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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Working In Alberta: You may be SHOT or STABBED to death at work!

 The horrific saga of Murders and multiple murders of workers while they are on the job continues to accumulate in Alberta. What is going on in Hellberta? The prospect of being murdered at work today by a fellow worker is a very real possibility. Murder at Work is disturbing and not without the underlying Culture of Greed here in Alberta.
 The first case I will examine was was perpetrated by Travis Baumgartner at the Hub Mall in Edmonton, on June 15th, 2012. Baumgartner slaughtered 3 of his co-workers with his service revolver, and seriously wounded the 4th who survived his injuries with a debilitating permanent brain injury from the bullet. He was sentenced to 40 years under a new law that allows consecutive sentencing on Sept. 11, 2013. Hellberta Greed was the cause.
 The most recent work related murder occurred only days ago in the sleepy little town of Consort, AB. The killer was reported to be a employee who had recently been fired by the owner of a small Oil Service Company in town.
 In Alberta we have a culture of greed that is driving the most lucrative illegal DRUG distribution network in all of Canada ( as a DIRECT result of the Oil and Gas Boom that is being driven by a combination of Tar Sands mining and Massive Foreign Owned SAGD projects, the most aggressive Fracking Drilling in all of Canada combined with the biggest Oil & Gas Pipeline expansion in Alberta since the 1970's. These Drug distribution networks are bringing in absolutely massive quantities of illegal Anabolic Steroids. the entire Steroid Gold Rush is being driven by large amounts of disposable income from Oil & Gas operations across the province. These illegal drugs are widely used not only by regular working persons to spike their performance at work; but it is no secret that Police Force personnel particularly in Calgary and Edmonton use Anabolic Steroids to bulk up for the intimidation factor and to enhance their abilities to Beat up untried criminals would be my logical assumption.
 This massive Drug Bust raises many questions about the safety of workers while doping themselves up on these drugs. Obviously these workers all "Stoked Up" on Steroids pose a significant safety threat to not only themselves but all of their co-workers around them.
  Workers using Steroids is clearly a huge RISK to other workers as the people who are abusing these drugs easily can become highly agitated, aggressive and could crash equipment like forklifts and heavy equipment. The dangers of equipment crashes at work include automobiles and trucks, but the Steroid users pose a very significant risk to co-workers if the abusers mind is permanently altered affecting their ability to properly process incoming mental stimuli.
  The reason that I mention Cops is because when their mental processing skills are affected by these drugs the Cops pose a significant risk to the General Public. The public are unaware that government employees they are interacting with are struggling with negative and possibly dangerous side effects of these stimulants on the officers brain. Here is an example of what happens when officers cognitive skills are impaired by unknown stimulants and become overly aggressive to the point of inflicting injuries on the public.
 Next we need to examine the case of Jayme Pasieka the SuperStore warehouse employee that went on a killing spree at work inside the distribution center for Real Canadian Wholesale. At 2 p.m. on February 28th Mr. Pasieka went berserk inside the distribution warehouse chasing his co-workers around with knives stabbing them. 2 workers succumbed to their injuries and died, 4 more were injured in the attack. The Crown seems to be very determined to rush this case through the courts, and as such because we live in Hellberta where I have witnessed the corruption of our Judiciary on numerous occasions. Because of our corrupt Judiciary in Hellberta the general public many never know what happened on that terrible day at the Loblaws warehouse in Edmonton.
  Just look at what happened in the murder of the 4 mounties outside of Mayerthorpe back in March of 2005 and how the AB Justice working with the RCMP, they managed to hang ALL of the Blame for the Mayerthorpe Tragedy on Dennis Cheeseman and Shawn Hennessey. They swung their Mr. Big Sting into action and the AB Justice Railroad Justice System that is proficient at these kinds of convictions. Hellberta Justice and the cops Railroad 2 victims that were allowed to be terrorized along with the entire community for years. These two men carry the full blame for the failings of the Alberta RCMP K-division as a unit to stop James Roszko from bullying an entire community of Mayerthorpe. None of these Railroad proceedings would have been possible without the full co-operation of Cheeseman and Hennessey's Lawyer.
  Most Lawyers in Hellberta are on the Oil Welfare system, and as such are not interested in actually building a defense for you, it would put their firm out of business.
  Their Lawyer failed to protect them from Malicious prosecution. They were sold down the river so that with his co-operation to convince Cheeseman and Hennessey to "Plead Out". All of this was done to relieve the RCMP K-division of ANY kind of blame. CYOA government employees in action. He convinced them to to plead to what the Crown was "selling" as the lesser crime of manslaughter rather than fight the Bogus RCMP created Mr. Big crimes. They were convinced if they did so, the Crown would go easy on them. 10 years is hardly what I would describe as being let off easy for the RCMP K-divisions ineptitude in protecting the citizens of Mayerthorpe from a sociopath who bullied an entire community.
  You see here in Hellberta when you "Plead Out" to a lesser crime, you just fucked yourself for ANY kind of Appeal in the corrupt Alberta Court of Appeal that derives great glee in making fun of you and your lawyers as you flail helplessly because YOU signed an "Agreed Statement of facts".
  Choo, Choo, lookout here comes the Alberta Railroad Justice System, Full Steam ahead!

This is how 90% of all criminal convictions are successfully prosecuted in Hellberta, your sleazy back-stabbing Hellberta Lawyer takes his money from Legal Aid, and then he backstabs you and sells you down the river! Fucking over your neighbor IS The Hellberta WAY!
 That is how the AB Railroad Justice System is able to achieve such a high level of convictions in just about any kind of crime the Cops want a guaranteed conviction in. This is precisely what is wrong with our bogus Justice Department in Hellberta. I always thought, what a gutless move by the RCMP K-Division to hang the whole disaster on 2 young men who were victimized by James Roszko.
 But this is Hellberta where you could be shot dead at work even if you are a fully armed RCMP officer.
  There is no other province in the Dominion of Canada that so desperately NEEDS Legal REFORM.

 It says in the CBC news report that Jayme Pasieka's father says he suffered a head injury back in 2006 according to statements made to the court in 2009. I am wondering did Jayme Pasieka suffer a head injury at work. Was he an injured worker who was returned to work with a brain injury, or was his injury totally unrelated to his occupation at the time? Seeing as how this is Hellberta, the likelihood that these details or any other will come out in court is very slim to none at best.
 The court system is so tightly controlled by the Government of Alberta, that if and when these cases do arise that involve seriously injured workers and the WCB of AB, the Crown will move to issue a court ordered media ban. In other cases the injured worker will simply be denied the opportunity to state their case and the underlying causes in Court of Queens bench. This is and has always been the case within the Judiciary in Hellberta.
  As I have written many times, the Judiciary of Alberta is totally corrupt right to the very pinnacle of the Justice Department in Alberta. As I have written about Alison Redford when she was the Justice Minister, she was presented with undeniable evidence of document tampering within the WCB Appeals Commission, and she chose to simply "Look the other WAY". Looking the other way IS by definition: Corruption. Alison Redford went on to become Premier of the province of Alberta.
  It is my belief that the Crown will move to have Jayme Pasieka declared Mentally Incompetent and unfit to stand trial. If this happens Mr. Pasieka will NOT be allowed to testify, and ALL of the underlying facts, issues and government blunders that have led up to this terrible tragedy that has ruined so many families lives, will not be explained. Why did these workers who simply went to work, why did they end up dead as a direct result of trying to feed their families.
  It is my opinion that the statements made by Jayme Pasieka after he was arrested are so disturbing that the Government of Alberta is vehemently opposed to these details ever seeing the light of day. I believe that this IS the reason that the Crown has denied to provide Mr. Pasieka with legal aid to defend himself in a court of Law. This all goes against ALL principles of a Democracy and is a clear violation of the Principles of Natural Justice with a legitimate Judiciary branch of the Government that is independent and separate from the Executive Branch of the government.
  I am horrified by Jayme Pasieka's actions that took the lives of 2 men, and scarred the lives of many more workers and families who continue to suffer with the nightmares of what happened on that day in February, 2014. Those people are still struggling to come to grips with what happened.
  I am haunted with the realization that given all that I have witnessed in the Court of Queens bench and the Alberta Court of Appeals, that the government may move to silence the proceedings in order to SHIELD any culpability on behalf of the WCB of Alberta. This has been their practice in the past. Need proof? See: Patrick Clayton Trial
  If discovery reveals that Jayme Pasieka was suffering from a previous work related injury and then returned to work without proper Mental Health supports in place to manage his condition, this means that the WCB of Alberta will have to shoulder the full weight of responsibility, and culpability for NOT protecting the rights of his co-workers and ensuring their safety. I am sure that many of his co-workers and their families are still suffering from this horrific act of murder. But sadly like I said, we may never learn the details of how this incident came to scar the lives of so many workers. All workers in AB should be able to expect to return safely home each and every night to their loved ones.
More to come...

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