Brent McGillis: May 25, 2014

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cyclist killed in Edmonton, WCB Claims Manager Wendee Hockney who enjoyed torturing Brent McGillis. Caring for Humans NOT part of her work ethic. Part of PC Self-Entitlement Culture.

 It is not my place to make judgement, God takes care of those duties for me. I was reading the news story of a bicycle accident that took the life of a WCB Claims Manager Wendee Hockney It seems Wendee was run over by a Garbage Truck, which in of itself seems so ironic. This is simply a case of Karma coming to bite you. A thunder clap rolled across downtown just as I began reading the story. I was in disbelief that Wendee Hockney felt that a Seriously Injured Worker who had fallen and broken his back in an Industrial Accident 8 years ago, was in no way qualified for any kind of medical benefits to treat his severe and horrific Chronic Pain that he has suffered with for all these years. There is not one (1) single WCB of Alberta Claims Manager who does NOT know who Brent McGillis is and how I was injured at work, they ALL KNOW that I am severely injured living on AISH and have been unable to work for years now. Are WCB Employees naturally emotionally this hollow with suppressed feelings of taking their anxieties out on the human race like Elliot Rodger in California The WCB of Alberta naturally assigns the worst old snag CM's suffering from severe philogynistic schadenfreude tendencies to look after my claim. Does the WCB AB have a psychological exam that exposes persons with this kind of personality disorder, that they (WCB) can exploit and use to maximize their employees natural inbred personality disorders to medically TORTURE potential claimants? Or does the WCB of Alberta actually mentally disease their employees and turn them into these medical abuse horror monsters? Does the WCB of Alberta simply operate on the standard Alberta Threats and Intimidation Tar Sands corporate employment model? PRODUCE Low Claims or you're fired/If you report any Dead Ducks: YOU are fired! Not likely in this case as her children report how happy she was, obvious overexcitement from cashing Brent McGillis WCB of AB issued BONUS CHEQUES for medically abusing me is my guess. How Ironic I thought, there must be a God if he is wacking WCB Employees. Mr. Guy Kerr is next on God's list for divine Justice to punish Evil in this world. WCB of Alberta is nothing more than a glorified Ponzi Scheme that forces all small and medium sized companies to carry the bulk of the financial costs for Seriously Injured Workers, and thus rewarding the Transnational Foreign Owned Oil Companies with the LOWEST Workers Comp costs in North America. It is the Hellberta WAY!

Workers Compensation Board denies me Chiropractic Care

Recently I had asked at my doctors office if I could see the Clinic's Chiropractor for some relief from the horrific Chronic Pain that floods my life every single day with constant and unending Back Pain. I cannot sleep most nights because of the constant waves of back spasms that roll across my back like waves on an ocean, and that permeate my life constantly. My very first back injury that I suffered while working on the Edmonton Journal back in 1990 was treated by my Chiropractor Dr. Colin Mcleod who passed on a few years back. The Workers Compensation Board Millard back then operated on the same base tactics of Threats and Coercin to force Injured Workers back to work, rather then treat them. Dr. McLeod was able to successfully treat me and I did not receive one penny from WCB Alberta for 3 months. After The WCB of AB deemed that I had fully recovered from my back injury, the WCB of Alberta then sent me a letter stating that I was now fully responsible for the maintenance of my back care. I was horrified and showed the letter to my Chiropractor, he told me not to worry about it . I paid for every single one of my Chiropractic visits for the next 15 years of my working career out of my own POCKET. The only thing that kept me working for all those years WAS my Chiropractor. Colin McLeod was a good man and a terrific Chiropractor, may God Rest his soul. Every single time I got hurt at work and re-injured my back I would go see my Chiropractor even if I was hundreds of miles out of town working. I would get my employer to drive my direct to Edmonton, I would NOT file a WCB Claim and would simply pay my chiropractor out of pocket for my treatments until I was able to return to work. I would make no claim for loss of wages because every non-government working person in Alberta knew what kind of horrific KLUGE administrative mess that would turn into. In Hellberta it is NOT worth the effort to make any kind of claim against the Workers Compensation Board. It is a well known fact then and remains to this day that if you do the Workers Compensation Board will intentionally BANKRUPT you and most likely turn you into a homeless person. I know what it is to become a homeless victim of the Workers Compensation Board after I fell and broke my back at work. I know first hand what it is to be FORCED into homelessness by the WCB of Alberta for the WCB Crime of getting Injured @ Work. It is impossible to put into words the Horror and the Panic that I felt as a Disabled Person and a Seriously Injured Worker on the day you become homeless because of the actions of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. I was grateful for the fact that when I was working that I still had the ability to work and to be financially CAPABLE to pay to see the Chiropractor and get some relief from my horrific back pain, that is no longer the case. I was turned down by Wendee Hockney for even a second visit at the Chiropractor. Even AISH or Welfare will pay for up to 6 Chiropractic visits per year, WCB = 1 visit and then you are DENIED by Wendee Hockney. This entire WCB of Alberta is NOT a legitimate form of Workers Comp organization, it has reached the level of ABSURD Fraud Scheme! The WCB of Alberta is a FRAUD organization that is 100% committed to Medically TERRORIZING its victims (Claimants). Need proof? See: