Brent McGillis: Sep 30, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is the "Workers Compensation Hospital"

This is a critical turning point at the beginning of a serious injury to a worker in Northern Alberta.
The Royal Alexandra Hospital has a secret agreement with the Workers Compensation Board and use its facility to "sister" doctors who are on the payroll for WCB Alberta. By doing so, the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is allowed by the Royal Alexandra Hospital to make "Critical" decisions regarding your medical treatment and your length of stay at the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
Dr. Leslie DeLima would come into my hospital room, remove my neck-brace and squeeze my neck really hard. This resulted in me screaming owww! Dr. DeLima then stated that there was nothing wrong with my neck.
I responded, "THAT WAS YOUR TEST?"

Guess where Dr. Leslie DeLima works?
C'mon, guess.
Wow, you are incredibly intuitive! You got it on the first guess!
The Workers Compensation Board employs Dr. Leslie DeLima!
Here is the link to his office-- Dr. Leslie DeLima. Take note of his work address!!!
Dr. Leslie DeLima's work address is the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta

I am sick of these bloodsucking doctors robbing seriously injured workers in Alberta.
I would advise you to take appropriate action if this WCB Alberta Rent-a-doc comes anywhere near your personal space.
It is time to exercise your right to use "Reasonable Force", which is a legal doctrine.

These WCB Alberta medical HACKS, are hired medical assassin's that have only ONE Objective, and that is to mistreat your injuries.
Do whatever you have to do to get these weirdo's out of your face. I myself if I had known at the time, I would have made him spit Chiclets.
To this day, the Workers Compensation Board Alberta totally denies my neck injury, despite the fact that I fell backwards from altitude, flat on my back with enough force to break my Hardhat!
Of Course No Investigation was initiated.[sic]

If you want the hack artists to go at your spine, then I encourage you to seek treatment at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. You will never recover and will suffer interminably for the rest of your life, that is my opinion based on my experience in the Hellpit of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

I want to know exactly at what point did "any" individual who is seriously injured; sign on to this clandestine medical agreement between the Alberta Health Services[Alberta Government} and the Royal Alexandra Hospital? This is a valid question that needs to be answered. Even if you are flown to this hospital from northern Alberta or from the Northwest Territories, it is imperative that you get yourself transferred out of the facility known as the Royal Alex as soon as possible {a.s.a.p.}. This is how the Workers Compensation Board Alberta, under full control of the Government of Alberta{Alberta Health Services}, ensures that you as a seriously injured worker will only receive the absolutely "BARE" minimum when it comes to treatments for a person who has received serious injuries as a result of a serious trauma accident suffered at work. The Alberta Government knows that in the course of events over the lifetime of an injured worker trying to get treatment, that this will result in the aforementioned injured worker "NEVER" receiving proper care for his/her injuries that they suffered while at work.

This is the primary reason that the Alberta Government has "CENTRALIZED" the AHS or they are better known as the Alberta Health Services.
Why don't you ask the EMT's how being employees of the commie state of Alberta has worked out for them?
Alberta centralized all services so it would have supreme dominion over how seriously injured workers from the north are treated in Edmonton.
The did so that as a seriously injured worker in Edmonton, you will "NEVER" have your referrals forwarded to specialist surgeons and doctors in Calgary. "NEVER!"
No treatment, No specialists report, No surgeons reports === equal you get "ZERO" on your injury claim with WCB Alberta.
And that is how the system is set up to work, and it works just fine as far as Alison Redford the Premier of Alberta and her entire fascist party are concerned. Those are the facts folks, plain and simple!
How very fascist of them. Is this communist China or Canada? I can't tell anymore.
Heed my words and beware of where you receive your care!!
The rest of your life hinges on the decisions that you make early on in your injury!
This is just one more way the Alberta Government works overtime, to ensure that you get LESS.
Sad and pathetic in what is supposed to be a democracy.
Feels more like a fascist regime to me.
Get mean with these f**king dick-heads, let them know we are on to their evil scheme.

Do not be nice to these Government Gangsters!
It is time these people come to know that we the people are pissed right off!
And we are not going to take this crap anymore.

Thanks Moammar Stelmach![sic] And Alison the Hun.
Good Luck and Godspeed.