Brent McGillis: Mar 29, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Medical Marijuana patients can keep on growing own Pot says Federal Court

When you reach the point in your life when your entire existence relies on you saturating your own body with a whole plethora of Corporately made "Cheap" generic drugs that have a whole range of side effects; some good side effects and a great deal of them bad side effects you will be awakened to the reality that what the Government (In Canada Doctors ARE Government Employees) is PUSHING at you is not always entirely good for you. Many of these drugs have long term harmful effects that are cumulative in nature, thus you WILL reach a point at which your body can no longer sustain the constant bombardment of your internal organs by chemically derived drugs and medications. This is precisely why Marijuana is such a good medical treatment. At the very point this happens you are going to be faced with a number of "End of Life" dilemmas, some of which are acute and Life threatening. Because thehuman body has naturally built in defenses that help ensure that you as a bi-pod mammal are able to sustain low level environmental poisoning, chronic alcoholism and long term chemical poisoning via the ingestion of GovernmentApproved Drugs and medications. You need to look no further than the drug induced realities that are faced by Transplant Organ recipients, some of the drugs these patients rely on have well recognized Long Term serious sideeffects on the human body. Over the course of many years some of these drugs for Transplant patients WILL eat away at other critical organs in the body like your liver, kidneys, spleen and in some cases their thyroid and pituitary glands. The medical response required by the patient’s Transplant Team is far beyond any discussion in a comment thread. Suffice it to say that the response will be very expensive, invasive, long term that may include Additional Transplants to save the patient. What the Harper Government has attempted to do to Health Care in Canada, is TRASH it completely just like they did here in Alberta. The Alliance Church Deformed Party loves to play GOD, it gives them that biblical RUSH that they can only get from depriving other living humans oftheir right to live by turning you into a human experiment. In Alberta where I grew up in a wonderful Medical System the Government was not happy until Drunk Ralph took it upon himself to RIP theHealth Care System to pieces, repeatedly. This is a theme that continues to this very day, creating a piece meal Health Care system that spends most of its time and efforts trying to battle the Government induced Administrative WALLS that have been erected to ensure that only Top Level Tories are empowered to O.K. expensive medical interventions. A Class system of delivering medicine is their ultimate goal, it really has nothing to do with overall Healthcare costs. What it comes down to is that; a rich person does not want to look at the bed next to them and see a poor person. The wealthy patient feels they are “Entitled” to better treatment, it is the Hellberta WAY! The damage the AB Government has caused our Health-scare system is appalling. Please help stop the Harper Agenda that will severely hurt Canadians not just physically but financially, in the costs the RW Christian Fundamentalists will burden this countries Health Care systems with. For true suffers of Chronic Pain Judge Michael Manson made the correct ruling on this matter, because the medical benefits of this medication far outweighs the Propaganda Benefits that the Harper Conservatives love to bask in to further their bogus CrimeLegislation Agenda.