Brent McGillis: Dec 19, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

Wendee Hockney refusal to allow me Chiropractic Care

I finally found the refusal by WCB Claims Manager Wendee Hockney sent to my Chiropractor. The horrible reality of what has happened here by order of maliciously trained WCB Alberta Claims Managers who formed their very own "Bitchs Club" to deny Seriously Injured Workers even the slightest form of clinical relief from our every day struggles with Chronic Pain as a direct result of falling off of a Steel Rafter at work and breaking my back.
 I am so sad that the WCB of Alberta does NOT even pay for the mininum amount of chiropractic visits that AISH allows for. The daily grind of the Alberta Workers Compensation Board exercising their Financial MIGHT by Standing on the Throat of a Seriously Injured Ironworker is too much to bear some days, it causes me extreme mental anxiety and stress. This is the very same organization that will not even pay for a matress and box spring for me, and have refused to do so for many years now. The WCB is such a pile of phony fucks, wickedly evil crony Hacks and Quacks doctors, it is such a vile entity that should have never ever been created. All the money there is in this province and we have a Corporation run by a fraudulent promotor of WCB Hacks using their facilities to fraudulently forge Doctors reports so as to fraudulently make the claimant appear as though there is nothing wrong with him/her is just such a slap in the face to Democracy and to the decent human caring that has been erased from Medical Care here in Alberta. This is the kind of thing that makes Christmas so much more sad for seriously injured workers who are being physically crushed under the Medical Abuse weight of carrying the do-nothing WCB Corporate Dick-Suckers club around on our broken backs each and every day. Here is one more absurd denial Scan by the WCB Bitches Club "World Class Inflictors of Human Cruelty". Only the Nazi's were more proficient at killing human beings with absolutely NO REMORSE or human feelings associated with their crimes against humanity.
When the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta jams their absurdity machine into gear every monday morning they do so with the implied knowledge that they are the fuduciaries entrusted with Billions and Billions of hard working Albertans money in their fudiciary care. A Fuduciary by definition of the Dictionary is expected to conduct himself or herself in a manner that is expected of a person that holds such a highly responsible office in our society. They are not to act in the manners of desperate drug addicted money whores who are jones-sing for their next hit of meth or a hit on a crack pipe. They are to conduct themselves as a banker would, as school head master or as any well respected member of our business community would. The cheap petty fraudulent practices of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta are World Renowned, for Christ's sake even ISIS has heard of the WCB and their horrific practices. How do you think that ISIS became so mean? Don't forget that Alberta has more active combatants fighting in Irag and Syria than the Canadian Military does in active ground combat. How do I know this? I watch the News, the Canadian News Media has reported that there are over 100 Calgarians that are suspected to be actively engaged in the Oil fields of Persia. How is it that so many young people from Calgary have become so disenfranchised with Canada? Did they too have a WCB of Alberta experience? One of their pals perhaps?
Did they experience some kind of mental abuses while living in Calgary? Why did Calgary have such an obviously mind altering effect on their psyche's that has resulted in them developing such a repulsive experience of living in Canadian society? These are all valid questions that need answers.
For me Christmas is such a sad time, knowing that there exists a Alberta Government Sanctioned Fraud Scheme that actively encourages the Alberta College of Physicians to scout, hire and promote the enrollment of WCB Hacks and Quacks doctors. These Hacks and Quacks physicians are the most valuable tool in the toolbox utilized by the Workers Compensation Board and their CRONY organization the WCB Appeals Commission. The WCB Appeals Commission would be unable to function to capacity and without these fraudulent WCB Hack doctors churning out a constant supply of bogus Independent Medical Examinations, the WCB APPEALS COMMISSION would NOT be able to CASH IN on the WCB Alberta BONUS Scheme that is extended to ALL WCB employees.
 Reading Appeals decisions has cemented my belief that the WCB Appeals Commission is JUST as CORRUPT as the WCB of Alberta. Same/Same. They get their pay cheques DIRECTLY from the WCB and IT SHOWS. It shows big time. Sad statement about the state of affairs in this crooked ass province of fraud artists we call the government of Alberta. Shameful, just totally shameful is my observation.