Brent McGillis: Sep 10, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alberta WCB Fucks over Disabled Workers who are NOT Cops/Firemen/Government workers

  The cops in this town are so flaccid they cannot even investigate a WCB doctor who lied to me about who he was, that amounts to fraudulent misrepresentation. Dr. Leslie de Lima committed a physical assault when he took off my neck collar and squeezed my neck until I screamed out! The Hospital and the WCB CROOK Doctors cannot claim I signed a release paper, because there is no release paper in the world that is legal and binding when the patient is under severe duress and has just suffered a Spinal trauma injury that necessitates heavy sedation on morphine. My signature on any release means nothing before a court of law since I lacked mental capacity after suffering my fall and breaking my back.
  The only thing the RAH emerg doctor told me was if I did not have surgery immediately I would become a Quadrapalegic. I was under severe mental and physical Duress driven by FEAR!
Newsflash: You never hear about WCB AB pulling this shit on Cops! Because they know the cops have guns and what would happen if they ever tried any of this shit on a Cop. Bam! Bam!, Bam, Bam, Bam, Bam! Reload. No surpise the Harper Federal gang of crooks has 8 ex-Cops that I know of.

This is what the WCB of Alberta has bastardized the WCB Meridith Principle into. This is NOT a legitimate Workers Compensation Insurance scheme, this is Legalazed FRAUD towing in over 1 Billion dollars per year. The very existence of Seriously Injured Workers who cannot get access to medical treatments, scans and medications is proof that the WCB of Alberta is a Government Sponsored FRAUD scheme. Police Departments FULLY support this fraudulent organization, why?    The Cops could care less about protecting the public, they ONLY care that THEY as Government Employees are fully covered, they get to go to legitimate Medical Rehabilitation like the Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton. CYOA cops eat donuts and allow Disabled Persons to be willfully defrauded by the WCB of Alberta, at the whim and will of the CEO himself Guy Kerr.

  The 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms was designed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Premiers of Canada to protect the rights of vulnerable persons facing racial discrimination and those who are permanently disabled and facing discrimination. The Harper government and the Alberta PC's have embarked on a deliberate plan to "Bring Back Discrimination" and are making a legislative mockery of the Charter of Rights in Canada.

15) Equality Rights: Equality before and under the law and equal protection and benefit of law

(1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

  This brings me to Guy Kerr is godamned fraud and a criminal is my opinon, and the last time I looked it is not illegal to have an opinion yet.
Fundamental Freedoms       

Section 2)  Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
 (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and
      expression, including freedom of the press and
      other media of communication;
  (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
   (d) freedom of association.

Harper has not made opinions illegal just yet, but his team of sleazy lawyers and ex-Cops are working hard on this problem. Kerr and his entire board are getting filthy RICH abusing the rights guaranteed under the Charter of Rights for disabled workers.

   I run the ONLY functional and current web page in Canada exposing the crimes of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. I am the only person who has any balls at all to stand up to these fraudulent PC bastards. I am permanently disabled. That is a fact. The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta heinous abuse of my rights exposes how easy it is for these crooked bastards to abuse a Disabled Person in Canada. I hope these crooked pricks rot in friggin' hell, or under the wheels of a large truck will suffice.

Dr. Lorri Galbraith is totally fine with abusing the Rights of Injured Workers and WILL be compelled to Testify

  Dr. Lorri Galbraith is totally well versed in abusing the rights of Seriously Injured Workers for the sole purpose of denying NON-Government workers the right to appeal decisions. She is also very deft at working vigilantly to deny them their Procedural Fairness Rights, by using crooked methodology to complete an end-run around the Alberta WCB Appeals Commission.

Guy Kerr the crooked PC Crony bastard mourns the loss of the WCB of Alberta's Dr. Lorri the Hack Galbraith at the Court of Queens Bench. Dr. Lorri Galbraith and her band of Crooked and bigoted Claims Managers failed to avoid having Crooked WCB Hacks and Quacks doctors testify in front of not only the WCB Appeals Commission, but ANY court of Law.
  Abusing the Rights of seriously injured workers is Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the WCB Hacks and Quacks doctors who troll our major city hospitals in Alberta. As you already know, the Royal Alex Hospital in Edmonton is the designated WCB Hospital in Northern Alberta, this is a fact that Alberta Health Services will confirm.
  In the Court of Queens Bench case Johnson v. Alberta (Appeals Commission for Alberta Workers’ Compensation), 2011 ABCA 345 , this was a landmark decision on Procedural Fairness in 2011, 6 years after the WCB of Alberta denied William Johnson benefits.
  This landmark decision preserved and vindicated all injured workers Natural Justice Rights to cross-examine the Hacks and Quacks doctors posing as medical witnesses. William Johnson was seeking relief in his Appeal from the routine WCB of Alberta practice of producing false Medical evidence in order for the WCB AB to deny Seriously Injured Workers their rights to proper, timely and relevant medical scans, treatments and medications. Hellberta. Dr. Lorri Galbraith and 3 other hacks doctors lost their bid to be faceless anonymous Hack doctors who falsely malign seriously injured workers.
  These doctors are fully licensed by the CPSA, and the directors of the College of Physicians Surgeons of Alberta are fully cognizant of how seriously damaging these bogus doctors Medical Reports are to patient care. This kind of corporate abuse is fully supported by the College, the College is operating with the full knowledge of how damaging these phony College approved Doctors are when they produce false reports about patients they have never met
  The College of Physicians only cares about licensing bogus doctors that they are instructed to license by some of the most influential corporate crony doctors in Alberta. Just another CROOK organization that is polluting our Health Care system in Alberta is my opinion. Sickens me to know this is going on, and was designed by top PC cronies in Hellberta.
  Here is the link to Dr. Leslie DeLima place of employment, notice how the map location is wrong but the address for the WCB @ 9912-107street in downtown Edmonton is correct. 
  Dr. Lorri Galbraith lives on with these same aspirations today given that there are NO consequences to her Quack behavior as a hack WCB Shill doctor. A Shill sells people down the road for money, while hiding who they represent. She also wrote a bogus medical report on my medical condition, Dr. Lorri Galbraith supposedly works out of a Post Office Box on Jasper and 112st, but ALL of her paychecks come from Alberta WCB.
 If you are seriously injured worker who is NOT a Government worker/Cop/Firemen you will find that you CANNOT expect to get proper, timely and relevant treatments when you become permanently disabled from work related injuries in Alberta. The WCB Alberta rolls out their bogus line-up of Hacks and Quacks doctors to malign your reputation and this results in the destruction of thousands of workers lives as a direct result. Her conclusions could only come from a complete QUACK doctor, no legitimate doctor would write such total TRIPE.
 Like I have written many times, the WCB Alberta is really Legalized Money laundering for corporations because they get to pretend that they are paying into an accident fund. The truth is that the WCB of Alberta is giant Legal STONEWALL machine designed to mentally stress the Seriously Injured Claimants into committing suicide in desperation to escape from Hellberta. But hey if you are a Cop or a Fireman or government worker the entire process runs totally SMOOTH. These government workers pampering each other makes me want to puke, while regular working joes starve. The corruption runs deep in Hellberta, really deep.
 Fucking Workers over "IS" the Hellberta WAY!
You don't believe me? Need proof? See: Thomas Lukaszuk the greatest champion of TFW's Hellberta has ever known. My uncle Vernon who served in WWII is rolling in his grave, he would have never gone to Europe if he knew Polish shills would pull this crap on Canadians.
Thanks Gary Mar for bringing Chinese Work Camps to Hellberta. (Sic).

WCB Crony Surgeons with WCB Hacks and Quacks routinely LIE about patient complaints and diagnosis

Here is a link to my Back Surgeons routine report from June 13 of 2006 submitted to the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta by Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Hongxing Jiang. If you examine the document you can see that the Surgeon writes F/U (shorthand for Follow-Up) in 1 Year! He was so concerned with my condition that it was not possible for me to see another Spinal doctor for One full year? According to documents filed by another WCB Hacks and Quacks family physician that the WCB Ab designates as a "Consultant" doctor. When doctor Lorri Galbraith wrote her bogus WCB Medical Consultant report, the report is really just a pile of pure fucking Bullshit. But hey that is "WHY" the Alberta College of Physicians enjoys licensing Hacks and Quacks for doctors in Hellberta. They do this is direct collusion with the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta in order to deliver a sufficient number of Quack doctors into Alberta so they can continue to use the WCB of Alberta #1 Tool to kill legitimately entitled claimants any and ALL access to benefits, scans, treatments and even a BED for thousands of Seriously Injured Workers. Fucking over the disabled is the WCB of Alberta Hellberta WAY!