Brent McGillis: Jun 30, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Patient Bill of Rights and the WCB Medical Practictioners who SECRETLY troll AB Hospitals

Cops, firemen, military and government workers of course when they sustain an injury at work they fly right on past ALL other workers and are given #1 Priority and Care. This is why we have reached the point of "Us vs. THEM". These are the government employees (Doctors/Nurses) that are doting over more government workers, who are then immediately referred to the Glenrose rehabilitation Hospital even if they are a Cop with a broken leg. This is the Hellberta WAY!
  Alberta is actively operating a multi-level CLASS System of Medical Care, while telling you they are NOT. Welcome to the "New Industrial Heartland Reality" folks. You have been classified in a CLASS system, and just like in India; YOU are likely in the Bottom Class!
 WCB AB does not "disclose" to claimants that you have been referred to one of their WCB AB crony doctors. You only become aware of this when your wing-ding specialist starts doling out Quack diagnoses, and your Spidey senses become acutely aware of where this Quack diagnosis is leading.
 Injury Case Law has awakened us to the inherent patients' "right" to choose your his/her medical doctor or specialist. The only situation where the right to choose is not applicable is in a State that has legislated these legal powers to the Workers Comp in that State.
 Alberta has NO medical rights bill. As such the Alberta Health Services has NO minimum standard of care that you are entitled to when you land in a Trauma Center here in Alberta. Many U.S. States now have legislation in place, laying out the bare minimum standard of care that you can expect when you are delivered to a Trauma Center or Hospital.
 As such the WCB of Alberta works in direct collusion with the Alberta Health Services (AHS) to hack together a "plan" to deliver as CHEAP a level of care as they possibly can while you are laying there helplessly drugged up on Morphine.
 No doctor, hospital administrator, or WCB employee ever told me that was a WCB Hack.
 In the days that follow they will work in close careful planning to ensure that you are kicked out of the Hospital as Quickly as possible, even if there is NO CARE waiting for you at home or ANY planned. Unless you are a cop, a fireman or a government worker then you will receive top care and an actual referral to a legitimate rehabilitation facility like the Glenrose Hospital which just happens to be right ACROSS the street. If you are a regular Joe, you can go home and DIE as far as the Hospital Administration is concerned. This folks is the Hellberta WAY!
 It is my belief that the College of Physicians/Surgeons helped construct this medical system that is systemically corrupt and perverted in their treatment of the general public patients. The AB system is a perfect system if you NEED a CLASS system where the GRUNT workers (You) PAY for the Health Care benefits of Airplanes full of Temporary Foreign Workers flown here to take your jobs!
  If you are unfortunate enough to live through this high level of Medical corruption, you still will not yet be aware that the doctor who has operated on you is part of the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network. He is likely a fully functioning actuary of their Medical Practitioner Network or (MPN) as they are known by in the U.S.A. By no fault of your own doing you will now become a victim of the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network.
  The MPN Network of Alberta doctors is 100% Approved and backed by the Alberta College of Physicians; so forget about ever lodging a complaint to the ACPSA because that complaint goes straight into the paper shredder. I already got that bumper sticker. As far as I know the Government of Alberta has never actually legislated these extremely abusive POWERS to the Hospital Administration that specifically empowers Trauma Room operating Doctors to collude directly with the WCB of Alberta while you are conked out on morphine laying there naked. Why is is necessary for you to be fully unconscious on morphine while these crooked bastards are deciding on how severely they are going to physically abuse you by throwing you out of the hospital without proper medications or care in place for when you arrive at your home.

Is all of this corruption REALLY within the scope of powers controlled by a "Private Organization", the WCB?

 I have to rest, Chronic Pain leads to Chronic fatigue so more to come later........Thks for yr patience