Brent McGillis: Oct 17, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

WCB and Alberta Health Services

  Watching the current crisis in the Alberta Health Services makes me think about the relationship between the WCB of Alberta and their ability to access services quickly for Seriously Injured Workers. If the AHS is experiencing a crisis in caring for acutely ill and injured patients that enter the AHS Hospital system, this can only signal that there exists a service vaccuum for Seriously Injured Workers who are seeking timely, relevant and quality care providers for their injuries in Alberta.
  How sad is it when the Hospital locator on the AHS Webpage is totally broken and does not function. Just like AHS!
  For me, that was never the case given that the WCB of Alberta had chosen to immediately AMBUSH my medical care the moment I entered the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Because the WCB Hacks and Quacks that are "Encouraged" to troll the halls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital, I was backstabbed and medically ambushed from the very moment I entered the emergency department at the RAH.
  I have often wondered, is this because ALL INJURED Workers are treated like SHIT when they are entering R.A.H. by the WCB Administrators who operate the Royal Alexandra Hospital as the Hospital designated for the care of WCB Seriously Injured Workers?
  Or was I deliberately assessed and targeted for abuse and early release without any proper rehabilitation because of factors that the WCB of Alberta had analysed as a potential TARGET for Medical Abuse by Dr. Leslie DeLima of the Workers Compensation Board?
  Was I chosen as a target for abuse and denial of proper, timely and relevant treatments because of a Injury Profile Computer Program run by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta? Or was this simply a case of targeted discrimination by Dr. Leslie DeLima of the WCB of Alberta as the head TROLL Doctor freely trolling the Royal Alexandra Hospital in order to physically assault Seriously Injured Patients under the care of the Royal Alexandra Hospital?
  Interesting questions for interesting times as the Patient Care Crisis rolls on at the Alberta Health Services across the province. Interesting questions that potential patients need to ask themselves before they are allowed to be shovelled off in the emergency department of this provinces Hospitals.