Brent McGillis: 05/01/2013 - 06/01/2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AUPE and province reach deal to end wildcat strike

The underlying problem of Lukaszuk an industry crony Employment and Immigration(now Human Services) minister overlooking the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta persists. Thomas’s greatest achievement in the Labor and Employment portfolio was to announce EVERY year, even during the worst Recession years in my lifetime, that;
 Alberta needed ANOTHER 70,000 Temporary foreign workers! EVERY YEAR!

Now he heads the AB Government. This man was still listed as an executive of his Injured Workers Advocate business for months after he took the Employment portfolio. This crisis is further compounded by the fact that the Justice Minister at the time of the Patrick Clayton hostage crisis was Alison Redford. 600 Government workers flee into the streets and the Justice Minister order NO Investigation? WTH? Injured worker Penny Caron's husband Rick was very careful to make sure that all of her documents were sworn by a commissioner of oaths so that WCB Alberta and the Justice Department could not arbitrarily delete these files as official sworn documents. Unless they break the law, but hey why stop now.(sic) When Rick dropped the evidence of document tampering within the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission on the desk of now Premier Alison Redford desk and asked that the then Minister of Justice investigate given the undeniable proof that she was given. Alison Redford returned a hand signed letter that I personally held in my hand in Rick and Penny's kitchen, that read, "There is NO evidence." So, given the fact that both of these senior government officials seem to have an extreme prejudice against injured workers and their families, how is it possible that they would give the Jail Guards any kind of due diligence or proper investigation of serious underlying safety issues within the largest Jail-house in Canada? Why do you think that the Premier was so hands off on this issue? She knows that if the strike were to drag on these ugly buried transgressions would ultimately come oozing out onto the National stage. Tommy Gunn Lukaszuk routinely ignored blatant safety issues across the province of Alberta in his previous role as Minister of Labor directly responsible for the safety of workers via the Workers Compation Board of Alberta. Thomas Lukaszuk is accustomed to having a cavalier approach to safety during his tenure in charge of the WCB AB, by forewarning contractors of inspections. Thomas Lukaszuk is the "Perfect" hatchet man given that he is already routinely accustomed to crushing any uprisings by injured workers or their families. This government has played Pol Pot for far too long. These blatant abuses of senior public office are routine in Hellberta. It is NO surprise to see him seething with revulsion towards Prison Guards, Enraged that ANY worker would defy the Hand of GOD almighty (Tommy Gunn) Lukaszuk!
 This is worse than a bad Rocky movie with all of the actors being Alberta Rednecks, pathetic performance by senior government officials. I already disliked most lawyers, and it is NO ACCIDENT that Ms. Redford is keeping the legend of the most despised profession on earth alive for a reason. There is not one brave Albertan with power or the guts to take on ALL of the corruption that goes on in Alberta. Because of 40 years of corrupt behavior of the PC government, Albertans HAVE NO POWER!
All of these facts are easily verifiable because of the diligence of Rick Caron. Rick believed that if he took his carefully documented proof to the Justice Minister of Alberta that she would take action. Remember this when YOU seek Justice in Alberta. As Martin Niemöller famously said, "First they came for the Socialists"
This government has thumbed it's nose at Workplace Safety for decades now, nothing ever changes in 1953 Hellberta because our government NEVER changes!