Brent McGillis: Nov 17, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Patrick Clayton VS. The Alberta WCB seems like a fair fight to me.

I really do not know what the Schadenfraude Alberta Government & the WCB Alberta are so upset about. The WCB ab Claims Managers have been proven publicly in courts of law to be Chronic Liars, Chronic Fraud artists and Chronic Thieves ,robbing Millions from the hard working Albertans who contribute to this fund every single day.

The very fact that the Alberta Conservative Party never become alarmed when Millions of Dollars go missing from government institutes speaks Volumes about their integrity.
This has been going on for decades, the missing Billions is to enormous to calculate.

The Alberta WCB Claims managers have been proven in a court of Law to be Heroin addicts. The Alberta WCB Heroin & Cocaine addicted Claims Managers [CM's] have been proven in court's of law to rob Millions of dollars from hard working Albertans. Albertan workers pour Billions into this fund every year. But that is O.K. with Guy Kerr. Like who in the fuck hired this idiot? Sorry I meant PC Government appointed fascist. It must have been a really drunk fat white guy. This is the hard evidence of the PC Party of Alberta is a fascist party in my mind.

The corporations ARE MORE powerful than our PC Government, that makes Alberta a fascist regime. Now the proof is out that the national police force [RCMP] is chronically corrupt and covers up crimes within the force. Disturbing stuff. This is how fascist regimes operate, and will now move swiftly to enact hundreds of laws in a omnibus bill to suppress All political opposition. A fascist regime cannot function without a corrupt National Constabulary.
They [CCRAP] will enact laws to ban FREE SPEECH. Stephen the corporate megalomaniac will ram this bill through. Canada's new prisons are going to be required to house the political enemies of our corporately run State. With new powers for executives to sign your arrest warrant.
I watched them introduce this private bill in the House of Commons last year, look for it bundled in the new omnibus bill.

So I really fail to see what the big deal is. It seemed like a fair fight to me. I mean really, what else is a seriously injured worker to do? The entire Health Scare system in Alberta is so seriously infected with these venomous [WCB] creatures, they have their own army of crony Doctors who take kickbacks to deny treatments. These rent-a-docs pocket Millions of your hard earned WCB deductions for writing felonious doctor reports on seriously injured workers. What do you think would happen to such a doctor if he were to write such a report by error on a cop? I am only hypothesizing here, but I hypothesize there would be doctors flying out of windows if such a WCB faux pas would occur.

That is how deep this corporate Health Care infection truly is The entire Alberta Government & our Health Care is so FUBAR that their is NO WAY to fix this Alberta Health Services mess without Booting the entire corrupt gang of corporate gangsters [] from office.
Time to give these thugs the working end of your shitkickers. Kick these bastards to the curb by voting on election day. They are publicly setting us up for the flim-flam with news of missing voter Data.

What other recourse does a injured worker have, it is a legitimate rhetorical question. The seriously injured worker can not go to his MLA, or his MP because they are all a bunch of useless corporately corrupt conservative pricks who absolutely REVEL in watching seriously injured workers suffer. The entire system is set up so that if you are a seriously injured worker there is absolutely no possibility that you will ever get to see a specialist ever again in your lifetime. You will be unable to have any of your referrals to other specialists forwarded because the entire Alberta Health Scare system is designed around WCB Protocols, strictly with no exceptions. Since the WCB Protocols are simple in their vulgarity, administered by boastful deliberate "Shadenfraude minions", there is absolutely NO possibility that you will ever have your injuries treated. What other recourse would you suggest? I think it was a fair fight, The WCB Alberta only had a hundred cops with snipers and machine guns. Some free buses from their crony pal Stephen Mandel to evacuate 600 useless nepotist Government Schandenfraude workers out of harm's way, for the battle to take place.
One fucked up and strung out borderline Sociopath VS. 600 "Schadenfreude" Sociopaths.
Seems like a fair fight to me.
Why die a slow horrific death as a result of untreated workplace injuries?
Do you know why the Workers Compensation Board never tries their patented psycho-bullshit on Cops?
Because they know that the cops will show up with real guns and you know what? It is my hypothesis, that they [abused cops] will shoot somebody, that is why!
The only way this organization [wcb ab]could be so horribly Fucked Up, is that sociopathic psychopaths molding policy for Workers Compensation Board are suffering from Chronic "Schadenfraude" tendencies. Typically these positions are reserved for narcissistic megalomaniacs, and yes Corporate Doctors fit this profile too. I have serious concerns regarding the mental stability of Board Members and crooked college doctors that support these abusive treatment denial tactics. I mean what kind of jilted self loathing humans would allow this kind of behavior to continue. I mean really, these people have defective DNA, a side effect of bad human genes having generated distorted self esteem issues. This would be synchronous with their arthropod-like anti-social behavioral patterns. For any human to sit by and watch this human cruelty circus to continue is truly disturbing and paints a frightening picture of how f*cking demented these fascist bots truly are. Just like Germany in 1933. Adolf Hitler was right, his empire is going to last 1000 years, in Alberta ,where I believe the fascists have perfected rigging our elections, so we are hopelessly enslaved to the fascist conservative regime for eternity. People think of Nazi's when they think of fascists. Our present day neo-fascists are cleverly disguised in business suits. But their warped ideologue agendas are very similar. The German Industrialists simply wanted to monopolize the world and get filthy rich doing so. "Seig Heil mein F├╝hrer K*rr, Seig Heil".