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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dream of Freedom

It has been weeks since I have updated my blog. I had hoped that since I had delivered a copy of the prescription my doctor wrote for my orthopedic bed, eventually something would happen. I left a message on Colleen Bamford's answering machine, that her message says she never checks. I believe it, a do nothing getting paid to do guess what? Nothing. Ain't nepotism great? Well at least someone related to a big Alberta construction firm is picking up a paycheque for doing absolutely nothing, except picking up bonuses for abusing seriously injured workers. Good job Colleen.
It is interesting in her last letter she quotes the writer as being unable to find any evidence. Well if you sit around all day doing nothing, your investigation will as a matter of course, turn up no new findings. Neither Collen Bamford, nor her new Hack doctor (Mr. Charleton) even attempted to do a thoroughly complete competent investigation for evidence of prior neck complaints. Once again the findings of any of the WCB so called investigations read like some sort of sick perverted Reform School itinerary. They twist the facts until they are all distorted, and really at that point they reach the prominence of outright lies. I have given this felonious insurance corporation every possible opportunity to help me, but they still refuse me even the pleasantry of a good night's sleep. And then as a final insult they tell me that the only way I am allowed to communicate with them is via written communiques. Which is another falsehood in itself since they don't respond to those either. They seem to think that they (WCB Alberta) have a monopoly on feelings. This is John's story in B.C. on you tube.

I've postulated the idea that the WCB offices across Canada and the US are rotating their KOOK doctors to avoid conviction of conspiracy. I can now see why they had to form a WCB Club to share felonious ideas. If this were not true then a responsible organization would reign in their loose cannons, or bar them.

How humiliating for legitimate insurance companies who actually have to help injured persons, medically and financially. I have heard absolutely nothing since I produced the evidence to my doctor and he agrees that the evidence that I hurt my neck when I fell is undeniable. The WCB refuses to respond in any way. Just one more trick in their never ending bag of tricks to deny legitimately injured workers any kind of help. Due process, in my eyes seems like an ideal that is a million miles away. Something as unreachable as freedom was for the slaves of America. I now know what it is to be persecuted in your own country, a true injustice has been committed here. I have waited over 3 years for a chance to be heard in a true court of law. I now realize that I will never have my day in court, that is a true Canadian fantasy. It is now clear that any sort of Kangaroo IME that the WCB Alberta would put together, would just be another complete farce. Complete with KOOK IME doctors, it would be a complete embarassment to the Alberta Health Sciences community. I don't dream of that phoney WCB act anymore.
Freedom is an illusion. Persecution by one human being who is more powerful than our government, law courts, our entire medical community is not a quality of democracy our Prime Minister should be bragging about. He sneers at China regarding human rights, look in your own back yard Stephen.
It is difficult most days to produce any new blog content because of the physical problems my neck is causing. The same goes for dealing with any of the dozens of letters I need to write to officials, looking down at documents actually sets off the "popping" of my neck. I am no different than any other human being on this planet. I was born with precisely the same number of nerve endings as any other human, I feel pain and fatigue just as any other human would. And, I was born with exactly the same amount of feelings, neurological and physical feelings as any other person. As a result I have been kept quite busy finalizing all of the paperwork required for the completion of my CPP, and the necessary paperwork for AISH.
To this day I am absolutely stunned as to exactly why I am being forced to apply for AISH. My medical and physical needs are in no way the responsibility of the Government(Taxpayers) of Alberta. The government cleverly forgets to mention this little fact that it is the taxpayers of Alberta, and the rest of Canada that are on the hook for the care of these permanently disabled persons. Why? The Meredith principle should be renamed the Canadian Dream. I will phone do nothing's supervisor Trevor Dill today. It is probably her cousin.

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