Brent McGillis: Jan 9, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

WCB Hostage taker Patrick Clayton simply does not understand how RIGGED AB Justice really is

 The only reason I responded to the Edmonton Journal article WCB hostage-taker wants all convictions dropped was because when I read some of the statements made by the Alberta Court of Appeals Judge, I knew immediately that the fix was in. This is how Justice is doled out in the province of Alberta, no one knows better than Albertans themselves about how the Alberta Railroad Justice System really works. You have to witness it in order to understand how perverted the Alberta Justice System really is. I never ever had any doubt in my mind that Patrick Clayton was being co-erced while he was being held in the Edmonton Remand Center, this is how Justice is doled out here. First typically they like to implant someone to give him bad advice, second and the most disturbing is the withholding of critically necessary medications while you are locked up. This is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) here in Alberta and has been for many years. A severely depressed person is not just reliant on medications while in Jail, the deliberate co-ercive withholding of these Meds could potentially KILL an inmate. For Right Wing Conservative Prison operators this is just another day at the office, they have been getting away with this stuff for decades. The most curious of events that occurred during Patrick Clayton's pre-trial incarceration was when the Judge went to visit Patrick while he was in Remand. In my lifetime I have never heard of such an event. Then as a final insult here in Alberta in order to fully round out the Railroad Justice System, you are going to need fully compliant crony Lawyers appointed by Alberta Legal Aid. The Railroad Lawyers job is to immediately announce to the Judge proceeding over any appearance that his client is "Pleading Guilty". When the client resists this common every day event in Alberta Justice proceedings by promptly firing his Lawyer, he must be returned to cells and starved of more medications; whereby if he protests this maltreatment by Alberta Railroad Justice he will be beaten and maybe even starved of food. This is how Remand works in Alberta. The possibility that the Jail Guards could potentially KILL and inmate is of little importance to them. This is just another day in Hellberta. There is NO possible way that any human could be able to function let alone be able to mount any kind of Legal Defense while locked up in Hellberta. It is the Hellberta WAY.

What is wrong with Alberta's Appeal Court and WHY Patrick Clayton has no chance

There are a number of serious breaches of Law when it comes to the case of when we witnessed Edmonton City Police Staff Sergeant Bill Clark and his son appear before an Alberta Appeals Court Judge. The first and most aggregious violation of the trust that is empowered to an Appeals Court Justice is the implicit concept of impartiality. The base principle of impartiality that Justice Systems are based on is not some abstract idea, this is a very real and concrete Legal Quantum that all Justices serving on the bench have to abide by. When this is not applied equally to all citizens of a district, republic or territory then the Social Contract has been broken. When the court system is severely skewed in order to serve the connected and the wealthy, the Social Contract no longer exists.
In Contemporary Jurisprudence this hearing violates the very essence and principles of Natural Law in "That the meaning of law is such that its content cannot be determined except by reference to moral principle." Secondly and also a very serious violation of principles this Judge was sworn to uphold is the fact that he "Aided and Abetted" the prosecutor in concocting a very flimsy excuse for a legitimate Appeal, so that the son of a very prominent Murder Detective in the Edmonton Police Service could get a second trial date, when any Joe Albertan straight off of the street would be promptly denied such luxuries.
These are very disturbing revelations of how things REALLY work inside of the Alberta Court of Appeal. As such Patrick Clayton has NO Chance of the Alberta Court of Appeals paying even a passing fancy at the statements Patrick is making in the court room. Thirdly and also a very serious violation of the rules of court, are that a prosecutor working for the Appeals Court and the Government of Alberta Justice Department would be part and party to this obvious obfuscation of the application of the Laws of Alberta. This is disturbing that the prosecutor and the Judge did not recuse themselves from illegally creating a false defense for any citizen, let alone for a famous Murder Detective who obviously wields great influence in this community.
  Regular Alberta Joes are not pampered within the halls of Justice in Edmonton, like the Detective and his son. I was shocked and very disturbed to witness how flip and openly casual the Crown Prosecutor was, and equally as shocked at the openly gleeful manner in which the Judge twisted the Law for an Edmonton City Police officer, when he does NOT offer the very same services for the rest of the members of this community.
  At the end of this very bizarre legal event, the Judge gave some advice to the detective, he said and I quote; "Next time bring a lawyer to court".
 Why bother bringing a Lawyer when you have the Judge AND the Crown prosecutor both working to devise an extremely illegal bogus DEFENSE for Edmonton City Cops, FOR FREE?
How can you possibly create a better bogus defense than that? Impossible really, and it really did happen right here in a Alberta Court of Appeal last year. I was there, as was a lawyer and my friend.
  Doug Horner was not kidding when he said he would "Fix things for Alison Redford". This how the Judiciary REALLY works in Hellberta, where the elite are pampered even within our super corrupt Justice System. Denis is no different that Redford is my official opinion when it comes to hacking the Judicial rules for the priveleged in Hellberta. Just another crony is what I see through my eyes.

WCB Abused Claimant Patrick Clayton and the RIGGED Alberta Appeals Court

The reason I posted this post about the Appeals Court of Alberta is because I got to witness close-up in person a totally rigged Appeals Court hearing in which the top Murder Detective in the city of Edmonton appeared on behalf of his son in a case that had absolutely NO Merit in an Appeals Court. The decision that was being appealed was that his son had failed to appear for a driving offense in Ft. Saskatchewan, AB. Since the top Murder Detective for the city of Edmonton appearing on behalf of his son had no legal representation present (A lawyer). The Appeals Court Judge worked in unison with the Crown Prosecutor present that day to concoct a legal defense for EPS's Staff Sargeant Bill Clark's son, in order that he would be escape prosecution on his charges; and that via the Appellate Court he would be given a second hearing date since he could not be bothered to appear on the actual court date in question. There were three of us who were witnesses to this severe violation of the sanctity of our Justice System. The Appeals Court Judge did in fact, excuse the appellant EPS Staff Sergeant Bill Clark's son from being convicted as a result of being a "no-show" for court. Which in most Jurisdictions would clearly indicate that the accused had surrendered his right to appear in court and defend his actions before a legitimate Judge, most likely a circuit Judge in the Fort Saskatchewan, AB. 

WCB hostage taker Patrick Clayton wants all convictions dropped

I read the article today in the Edmonton Journal, and I understand where Patrick is coming from in his Appeal, but he has no hope of overturning the Alberta Justice System Railroad Job. None, sorry but Justice Sanderman was put on the bench because of all of the courtroom chaos that was going on leading up to his trial. Sanderman went to Patrick Clayton's cell to scare the bi-Jesus out of him, of what could be in the sentencing. It worked. This is why in AB court ordered media bans are so common. This is Alberta and this is how the AB Justice System Railroad Job is done. With no legal representation to help Patrick, his Appeal is dead. I do not know who the Appeal Judge is but I got to see an Appellate Judge in action last summer while watching a friends appeal, and I can tell you the Appellate Court of Alberta is totally RIGGED.