Brent McGillis: Nov 17, 2015

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WHY is EVERY single Orthopaedic Doctor I meet part of CBI/Healthpointe Hacks and Quacks Network?

 If you look at the statistical possibility that the ONLY orthopaedic doctors that I have EVER been exposed to in the last 10 years ALL work for, or are doctor cronies of the CBI/Healthpointe Corporation, one would conclude that that is statistically impossible. Not in Hellberta, nope the possibility is actually 100% in Edmonton since this Canadian offspring of the giant U.S. based Healthpoint has a 100% AHS/WCB guaranteed MONOPOLY for Seriously Injured Workers.
 The ONLY spinal specialists that I have been able to access have been bogus specialists like Dr. Garvin Chueng after he dug his thumbs into my back in his first examination of me years ago at Healthpointe and then he proudly writes a report on my condition saying that "my response was exaggerated". Like how in the hell did this quack get a medical license?
 This is NO coincidence that Healthpointe uses the SAME Hacks and Quacks methods in determining the source of a pain as the REMED clinic used when they hurt me to determine the source of a patient suffering from Chronic Back Pain as a result of a serious fall at work.

 What really floored me about Dr. Garvin Chueng and the Healthpointe Hacks and Quacks phony rehab facility is that these Quackos did not even BOTHER to order any kind of Diagnostic Imaging before quacko Chueng decided he NEEDED to dig his thumbs into my Spine! Like WTF is going on with Healthcare in Edmonton, Alberta? This is substandard care by any metric of measurement.
 And thus Healthpointe at that very moment, they became and owned the name
"Hacks and Quacks Network". I did not know at that point the depth of the Corruption that had steered me to this clinic, and I was not aware that CBI/Healthpointe employed the very SAME quacko techniques as Jay and his team at REMED to determine the source of Chronic Back Pain!

Government Workers, Cops Firemen and Healthcare workers will NEVER be subjected to the abuses of the Hacks and Quacks Network because they belong to a SPECIAL CLUB that is 1st Priority at Alberta Hospitals and Clinics. Government workers are privy to the HIGHEST LEVEL of Medical Care available in Alberta, and it is exclusive to Government Workers, regular JOE; you need not apply. This is the CLASS system at work in Alberta, just show your government worker card and you will be whisked to the front of the line for care in Alberta. It is the Hellberta WAY.
 Doctors, healthcare workers, Cops, Firemen or government workers, they receive
TOP LEVEL Access to the best Surgeons, Specialists for their rehabilitation at their own little private club rehab resort known as the Glenrose Hospital. NO Hacks and Quacks Network for Cops and Firemen, no sirree!

  This is the genius of the Hacks and Quacks Network, they get 100% of "Non-government workers" injured at work steered to them by WCB AB. In addition the Hacks and Quacks Network is a KEY crony component of the profitable kickback scheme to DENY any AHS patients that they simply do not feel like treating.
Cost savings is the primary reason that this phony treatment facility exists is my opinion. I believe that there is little to no hope that all of this corruption within the Alberta Health Services and the WCB of Alberta will ever be uncovered, dismantled or fixed. The corruption runs too deep, it took 40 years to carefully funnel all of these cronies into one place where they can MILK the taxpayer funded system, with one primary objective and that is to DENY you care. The secondary objective is for them to become profitable beyond their wildest dreams, this is what corruption does to doctors in Hellberta.

1.) The very first Physio treatment facility I went to was in my old neighborhood of Westmount at CBI Health [Canadian Back Institute]. I was told by the WCB Claims Manager that all physiotherapy clinics were "Independent" and that I was FREE to CHOOSE any clinic for my rehab. So I picked CBI out of the phonebook thinking this was some kind of small independent clinic that would look after my physical rehabilitation. I could NOT have been any more mistaken in my beliefs, as this decision would come to haunt me for 10 years of my life. The absolute biggest mistake of my life was trusting my Rehab Care to CBI Health and then to REMED rehabilitation.
 I should have been wise enough at the time to realize that something fishy was going on when I had finished my rehabilitation at the Canadian Back Institute (CBI Health), I would come to realize years later that my Claims Manager at that time had written that CBI had reported that I was ready to return to work after only 3 months of basic rehabilitation. This was the precusor of the Millard setting me up to cut me off of benefits, they needed kooky rehab reports like this.

  2.) The SECOND physio place I picked out was REMED from the phonebook, thinking they were independent because they are licensed to do FCE's. Wow, what a mistake that was after Jay Dunn made the decision to administer DEEP Back Massages on me, as a result of these poor decisions by REMED staff the end product is that they injured me. I immediately reported what happened to my doctor. WCB Cut me off for the second and final time less than 2 years after I fell and broke my back. No big deal, they did not even so much as apologize but rather reported me as non-compliant and I was cut off of WCB forever! Nice going Jay, yet another bunch of HACK CBI physiotherapists talking about mind control, like WTF! Do not go to REMED unless you like getting injured by more of the Hacks and Quacks Network!
  Guess what Jay, you cannot attend if you have been INJURED by REMED! It is now easy to understand why REMED and CBI refuse to do MRI's because they do NOT want you to have any evidence of injury by comparing before and after imaging.

This is why Predetermined Outcomes by WCB/REMED/CBI/Healthpointe need NO imaging!

  3.) I was Referred to the University of Calgary Spine Clinic by my doctor. We drove to Calgary Foothills Hospital and I had to sleep in the car on the way down, having a nap before my examination and again on the way back to Edmonton. I was examined by Spine Physician Salma Yaseen where she was helping manage the medical Spine Clinic, at that time she was helping to triage patients with degenerative spinal complaints to surgical or medical treatment.
 I was horrified to learn when she phoned me back after traveling all the way to Calgary Foothills that somebody from AHS in Edmonton had phoned her and told her that ALL MY TESTS were cancelled! Who is responsible? Well, the Hacks and Quacks Network that is who!

  4.) I am referred to the U of A Chronic Pain Clinic Dr. Dmitry Yakunchikov is the specialist that is assigned to me. Dr Yakunchikov refuses to sign my Weed papers and instead subjects me to experiments with anti-depressants that leave me permanently bed-ridden. He is also pre-occupied with having me use the bogus "Weed Pill" known as Cesamet made by Valeant Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Yakunchikov tells me that his tenure with the University of Alberta is up, and how would I like to try treatment at a private pain clinic known as HealthPointe? He tells me that I will receive as good as or even BETTER treatment within the HealthPointe facility.
  He lied, I was assessed by Dr. Garvin Chueng who decided just like REMED that it would be a GOOD idea if he DUG his thumbs into my Spine to see what reaction that would induce. A couple of minutes after he embarked on his deliberate attempt to inflict harm on my person I climbed onto the exam table as per his instructions whereby he proceeded to lift my left leg which immediately set off horrific Back Spasms in my back causing me to jump up screaming in pain. He reaction was to look at me in bemused puzzlement as I proceeded to get dressed. He asked "Where are you going". "I am going home", I replied. There was NO WAY in Hell I was going to let this HACK doctor touch me again in his abusive manner. Doctor Garvin Chueng would go on to write in his report that "I Exaggerated my response".
  As such I was denied my CPP Disability Pension when the Hack Panel of Harper Cronies flew in from Ottawa to deliver a direct Character Assassination in their bogus CPP Pension Hearing, and as such I am not recognized as a disabled person by Ottawa and can gain no access to programs for disabled persons in Canada a direct malicious character assault by Dr. Garvin Chueng on instructions from the WCB and the Hacks and Quacks Network.

  5.) Concurrently my doctor tried to refer my to an Orthopaedic Specialist via the Alberta health Services, and guess where I ended up getting referred to? Wow, you must be psychic, yup the Good Ol' tried and true Hacks and Quacks Network of CBI/HealthPointe once again and me and my the biggest crackpot doctor that I have ever met Dr. Garvin Chueng would come face to face once again.
 It is interesting to note that since my doctor had been trying to get Dr. Jiang to see me again, the Alberta Health Services had contacted me and informed me that HealthPointe was directly connected to Dr. Hongxing Jiang and that this was his associates office where they would expediate an assessment. What a AHS LIE that turned out to be.
 Who was I to question the inner workings of AHS? How did I know that this was the beesnest for the WCB Hacks and Quacks Network?
 This is disturbing stuff how Seriously Injured Workers are funneled directly back into the clutches of the very people who inflicted harm on their person over and over again.
 Really disturbing how deep the corruption goes with the Alberta Health Services at the direction of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. Welcome to Hellberta folks, I hope you don't get hurt at work because the Hacks and Quacks Network will NEVER treat you, but they will abuse you for profit and bill the hell out of the AHS Medicare system like their parent company did in the U.S.
 YEAH, it is called DENIAL of CARE!

  6.) The most recent blow to my psyche was when I was told flat out at the University of Alberta hospital by Dr. Naismith that under NO circumstance no matter how much pain I was suffering or what my medical condition; would I in any way shape or form qualify for ANY KIND of Diagnostic Imaging. This is truly disturbing stuff coming from a medical professional who is acting as an ER doctor for a major Trauma Center.
 What exactly is the Directive # that denies Diagnostic Imaging to Seriously Injured Workers Dr. Naismith? How is it WCB Directive worded Dr. Naismith? Does this WCB Directive say that only patients with Spinal Injuries are FORBIDDEN from receiving treatment at a hospital in Edmonton?
 This is truly Fffed Up directives coming out of the WCB and Alberta Health Services, these directives are obviously designed to inflict as much Pain, suffering and Mental duress as a do-nothing Government Employee can possibly deliver. Or maybe Dr. Naismith is simply just racist.
Racism is a rampant problem within the Alberta Government that has been fostered for decades now.
 I have been relegated to a 4th Class citizen in Alberta, the Immigrants and TFW's are second and third. I am at the lowest possible rung of Healthcare abuse that can be delivered by AHS. This is monumental abuse that you will not find in any other province in Canada.

  7.) When I met the Orthopedist Surgeon at the Strathcona County Hospital he was very pleasant, but once again I was floored when he showed me the CT Scan and said see you can see there is no nerves being impinged. I was shocked that a doctor would show ME the scan, I am not a specialist you might as well show me the plans to a Space Shuttle. I am not trained in analyzing complex diagnostic images!
  This is a phenomena that is unique to Hellberta, where specialists SHOW you the MRI and ask you for your opinion, it sounds absurd right, because it IS absurd. I did ask to see the MRI at the Royal Alex and the technician allowed me into the control room to look at it, and it was a 3 D image that you can rotate on the computer in the MRI control room. For any specialist to show me a 1D image and then ask me to make a diagnosis of my OWN back is just frigging bizarre and I am sure this is a practice that is ONLY being conducted in Alberta Health Services. This province is so backward, it really is just like living in 1959. We have NOT progressed one inch since 59', it is just so bizarre.

This is what happens when you are attempting to seek treatment in Hellberta for my collapsing vertebrae