Brent McGillis: Oct 22, 2022

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Peace out

   I am tired, so tired. Tired of begging doctors for help, tired of begging pharmacists for the simple task of filling my script. I have spent the last 2 and a half years trying to get a doctor so that I can retire in the East Kooteneys.

 The East Kootenay primary care unit has been established for people who do NOT have a doctor, and that are in need of urgent primary care in the region have access to the medical care and treatments that they as medical patients require to LIVE are available to them, as a basic human right in Canada.

 The Government of British Columbia recognizes that "ACCESS to Healthcare" in this province is the fundamental Keystone to our basic Human rights as Canadians.

 These rights have been enshrined into our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and are key elements that form the foundation of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

 This is the basic right to NOT be discriminated against BECAUSE of my injury!

 Our government (or any private medical provider) that is LICENSED by our Govt to operate within our borders cannot discriminate against patients on the basis of their medical conditions, disabilities or INJURIES. 

  These Rights are enshrined to protect Canadians within the confines and structural makeup of our most basic of Institutions. Hospitals, clinics, imaging and treatment facilities are forbidden from discriminating against ANY nationality OR Race, or color of skin Canadian.

  This includes discriminating against any disabled person who is dependent on medications that are critical to their very survival, simply because of deeply embedded and preconceived ultra Right Wing Conservative Dogma!

Here is the so called "Agreement" that I was forced to sign under DURESS! How is this application of threats of refusing to write me a prescription be in any way or fashion considered to be a legal binding agreement? 

Forced Agreement Under Duress 

 Chronic Pain patients such as myself as an Injured Iron worker struggle to complete even the most basic of tasks on most days. If it involves bending over, it inflicts high levels of pain in my back. I had received years of Botox "Trigger Point injections", until my vertebrae no longer feels most pain when you touch my back.

These were in response to a WCB Hacks and Quacks crony doctor at the Healthpointe phony Spinal Care facility in the HYS Center across from RAH in Edmonton. Dr Garvin Chueng DUG his thumbs into my back and I jumped off the exam table screaming. I immediately started putting on my jacket as the tears of pain streamed down my face, and said, "I am going home, you hurt me".

Dr. Adelemi Adebayo who was my doctor for 13 yrs immediately issued a letter to the phony Healthpointe Clinic instructing them, that at no point in their interactions were any of their doctors to touch my back in any way.

I have been thrown out of doctors offices, rehabilitation facilities because the medical personnel are tightly clinging to embedded misinformation belief system that because a patient is dependent on Opiates as a treatment regimen, that we are BAD people who they see as Drug Addicts!

  I am not a drug addict, I got hurt at work. I am being persecuted because I went to work and suffered a spinal injury. Call it what it is, it is a severe injury to my Spinal column. And guess what? It hurts, it really, really hurts.

  If you cut me off of the opiate Percoset that I have been on since the day I was released from the hospital on March 12th, 2006 any number of kooky doctors could potentially KILL me.

{Think about this reality for a moment: Do YOU have to face a mortal threat to your life every time you go to the doctor for medications that you have taken without side effects for OVER 16 years now?}

 You (CPCC) have deliberately and consciously with "Malicious Intent" have made an attempt to inflict injurious harm on a patient that informed your Nurse Practictioner that I was without sleep for 30hrs and that I had run out of my BLOOD PRESSURE pills MORE than 10 days ago!

  The idea that my life could be endangered by being cut off of my pain medications, is not something I just cooked up in my own mind. This is what the University of Alberta Chronic Pain Clinic wrote in a letter to my doctor (Dr. Adebayo) 10 years ago. 

  I struggle every DAY! I live a life of horror because of the Chronic Pain that I suffer, this what I told the RCMP when they visited me in the bus. If you had to live this life you would take your own life because of the extremely high level of pain that I experience, EVERY minute of EVERY hour of EVERY day is when I could be stricken with the horrors of "Breakthrough Pain". 

  And then on top of that, to be discriminated against by so called medical doctors, nurses and Nurse Practitioners that cling to the misinformation of their Right Wing political belief systems is even MORE horrifying; because it means that any ONE person within this Primary Care System can DENY me care. Or they can write a malicious report based on their pre-conceived prejudices or make derogatory comments based on their concealed racism that now becomes "Permanent Medical STAINS" on my medical history!

 Racism and Prejudice is a very subtle thing that Govt workers conceal very well, because as part of their Union agreement THEY cannot be discriminated against, or they themselves cannot be CAUGHT discriminating or they could face Govt penalties. So racists within a Govt institution know that they need to be cautious and very subtle in how they discriminate against clients.

 How do I know this, because my WCB Claims Manager Wendy Hockney was a racist and she denied me the right to my own files for my lawyer and to all medical treatment, and denied me the right to Appeal for 12 years. Her OWN family outed her as a racist on Facebook after she was run over by a Garbage Truck in downtown Edmonton, in response to comments I made about her abusive prejudice in my Blog. I told the Nurse Practictioner at CPCC about the Institutional Racism that exists and infects the Alberta WCB.

 She seemed indifferent and uninterested, because I told her that I had been traumatized. Oh, do you want to see a social worker was her reply.

  My experience on Friday Oct. 21, 2022 has re traumatized me, when it became clear that this bogus doctor had acted with malicious intent. I left the pharmacy and went home and cried myself to sleep.

  I live in constant FEAR every day, that one of these right wing Clinical practitioners will write something in my file that will force me to take my own life is something that terrifies me and haunts my mental synapses within my brain: day and night. It is like being hunted by the Conservative Taliban that we call the CPC, because they will utilize ANY means they can to punish you, discriminate against and deny you care based on their preconceived Corporatization notions of my condition.

  Every time that I am cut off of medication because my doctor as was the case of Dr. Adebayo was over prescribing pain meds to god knows how many patients, my life is put into Mortal Danger. This is a real and reoccurring theme within our Healthcare system. I asked Adebayo on the day that he showed me his computer screen as proof to me that he was prescribing in excess of 20,000 pain meds per month.

  I looked at the monitor and then I looked the doctor in the eye and asked, "What does this have to do with MY medical care?"

 He told me that he needed to unload patient, a lot of patients. I was dumbfounded, and I realized at that moment that my life and my mortality on this Earth was in clear and present danger!

Doctors BEWARE Spoiler ALERT!! Dr. Adebayo does not realize that it was the WCB that ratted him out to the College of Physicians. I discovered these conversations between the WCB Claims managers about ratting Adebayo out to the College when they released my entire file to me.

 The WCB of AB not only seeks to harm patients, the WCB backstab doctors who try to administer treatments to seriously injured workers TOO!

  Process that idea for a moment and then ask yourself, "What would YOU do if you were seriously injured at work or in your car; and your doctor sprung this news of his infidelities within the construct of the College of Physicians; that have shown a real reoccurring inability to regulate themselves much less the doctors that they reign over with powers given to them by the provincial Govt?

Until our Healthcare is run by the Federal Govt, workers and patients will continue to receive substandard care from our Healthcare system is my opinion.

  How do we fix this? The only answer is to make our Healthcare system a National regulated Industry, the provinces have shown for at least 5 decades now that THEY do not posses the ability within their own FUBAR Healthcare systems to CHANGE!

  Nor do they WANT to change their little Fiefdoms of power. Why do you think that is an unmovable goal post? MONEY! It always comes down to money, that is the curse of private Industry and this is why FUBAR Healthcare systems will NEVER change! The people involved are ALL consumed with greed, it is the natural curse of Free Enterprise and privatization.

 The people in charge are Toadies and and corrupt Cronies of private clinics and their greedy doctors that run these clinics, and they FUNNEL patients to THEIR private clinics. I will be dead and in the grave before this system of greed that drives the WCB to abuse injured workers EVER changes. That is the reality in Healthcare for decades now, it won't change, the doctors, clinics and imaging facilities are all making TOO much money! For these kinds of Neo-Con Doctors GREED champions over patient care.

  Patient care? Hah, that is a cruel and unnatural truth in Hellberta and because doctors and clinics across the country all SEE how much their counterparts in Hellberta are making; this is all the motivation they need to pack up and move to Hellberta where all the Oil money flows like water. 

This is the WHY in the whole FUBAR medical system across Canada. The MONEY imbalance draws in the medical professionals like flies to a porch light at night.

  I am being discriminated against BECAUSE my body is reliant on pain medications that are in a dosage form that I can manage, as I told the doctor yesterday. I explained to her that I had already been subjected to the antidepressant Cymbalta by the WCB Hack doctor at the U of A Chronic Pain clinic over 10 years ago!

 Here is the link for the corrupt WCB Hack doctors like Garvin Chueng and Dr. Dimitry Yakunchikov that did with deliberate and conscious knowledge deny me the "Right to proper, timely and relevant care" by referring me to the WORST Chronic Pain clinic (Healthpointe) for Spinal care in ALL of Edmonton. This clinic is for the Insurance providers and the WCB to DENY you care, don't go there! These guys at Healthpointe are crooked and malignant WCB Crony doctors who are EXPERT at denying you care.  

 When I was abused as a patient at the Uof A Chronic pain clinic, the quack doctor ALSO had subjected me to high dosages of Prednisone as well, that experience almost killed me. I cannot stress how dangerous this drug Prednisone is, Beware!

  He was prescribing me Cymbalta at the SAME time while telling me every time I seen him and complained how I was becoming sicker and sicker, he would say, "Oh, well we will just have to double your dosage! Finally I had to tell Yakunchikov that I cannot do this anymore, you are killing me. I told the kooky doctor at CPCC while under extreme duress and physical exhaustion about my horrific Cymbalta experience.

  She simply blew-off my recounting of that experience with anti-depressants combined with the Prednisone and said, "Oh well we will just have to try it again."

Like what in the hell is really going on here?

This is a direct attack on my character as a patient. Her poisonous and malicious attack on my character is her attempt to: CEMENT her false narrative into MY Medical History at the Cranbrook Primary Care Clinic that I am simply a drug addict. She is attempting to besmirch my good name and standing at the clinic by trying to trigger a negative response from myself.

 Prednisone made my glands on my neck swell up until I looked like a Chipmunk, because my neck was so swelled up. I also told her about the encounter that I had with the Saleswoman from the manufacturer of the bogus "Fake Weed" drug known as Nabilone: {While being treated at the U of A Chronic Pain Clinic}. 

  She seemed unfazed by all of these facts and plowed forward with he own per-conceived ideas of how the Anti-depressant drug Cymbalta works. I had told her that they tried that drug on me and it did nothing other than to get me so spaced out that I could not drive a car, she blew that off like I was not even talking to her.

She acted like a zombie that was impervious to everything that I have experienced and been subjected to in OVER 16 years, I am in such a depleted state that I did not at that time during this visit to the CPCC recognize that Nurse Practitioners are nurses posing as real doctors is a real and present danger to both my mental AND physical Health.   

 In my opinion she is not qualified enough to be writing any opinions on my condition as a doctor because she lacks the commitment necessary to be a doctor with enough skill and training in Orthopedic Spinal Injuries. And further: since her opinions on my condition are clearly based on a lack of training, they should be struck from my medical record, just as her bogus Agreement that she obviously Downloaded from the Internet; should be withdrawn.

 In legal terms: It is unlawful for any Govt officials to FORCE patients to sign Legal Binding documents while that person is under severe Duress. This is a widely accepted Legal defense for any person being abused by Govt officials, who are in positions of power. Forcing persons under duress into legal binding agreements is a form of intimidation and needs to be called out as such.

 Now she reveals that I am required to recall and to recount EVERY single drug that the WCB has exposed me to and to remember EVERY single detail and the doctors names and the clinics that did these crimes against humanity to me? WTF? WTF is going in here?

Her assertion that I must now PROVE what drugs were tried on me over 10 YEARS ago is patently absurd, I am insulted and now ashamed that I trusted this new clinic in Cranbrook. She has put my life in MORTAL danger.

 There will be a clear and fortified response to this abuse of power by this doctor, I can assure you of this. I am having the legal papers drawn up once I go to Kelowna and meet with my Human Rights lawyer. I have contacted lawyers here in BC this morning in consultation with lawyers I know in Edmonton for a quick response to this attack on my medical character and patient at CPCC. I will drive to Kelowna with or without medication, I will make this pledge before I die from Opiate starvation after being on the SAME medication for 16 1/2 years now.

This kind of wanton abuse by a doctor is WCB AB initiated and spawned attack on my life, that is clearly unwarranted an unlawful. I have already submitted possibly close to 100 documents just to have a prescription written for a pain medication that I have been on for 16 and 1/2 YEARS! With NO side effects! Process that fact for a moment if you will.

 It took me 6 months of driving back to Hellberta EVERY 30 days in order to try and comply with the documents that the CPCC Clinic was demanding I produce, BEFORE they would even write 1 prescription for my pain meds.

 {Footnote: $500CAD round trip in gasoline for my 3/4ton truck=1500kms} 

  There is NO justification within the realm of medical care to justify this kind of horrible medical care by a physician that clearly had decided within her own mind that when she was done with me, that she was going to "Bring down the hammer" and do a complete 180 on my treatment regimen!

  My treatments that I was receiving were at the direction of Dr, Rashad, a REAL Chronic Pain specialist in Edmonton. I was without medical care for many months before Debb Goodspeed found doctor Rashad. As stated earlier, the difficulty in finding a doctor to treat me cannot be overstated when you are a Chronic Pain sufferer such as myself. He was a compassionate and caring doctor, that just like Dr. Adebayo truly saved my life. My blood pressure today was 184/165 today, I was in the throws of a true medical Crisis brought on by this new Nurse Practitioner, who is clearly a pseudo-doctor driven by WCB false propaganda and dogma.

  I categorically reject her glib solutions that have ALREADY been tried, we spent over 1/2hr discussing treatments that were tried unsuccessfully by doctors that are FAR more qualified, and compassionate who rely on factual evidence based medicine. And yes some of those Doctors are definitely far more qualified to be making these observations and treatment decisions.

  If I have to die because of this abusive doctor, I can assure you there will be a response. I worked my entire life building this country, and I will not be torn down by a WCB Insurance driven hack doctor like she is, I can guarantee you this.

  I believe that she is a racist, she seemed completely unconcerned and unfazed by my recount of what has transpired in my medical condition and the circumstances surrounding my injury. I am now appalled at what has happened at the CPCC because when I asked her if she was going to order some blood tests, and she replied, No.

  Q.) If you as a doctor were to make such a colossal and wholesale change to the drug medication regimen that I have been taking for 16+ years, don't you think that you as a doctor would want to have some base level data about my current medical condition in order to make any future comparisons and to ensure that the data was accurate and more importantly: as evidence of what HARM these massive changes that you as a doctor are making to my body?

The alarm WCB alarm bells started ringing in my head when:

A.) She was completely Ignoring Every-thing that I told her.

B.) By intentionally NOT faxing my prescription over to the Shoppers Drug Mart as I requested. I believe that she knowingly did NOT send that prescription because she NEW that the Clinic was NOT open on the weekend and the suffering that she would impart on my clinical health by denying me access to my Percoset medications!

  What she did was a clear attempt on my life, knowing what kind of stress and exhaustion that I was suffering from as I clearly told her that I had driven ALL night to make this appointment. What would YOUR response be to a doctor that has clearly made a deliberate attempt on your life with her WCB Insurance industry Hacks and Quacks style of medicine?

How shocking is that revelation?

I even asked her if she was going to refer me to a REAL Spinal orthopedic surgeon, and she acted like she did not even hear the question. Like WTF is really going on here. I was interrogated by her for half an hour. That is what it felt like now that I have had time to reflect on this experience because I have NO Pain killers.

  This is WCB Crimes against my mortality, all over again.

How can I retire her and how can I possibly go on in life, it feels like 2006 all over again when I was first cut off of Percoset, and that was when I became homeless because the WCB cut me off benefits, my bank account was closed because WCB bounced a cheque for my bank account. My bank then closed my account, and I was unable to open another account at a bank for years after that, I was bankrupted by the WCB and an abusive Claims manager. It was horrific, I WILL NOT go through that attempt on my life again. This experience on the 21st day of October in Cranbrook is re-opening all of those wounds on my mental health all over again.

  I won't do it, I refuse to participate in the WCB's attempt to END my life prematurely. I will take my own life and die with honor before that ever happens, this promise I make before my God and with absolute resolution and commitment to denying the WCB of Alberta OR the province of BC the enjoyment of sending me to the grave before my time on this Earth is here.

  I also told her that I have been traumatized by the Institutionalized racism at the WCB, that sent my father to the grave prematurely. My father fell off of a flat roof in 1962 and our entire family was ripped to pieces with all of my siblings being thrown to the four winds when I was 2 years old. WCB abused my family and my father, my father ended up drinking himself to death as a result. My father became very bitter and he too became homeless as a result. 

  I told her that the abuse that I experienced in Alberta was NO accident, this was  I was crying while telling her this. I told her about my father and how the 2 events, separated by 40 years, 2 separate crimes waged against 2 members of the SAME family was NO accident!

  What happened to my family was "Institutionalized Racism" at the hands of the WCB of Alberta, I told this hack doctor. She acted like she did not even hear what I had just told her. My fatigue prevented me from making a rational reaction to her indifference of what was happening within this doctors appointment.

  I have been medically ambushed by WCB Hacks and Quacks before, this is NOT my first Rodeo. This is what is known as "Systemic Racism". 

Where are my Rights under The Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Where is my guaranteed Rights to Freedom of movement?

  What has transpired here with the abuse of my rights by this Fake WCB driven doctor is a clear violation of my Freedom of movement Rights under section 2 of the Charter.

  By denying me access to proper, timely and relevant medical treatments, medications and referrals as I requested from Ms. Quackman of the WCB school of abusive and phony medical treatments she has denied my my Rights under:

Section 6, subsection 2:

 (a) to move to and take up residence in any province; and

 (b) to pursue the gaining of a livelihood in any province.

  I explicitly explained to this hack doctor that I had purchased a property in the neighboring town and that if I did not have ACCESS to a real doctor that can treat my Chronic pain that my retirement dream was dead. That I would not be able to live in B.C. 

  Again, Crickets. I was so tired and now under extreme duress from this interrogation that she was subjecting me to, that I was not able to push back against her obvious racist driven ideology that she was PUSHING on me like an eager street Drug Dealer.

  I had never anticipated that the WCB had poisoned the waters of the CPCC too!

She seemed unfazed and asked if I would like to see a Social worker. This is how trauma patients are treated at the CPCC? Outrageous is my opinion.

  Further, this abusive treatment at the hands of this abusive doctor is what I now believe; that she seen as a clear opportunity to deny me my Rights under the Charter:

  A.) This was a targeted attack on my Rights, because I had phoned ahead the day before on Thursday the 20th day of October, 2022. I told the reception that I was in Edmonton, and that I would have to drive ALL night to get to the appointment.

  B.)  I now believe from driving that I was compelled to sleep out of sheer exhaustion and that she concocted this plan to deny me the right to fair and equal treatment that would have been afforded to a white person, pasty white like herself. As a consequence of her plotting to deny me the right to proper care, she seen my exhaustion as a clear opening for her to drive straight on past any kind of defense mechanisms that I would have when well rested.

  Crony doctors like this Nurse Practictioner acting as an agent of WCB Hacks and Quacks Doctors, had a full day to prepare her focused and deliberate attack on my credibility and an abusive attack on my reputation as a patient and as a Citizen of Canada.

I believe in my mind that refusing to treat me with proper medications, in a timely manner and with drugs and treatments that are relevant to my condition that the CPCC has denied me the right to: 

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice. Lets break down this section.


I am not afforded the luxury of life because my medications are under constant threat of being cut-off. So as a consequence of this never ending threat for the last year I do not get to enjoy what other Canadians take for granted, and that privilege is life.


I cannot travel freely in this country because every time during the last 2 years, I have to remain within driving distance to my doctors, or suffer a medical crisis. When I am cut off I cannot drive any distance without risking a medical episode on the highway. Where is the Liberty in that? When I am out of pain meds I am trapped wherever I am located until I can replenish my medications.

  I am Pappaschase, my mother was born in a Teepee on the Enoch First Nations Indian Reservation on March 28, 1935. She and all of us kids were denied our Indian status because of Scrip that was deemed as an illegal act against the Crown, was initiated by founders of the Commerce Bank and the founder of the Imperial Bank. These shady Bank characters designed and implemented a plan to steal the land of the  Papaschase IR 136 in 1888 through the use of what they called  scrip. Scrip was an illegal plan to steal Indian Reservation land from the Indians, with it's roots being concocted straight out of the United States of America. So that in a nutshell is why our family has always been denied not just status, but the City of Edmonton (The lands south of 51 Ave and west of 122 Avenue is built on top of the unlawful surrender of Papaschase IR 136 that was stolen in 1888).

  I am 3 of 9. The Inter-generational trauma that our family was subjected to cannot be overstated, it has far reaching and mostly negative consequences for survivors and their children.

  I was born in Edmonton, my father was born in Frog Lake, Alberta. His name was Dan McGillis, I was robbed of ever getting to know my natural father, and that breaks my heart as it did for ALL my siblings growing up in foster care. Many of my siblings were bounced from foster home to foster home, Grant and Marilyn both were in dozens of foster homes. For a doctor to just ignore what has transpired here in the focused racist and abusive treatment that I have been subjected to by the WCB of Alberta, and my father is just so insulting. That was when my Spidey senses really started to cause a ringing in my ears, I was too exhausted and physically weak from driving all night to mount any kind of resistance to her drive to strip me of my Rights as a patient (does B.C. have a Patient Bill of Rights?), and as a Canadian.

  So it is only natural as a Indigenous survivor of the 60's scoop, and the denial of any kind of Rights by the Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND). I have only ever known abuse by our provincial Govt. and the Federal Govt. for refusing to recognize the descendants of Pappaschase IR 136 as an Indian Band, and to not be recognized by the Feds as Indigenous people really hurts. To be stripped of our land and never being able to grow up with the cultural experiences of our ancestors haunts my dreams.

  My first experiences with racism and being treated differently goes all the way back to the early 60's, when for a time my foster mother would take me down to the Royal Alexander Hospital for experiments that were conducted on me as a young child. I was too young to recall dates or the number of times we had to attend these experiments. They were mostly psychological as I recall, I remember the metal cap with all the wires they would have extruding from it. I would have to lie on a exam table for these experiments and sometimes they would inject me with unknown substances. I remember at the time wondering how come my friends and siblings did not have to do the same experiments on their brains.

  I was a straight A-honor roll student right through Grade nine, then in English 10, I was struggling and getting poor marks for the first time in my life. Then in High school at Ross Shep my English teacher refused to speak to me, when I put up my hand to ask a question she would ignore me. I do not recall her name, but she would only answer questions from the rich white kids, or the Jewish kids. Since for the first time in my life my grades were sinking in English my only weak subject, so I requested to see the counselor. I believe it was a woman, and I told her that I thought my English teacher was racist. She replied, "Oh, that's just the way she is".

  I was immediately pulled from English 10 and put into what we called as teenagers, into the Retard English 15 classes of Reading and a separate class called Writing. We would read like Grade 8 fiction and then we were only required to write primitive reports on these very basic books. Which kind of worked out because the school weed dealer would always show up in the bathroom across the hall every Retard class, interestingly enough he was the smartest kid in the school. That was the second time that I knew that I would never be treated like normal white-man kids for the rest of my life. 

It is bad enough that the Safeway pharmacy abused my rights when they substituted my prescription with their own junky version of Percoset. That was super sketchy behavior from Safeway because they phoned me on my way back from Idaho and told me that my prescription would be ready by 6:30pm. Then the phony pharmacist known as Lyla "Substituted" their cheapo version of my medications. I was unaware of this and went home to rest because it was a long drive to get my auto parts. At 3am I sprung out of bed because the breakthrough pain was now giving me Hot stabbing pains in my spine.

I returned to Safeway and told the pharmacist this, she then instructed me to find a pharmacy in Cranbrook that would have the Teva brand in stock and return, then she would fax the script over to the new pharmacy. That never happened, and when I returned she made me wait like 10 minutes and when I told her I had found a pharmacy that would be able to supply the correct ones, she read me some kind of Corporate script (Keep in mind that She told me to find a drug store that can supply) that she obviously got from head office and started yelling at me

that she did not owe me anything. I told her that without the proper pills that I would fall into crisis. She started yelling "I Don't care! I asked her if she knew what crisis is, she continued to yell over the plexi-glass shield, I don't care!" I snapped at her arrogance, entitlement and her abuse that her entitlement empowered her to grind into my very psyche. I told her THIS is what crisis looks like, as I knocked the plastic shield over and she kept screaming, "I don't CARE! I took the second shield and threw it on the ground, and yelled, "Do you CARE now Lyla?" She yelled, "You can never come back here." To which I replied, "Why the fuck would I Lyla, you don't do anything for me?" And then I walked out of the store.

This past week I have prepared for days to return to Crummy-brook in order to see a doctor at the Cranbrook Primary Care in order to see a doctor and get my pain prescription filled. I drove all night from Edmonton to Cranbrook arriving at 5:30 am. I then slept from about 9am until 1:30pm, and when I awoke I spent over an hour trying to recover in order to make it to the CPCC. I met a doctor, who I have never met before and she riddled me with MORE questions about my last 16 Years as a Chronic Pain patient.

It is important to put this into context as I was under extreme duress at the time, I have been completely OUT of my blood pressure pills for over a week!

She then told me that the blood pressure pills I was taking were BAD, (Metoprolol), and that she was going to recommend another blood pressure pill. Keep in mind that I am in a haze with my blood pressure running at 165/95. On Saturday without my blood pressure pills I was running at 185/162! I could hardly move so finally late Saturday afternoon I drove myself to the Emergency Dept. at Cranbrook general Hospital. I instinctively knew that I was falling into a crisis again. Add to my ongoing Pain Crisis is the fact that I am completely OUT of pain killers (Percoset). Then she announced that I HAVE to sign papers while I am under medical distress from NOT receiving my medication! 

  She forces me to sign this paper or she says that she cannot fill my prescription. I am confused and frightened that this is a set up to deny me any and ALL care here at the Cranbrook Primary care. I was RIGHT. I went to the pharmacy multiple times before they closed and she NEVER sent the prescription, it is now my belief that she did this deliberately in order to stress my body out to the maximum level possible. I have uncovered ANOTHER racist in the medical community.

 This is so clearly an abuse of power by a person of authority, it frightens me and makes me now fear the motivations and intent of the Cranbrook Primary Care Clinic. I am afraid for my life, and that the CPCC seeks to deprive me of my very existence and right to live and reside in Cranbrook or anywhere in BC.

 This doctor engaged in a drive by character assault and in my mind this was clearly an assassination attempt by this abusive doctor. She made an attempt on my life and my character because I believe that she seeks to have me banned from any and ALL medical treatment from CPCC. I am afraid that this clinic also harbors institutionalized racism as well.

She told me that I will have to PROVE what medications the the University of Alberta experimented on me with! Like WTF is going on? That was OVER 10 years ago, they will not have these records on hand. There is no legal requirement for them to keep them.

I now have no choice, it has taken me 2 years of traveling back and forth to Cranbrook, Creston and the Kootenays in order to find a doctor that will treat me, with zero results.

This latest WCB Hack doctor has exhausted my will to continue these efforts, I can't do this anymore I am mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted, I no longer possess the will to live. I cannot fight a corrupt system that is racist and tilted against me, I have no other choice but to take my own life. I don't sympathy, because sympathy for a man who dies because the medical system is corrupt and the giant Corporations that make the drugs I require to live, THEY created this crisis.

The doctor, she told me that the drug companies all create reliable drugs and that they vigorously test these drugs before they are allowed on the market, that is patently FALSE. Read the drug trials on Fentanyl, people were dying during the trials, and the super corrupt FDA went ahead and approved the drug anyways. So naturally the Canadian Govt followed suit and that is how this crisis began.

  Don't feel bad, I had a good life and worked all across Western Canada and the Territories. I worked on the Cold Lake Air weapons range, I have worked across the Territories and right on up to the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyuktuk. I falsely believed that if you ever got hurt that WCB would take care of you, that idea is a total lie and is rooted in corruption.

  I have suffered, suffered and suffered through 16 and 1/2 years of Chronic Pain and have been cut off of my pain killers beginning 6 months after I fell and shattered my L1 vertebrae. I used to cry myself to sleep at night because I had no meds, no job or prospect of working because I was so crippled up most days. I know pain is and when I do not have any medication to deal with my pain, my mind goes into dark places that are so dark and so deep you will actually believe that you will never be able to climb out of that place ever again. You go to a place where you hope and pray for days that you will die from your pain.

What kind of effect do you think that this constant Yo-Yo ing on and off of critically necessary medications has on my body, and on my brain. I am afraid of no man or no challenge, but I am afraid of the pain when it is untreated because my suffering is so intense. I no longer possess the will to go sit in doctors offices that have NO intention of helping me.

Who created this crisis? The drug companies and the doctors who are ONLY concerned with prescribing you super expensive drugs that they KNOW you have NO COVERAGE for because the WCB refuses to pay for my medications, only for the doctor to spend a half an hour explaining how THEY see the world. Who gives a fuck about a rich doctor that does not give 2 fucks about how much you suffer with a broken back?

These are entitled people who do NOT care how much damage they do to your body, it is not their body, they have never experienced high level pain because of a severe spinal injury they suffered at work. They could care less, they ONLY care about how much kick-backs they get from the big pharmaceutical companies for pushing THEIR drugs!

I don't have the will to fight, and to defend my injury. After over 16 years the medical community has stripped me of the desire to live. I just want to die now and to rest, never to have to spend months looking for a doctor and begging multiple doctors for my right to live and to live in peace while I live out my final years in a severely disabled condition.

I can't do it anymore, I want to rest without fear of doctors or the corrupt Govt's that control them. I just want to die in peace.

Peace Out, I am sorry for having ever possessed the desire to live.

I am tired now and need to rest.