Brent McGillis: Feb 17, 2015

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Why is Thomas Lukaszuk STILL advocating for TFW's as the Alberta Recession Deepens?

 Thomas Lukaszuk's shameless shilling for votes and his continued advocacy for Temporary Foreign Workers absolutely defies all current logic in Canada. As a shill for the largest Foreign Transnational Oil and Mining companies in the World Thomas is a total Eager Beaver conservative politician willing to draw his paycheck from AB Taxpayers; while he toils as a SERVANT of the largest Transnational Corporations. If find it offensive that he takes his pay from taxpayers so that he can slew-foot them out of work. He takes money from taxpayers to keep Albertan wages LOW! That ain't right. He is misrepresenting his constituents in my opinion.
  Conservatives do as they are told by the top 1% in Corporations from across the globe, because that is who they serve. You will notice that Harper has managed to leave a Loop hole in his latest  legislation so that "select companies" (Cronies) operating businesses within Canadian borders are able to continue to bring in Cheap Foreign Labor.
More to come: Chronic Pain causes Chronic fatique.
I am currently just coming out of a very deep depression recently, so it takes me considerable time to edit my posts. I have only recently been able to write again, a side effect of medications.

Quadriplegic temporary foreign worker facing deportation: Thomas Lukaszuk advocates for her to remain

Thomas Lukaszuk is in my opinion a total hypocrite. He was the Minister responsible for the Minister of Employment and Immigration in the wake of the bungling of this Alberta Labour Ministry by Hector Goudreau in the wake of the Patrick Clayton hostage taking at the Workers Compensation Board in downtown Edmonton. Thomas Lukaszuk did "Nothing" to help seriously injured workers who are being abused by the WCB AB during his tenure as the head of the Employment Ministry in 2010 until he was reposted. 
Here is a good read about a deplorable condition created by Conservative Ministers across Canada
that was written by Karl Flecker.

Mr. Lukaszuk blew around a lot of hot air about how he was going to "expose" dangerous employers, but that is about it. Thomas Lukaszuk did Advocate tirelessly for the importation of 70,000 Temporary Foreign Workers during the worst economic collapse that Alberta had experienced since 1990, back in 2009/2010 and continues to do so to this day.
 Thomas Lukaszuk was the BEST Temporary Foreign Worker Minister that Alberta EVER had! 
 I certainly as a injured worker have NO respect for a Corporate crony who did absolutely NOTHING to help injured workers who have been seriously Injured "On the Job" and are being abused by the WCB of Alberta. 
How can we feel for Thomas Lukaszuk and the TFW's he continues to advocate for when Oil has hit $50/barrel and is likely to hit $30 or less this summer? My opinion of Mr. Lukaszuk is that he is a PC politician that will do and say anything for this Corporate Masters to bring MORE TFW's to Canada. I fell of a steel rafter 9 Years ago, and I still have not received 1 single penny from the WCB of AB, as a result of falling off a Steel Rafter and breaking my BACK.
 AB Health and WCB AB continue to BLOCK me from ever seeing a Spinal Orthopedic Specialist in the province of Alberta because I was injured at work! As was exposed by Anthony Hughes, that Thomas was still listed as an executive on the board of his IWA advocacy company for months AFTER he became minister of the Employment portfolio.
 I was severely injured at work and suffered a career ending injury, and you know what? I tried to get the AB Government to help me back when Thomas was the Minister, and I got the door in the face. 
 So please Tom, spare us the platitudes of what a great advocate you are of NON-Canadian workers. You were elected to serve your Alberta community Thomas. Albertans would feel much better Thomas if you spent 5 minutes advocating for Injured Canadians who were born and raised here. Shilling for the immigrant vote because you have calculated that the majority of Castle Downs residents are immigrants, recent immigrants or TFW's is nothing more than cheap political grandstanding for votes is my opinion.