1, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Alberta really is the FAKE WCB Capital of the World

 I just received yet another fake letter from my fake WCB Claims Manager Jami. I say that she is fake, because after I dropped off a letter 10 days ago, she immediately phone me with FAKE claims that she really wanted to help me.
 I knew right there that all the BS she was spouting was nothing more than another pack of lies from the FAKE WCB office in downtown Edmonton. Do you know how I know her claims of helping me were all lies? Because the 1 thing I asked for in my letter to the WCB, was for the WCB to forward my referral from my one of my doctors to the WCB, Jami my FAKE WCB Claims manager refused to do that.
 You see, the WCB of Alberta has legitimate claims managers who do all of the processing for government workers like Cops, Firemen and government do-nothing desk jockeys.

 For any other workers who become Seriously Injured in the line of work are referred to the gang of FAKE WCB Claims managers who are themselves pampered with the BEST Healthcare benefits in the all of Canada because of their Gov. of AB collective agreement.

 Jami just sent me a FAKE letter proclaiming that she accepts my claim for my burst L1 Vertebrae, but does not accept thoracic degenerative disease or cervical spinal symptoms.
 So lets us exam this FAKE medical examination claim with the real facts in this case, I never had any history of ANY kind of degenerative disc disease because I was a hard working and contributing member of society. 
 Newsflash to FAKE WCB: I had a job when I FELL of a steel rafter and landed on my Iron tools, breaking my back.
 WCB refuses to even recognize my previous Injury in 1990, they are such a lying pack of giant assholes, coached by one GIANT Asshole name Guy Kerr.
 Fire Guy Kerr, end of problem with AB WCB. That would be a start for Rachel Notley, FIRE Guy KERR. Do it NOW, please for the sake of humanity in Alberta please fire this do-nothing bum.

I had a job and was fully capable of working, and working very hard for my pay. The only reason I was able to continue working is that when I originally hurt my back working on the Edmonton Journal in 1990, the FAKE WCB refused to help me. My Chiropractor worked on me almost daily for 3 months, and on the day I went back to work is the day that WCB paid me for my wages. They sent me a letter way back then and it said that I would be solely responsible for the "maintenance of my back" in the future.

 I paid my Chiropractor so that I could remain working, and I paid that out of my own pocket for 15 YEARS, with NO help from FAKE WCB in Edmonton.
 FAKE WCB has their own hired guns pretending to be doctors that produce an endless flood of FAKE WCB Medical opinions. They then use these FAKE WCB DOCTORS to justify their horribly abusive pattern of behavior.

 It is all a giant heap of steaming Bullshit, that is what the FAKE WCB produces is an endless STREAM of Bullshit. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is the largest medical FRAUD scheme ever produced in the continent of North America.

I categorically reject ANY medical data provided by FAKE WCB, because there is not one iota of actual medical evidence to support their FAKE Medical opinions.

Alberta WCB, you ARE the true FAKE WCB.


Injured Workers please write a review on Dr. Henderson IME Doctor

 Do you know who Dr. Henderson the WCB IME Orthopedic Surgeon is?
 I will publish any of your comments, you can post your review as anonymous if you like, I am the administrator of this blog.
Do you have a review or opinion about Dr. Henderson based on your interaction with this WCB IME doctor?
 I get between 6 to 10 thousand page hits per month in the fall on my Blog, so any information that you post could be of enormous help to other seriously injured workers who are dreaming about meeting this doctor.
 So please leave a comment response. I will publish ALL reviews and opinions that are sent. Thank-you for your time.

The WCB Alberta and their DUTY to ACCOMODATE

  The WCB of Alberta is fully aware of the fact that they are the "Exclusive remedy" for all claims arising from being hurt at work.
  They know this, and they warp these powers that are 100% in direct violation of Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. Source: Wikipedia

 They know it and the the WCB uses their exclusive remedy once again to DENY my doctors referral to Dr. Cory Cundal in Calgary on the advice of Rob Brown who now lives in Vancouver. At this point all I want is to have ACCESS to a REAL Spinal Orthopedic Surgeon. Not for the specific purpose of surgery, but for an accurate diagnosis of my condition, and a long term prognosis. If there is any kind of surgery available to give me my life back, that would be amazing. 
 I CANNOT Access any treatments until a legitimate Orthopedic Spinal Specialist writes his diagnosis of my condition, and the FAKE WCB knows this to be fact. And still they choose ABUSE as their first treatment TOOL. FAKE WCB drags this province DOWN, because people from around the globe look for job opportunities here and then they see what it is really like here and if my BLOG page means they choose work someplace else, that is excellent. This means that MORE pipeline will burst, more plant disasters will happen, more workers will be injured in the line of work, it is a natural byproduct of denying a problem exists. This means that Alberta is drawing from the BOTTOM of the gene pool when seeking workers from across the globe. 
God Job Guy Kerr: NOT! Guy Kerr, permanently staining the reputation of Alberta.

But once again the WCB had DENIED me access to a specialist that can help me in my quest for relief from my Chronic Back Pain.

 I want to see a REAL orthopedic surgeon, not a WCB Hacks and Quacks CRONY doctor who only seeks wealth by producing false and misleading reports on my condition. I don't want to see WCB Crony doctor, Dr. Doolittle. Dr. Doolittle cannot help me in my condition, I need real capable med help.

 Given that the WCB is the exclusive remedy for injured workers, this makes the Duty to Accommodate ten times more critical, and the WCB of Alberta knows this to be fact. For the WCB to deny me access to proper, timely and relevant medical treatments, procedures, diagnostics and medications is a GROSS violation of their Duty to Accommodate.
 Since I am permanently disabled, the WCB KNOWS and is fully aware of their Duty to Accommodate, and that is WHY they get such great GLEE from inflicting even more pain and mental anguish on Seriously Disabled Workers when they abuse them like they did to me yesterday morning. This is why the WCB of Alberta deserves the moniker of Schadenfreude mental abusers. These people are toxic in every form of the word.
 WCB Alberta is world famous for their abuse of Seriously Injured Workers, this is no secret, this is public knowledge built on watching abused workers suffering on television. We all know the WCB of Alberta is evil and we know the man who is responsible, his name is Guy Kerr.

 In a country where our rights are supposed to be guaranteed under the charter, as injured workers we are exposed to the Evil WCB, with no sane lawyer wanting to take on a WCB case we are left to our own devices to battle these schadenfreude bastards by ourselves. Yesterday, the woman at the counter asked me who McMenney was and if he was still my representative.
 Francis McMenney was my lawyer appointed by WCB, he waited so long for my claims manager to release my documents that he DIED waiting for these bastards to do their job. It is a sick fact that even a lawyer cannot help you because the whole WCB organization is so corrupt that ALL lawyers know their is literally NO CHANCE of winning anything from the WCB, EVER!
 The fact of the matter is that the WCB Claims Manager can O.K. anything with the simple push of the ENTER key on her keyboard, but she does not collect a big BONUS when she hits enter so that option is completely OFF the TABLE for Seriously Injured Workers who are not government workers. That is how the real world works, for government workers. And for the rest of us, oh well to bad you were not a government worker when you fell.
 I told Debb yesterday as we waited and I waited in terrible discomfort in their lobby and waited, that if I were a Fireman and walked in that door the WCB would be FALLING ALL over THEMSELVES trying to help the poor unfortunate government worker. And that is how FAKE WCB really works.
 WCB Alberta, you really ARE Fake WCB. Everybody know this to be true.

 Why even go through this shit, just do like the guy who lit himself on fire. There is NO point of engaging the FAKE AB WCB, because nothing has changed. It is still the same giant asshole in charge, the government changed but the head asshole at 
FAKE WCB is still there and still collecting $1 Million per year for fucking over Seriously Injured Workers. 


Newsflash: WCB Alberta, I Brent Mcgillis am disabled.
 This message is for brain dead WCB jack offs that pretend to be in a position of power in their bogus role as some kind of supervisor of WCB Claims Managers (CM), who would ensure that Seriously Injured Workers would be treated in a manner befitting a worker who has sustained a Career Ending Injury at work.
 Haha ha, what a cruel joke to play on Seriously Injured Workers. WCB Supervisors are DRUNKS that party with the PUNISHMENT CREW of extra cruel Claims Managers. These Claims Managers and their bogus Supervisors are all TOP PERFORMERS.
 To be a Top Performer at the WCB of Alberta means that you as a Claims Manager have sent a large number of seriously injured workers to an EARLY GRAVE. That is how WCB Alberta really works, why else would desperate injured workers LIGHT themselves on fire in front of the WCB Edmonton Offices? Because DEATH is better than living with the WCB. Suicide is BETTER than the cruelty doled out by the WCB of Alberta.
 Looking at a picture of Guy Kerr and CURSING his entire family, and all of the EVIL bastards at the WCB before you end your own life is a BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME for seriously injured workers.
 The WCB is so fucking phony, do you know why? They have to worlds MOST Uncomfortable CHAIRS in the world in their reception area. They don't want anybody coming to their offices for ANY reason, so they make it so fucking uncomfortable that I know I am never going back to their phony fuck show. These schadenfreude bastards are TOXIC to even be near these horrible people. Stay away from WCB people, their toxicity will seep into you and then you too will be an evil fucking distorted human that hates all humans who are NOT fully physically enabled.
 Don't even talk to these evil bastards, they do not deserve the time of day from a real human. So make sure you deny them their right to be treated in a fair and human manner, just ignore them when they speak to you. That is the best advice I can give when interfacing with these Self-entitled bastards.
 If they are your neighbor, just stop talking to them. Pretend you don't hear what your WCB neighbor is saying to you, that is how they treat Seriously Injured Workers, so be polite and just totally ignore them.

WCB Phony back surgeon IME

 My new WCB bimbo Claims Manager was hand picked for her abusive tendencies, as the new bimbo in charge after Wendy Hockney the RACIST Claims Manager that WCB deliberately aimed at me to aggravate my depression and to inflict more trauma has shown her true colors on Monday morning.
 Friday WCB me notified me on Friday that I had a 7:30 a.m. appointment with their CRONY back surgeon on Monday morning.
 All of the trouble that started at the phony rehab facility known as WCB Millard was a direct result of me refusing to sign the WCB Document that stated if I was so much as a few minutes LATE, or did not show up at 8:00 a.m. sharp, I would be cut off WCB benefits PERMANENTLY!
 I refused to sign that document 11 years ago, because I AM DISABLED, period. I am not getting better, it has been 11 years and I am NOT better I am worse off physically now.
 I could not sign those documents that WCB Millard spent 4 days pushing at me 11 yrs ago, and there is no way I can sign those same documents TODAY! It is that plain and simple.

 I was 15 minutes late because we had an overnight snow storm, and I was experiencing back spasms, that is my life because I am disabled. I cannot change what side effects I experience because the WCB simply wants it that way. When I have bad back spasms I cannot go to the bathroom sometimes for 20 minutes, and so I wait for the spasms to rescind until I can complete my bathroom duties.
 Here is a message for the moron fake supervisor that phoned me to tell me that I have to be on time for these appointments, I AM DISABLED you fffing moron. Why does a disabled person have to SPELL this out for these Ronald McDonald rejects?
 Go back to serving burgers and fries, you have NO PLACE in delivering Health care services to seriously injured workers.

 Honestly, my claims manager and the WCB is fully AWARE of the circumstances surrounding my departure from the WCB bogus rehab facility known as WCB Millard, this is not a state secret.
 So WHY in the HELL would they schedule their crony back surgeon at 7:30 a.m.. That act alone tells me that Dr. Doolittle is no back surgeon, or a least no back surgeon that you would want to meet in a hospital bed. WCB has their own "Go-to Dr's. LIST" of hacks that their Conservative Political cronies implanted years ago. 
 Where in the WORD can you find a doctor that is in at 7:00 am? I have never met a doctor who is in at 7:00 am, in my LIFE. This is how I know this guy is just a WCB implant, He does not NEED any other patients because the money that WCB Shovels into his bank account is more than enough to meet his agenda. What kind of moron WCB operative schedules IME's for 7:30 a.m. on a Monday morning?
 And the fact that he refused to see me, was all the evidence that I needed to see to know that he is a fake IME crony Surgeon, that will say PRECISELY what the WCB wants to hear.
 Then Dr. Doolittle Ch a ' -chings! Cha-ching, Dr. Doolittles account balloons thousands, and he has a plane to catch for golfing in Palm Springs, that is the way the real world works.
Why, because they knew that I would be late, thereby justifying their continued abuse. What a horror show.
 The WCB Alberta employees extract great glee from watching me suffer is why. I asked the phony supervisor WHERE is my Claims Manager, oh she is not in. Why am I expected to be here at 7:30 am, and she cannot drag her lazy ass out of bed? The whole scam just stinks of another WCB scam set-up by WCB once again.
 The WCB made me wait there for hours and never did provide a response for a reschedule or an explanation of why my Claims Manager was not available to respond to this obvious fuck up by WCB.
 Well like I said when I left the WCB offices downtown, "Tell Dr. Doolittle, Thanks for nothing".
 That is what the WCB efforts equal, a big fat nothing.
WCB Alberta = Zero benefits for non-government workers