Brent McGillis: 01/01/2011 - 02/01/2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Canada pushes for Egyptian reforms

Egypt's Dreams & the Hypocritical Harper regime:

Harper was so smug in the interview with Mansbridge, when asked about our minority opposition, "Well, they lost", was his quote. WE the people did not LOSE Stephen Harper. Take a good look at the future; you may not like the image staring back at you in the mirror, Mein F├╝hrer Harpoon. History has a way of erasing totalitarian megalomaniacs from a humanitarian legacy of history. They will be remembered in the narcissist gone mad section of history. The fundamental principles of democracy are founded in the principle that a poor man's vote carries the same weight as a rich man's X on the ballot. Because the conservative/republican ideologue perverts have been fastidiously playing with Rules of Natural Justice through their relentless alteration of the Laws surrounding our Constitutional forefathers will, we no longer are experiencing a truly open, transparent and accountable democratic government.
At the very core of the Reform/Alliance [CCRAP] party manifesto is the blanket of secrecy that permeates Harper's conservative party government; deliberately erasing transparency. Harper was moulded by the pirates of Democracy, the AB conservatives. Alberta is where Harper was able to watch all of the devious neo-con shill clever manoeuvres of a super corrupt Oil State at work in real time; giving him all the necessary tools to not only actuate the levers of Fascism; but to carry out his assault on Democracy with skillful military precision. This ideology is Endemic to the Republican philosophy of systematic dissolution of democratic law. Harper shills have perverted the Laws of Natural Justice; CCRAP has trashed the very founding principle of Democracy. Harper advice is typically referred to as "Sabotage". Harper's Government has NO latitude for handing out platitudes!