Brent McGillis: Dec 29, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

WCB Byzantine Ideology has bastardized the powers given them in Administrative Law

Byzantine is a term typically associated with needlessly complex forms of government that have been created for nefarious purposes.
 Wiktionary #1 description of Byzantine says: Overly complex or intricate. a Byzantine system of regulations Ergo: Government

#4. describes Byzantine as : Of a devious, usually stealthy manner, of practice.

Byzantine is the perfect description of the hopelessly complex bogus Appeal System designed by the WCB of Alberta.
The perfect Byzantine Government TOOL created for the sole purpose of destroying human life and their families is the wanton human killing machine called the WCB of Alberta.

 The original intent of WCB bogus Law is now so horribly corrupted and distorted to fit the needs of Government workers and CRONIES of the Byzantine Govt. institutions. Stephen Harper truly embodied all of the hopes and dreams of a Byzantine government! Why do I say this? Because the nature of a Byzantine government is that it is so hopelessly complex that ONLY government insiders and CRONIES of the government are given ACCESS to their PRIVATE CLUB.
  The reason that the word Byzantine describes the WCB of Alberta so perfectly is because:

Administrative Law is like a WCB Lawyers DREAM sent from heaven. The WCB loves to tell the lie that their system is based on the Meridith Principles that are supposedly based on fairness and access to a speedy resolution of conflicts, this is not true. Nothing could be further from the truth within the WCB AB system. The WCB AB has distorted and perverted these phony principles and turned them into a Legal Insulating TOOL for blocking access to badly needed services and treatments for seriously injured workers.
Administrative Law in my opinion was created to be bastardized and distorted by hack lawyers and doctors to fit The NEEDS of WCB CRONY Lawyers and to reward the Top Performing ABUSERS within the now hopelessly complex and distorted WCB bogus Administrative Law that encapsulates the Alberta WCB bastards system.
  By fully embracing Byzantinism as a methodology to creating a bottomless pit of regulations that the WCB of Alberta has created using NO PUBLIC consultantion, is how the WCB of Alberta has fully twisted the entire WCB system to be All ABOUT THEM.
 The WCB has warped every situation they can think of into an Issue ABOUT THEM. What is so distorted about this picture that has evolved from their self-serving attitude is that EVERY doctor, nurse, specialist, administrator, consultant, advisor, lawyer, physiotherapist gets fully PAID for "Services Rendered" to Seriously Injured Workers. This is all happening in real-time as the Injured Worker is heaved onto the street and into homelessness and poverty.
The problem is that in the end, the only person who does not get a penny is this uber-corrupt bogus system of Law is that the INJURED WORKER ends up getting ZERO!
My back pain has been so bad over the holiday it has immobilized me over Christmas. More to come..I need to rest on my worn out donated bed.

When I returned to REMED (CBI Hack Store) physiotherapy to tell that I was injured from the Deep Back Massages the receptionist looked at me with the most bemused look of puzzlement when she sincerely told me and I quote, "Well, WE Got PAID." I was stunned because this seemed to be the only Attachment that CBI's Branch Outlet REMED had to me as an Injured Worker. There was no attempt to bring about a meeting with their quacky Therapist that decided to use Deep Back Massage on my Spinal Column and get me back on any kind of program. It was clear immediately that they "Got THEIR MONEY", and they were obviously indifferent in their attitude. Their "Oh well that is too bad you are bankrupt and are facing homelessness and cannot pay for your medications attitude" was shocking.
  I have always made it policy when it comes to my healthcare that if a provider hurts me and does so in a callous and uncaring manner, and treats me with indifference to the point of making zero effort to resolve their error this means that I will NEVER return to that business.

Byzantine = CORRUPTION
 Without question Stephen Harper was the KING of Omnibus Bills. Harper LOVED writing stupid legislation, it was his Governments' CALLING CARD.
 Harper loved Byzantine Government because he deliberately wrote Byzantine OMNIBUS Bills with Poison Pills deliberately HIDDEN inside these massively complex legislative Bills of Stupidity.
 I am glad that Trudeau is nixing most of the legislation that was based solely on bigotry and had nothing to do with legitimate Law making. Bigotry was the perfect TOOL for Harper because bigots will naturally whip up responses that are BLOWN way out of proportion to the issue at hand. Brian Jean is a natural student of this kind of emotional crimes against our society.
 Harper and Jean both know that when you tweak the emotional strings of innocent and unsuspecting voters that you will illicit a extremely emotional response as we seen in the Bill 6 protests.
 The WildRose don't give a shit about the needs of Seriously Injured Workers, period. That is a fact, I know because I was on the steps of the legislature on the Monday after Patrick Clayton took the hostages at the WCB in downtown Edmonton. I approached the WR as they were congregating in the front of the Leg and asked them for a pass into the gallery, and there response was a flat out "NO".

The WildRose IS the Alberta ARM of the Harper Government disguised to spread their Legislative MASS confusion across the land. Brian Jean is Harperism! Harper spread his LIES that HE would fix Ottawa. Harper LIED. To chronic liars, this is like water rolling off of the back of a Beaver. Then he dismantled Democracy in Canada.
 So you Don't Believe Me huh? Need proof? SEE: Danielle Smith and the WildRose betrayal
[Danielle and the WildRose BETRAY their followers.]
This is what Tar Sands refining PLUMES do to your BRAIN? Yeah, the Alzheimer plumes are Plumes of half cooked Tar Glop.
The MOOD Changes of Alzheimer's is like a gift from the Heavens that seamlessly fits the hyperbole and the grotesqueness of the WildRose.
 Farmers LOVE Tar Glop FALLOUT plumes, if you believe the Grotesqueness of the WildRose.
Here the "Grotesqueness of the WildRose Party" is revealed as written in the National Post.
 The Chinese secret agent known as the 'Harbin Harpoon' exposed Calgary and Canada as a country that legitimizes bogus learning centers. We now know that U of C is nothing more than a Green Stamp that licenses maroons and then turns them loose on society to spread Chaos and discrimination across Canada.
 The World leaders quickly recognized this bigotry disguised as nationalism and as such completely ignored our Prime Minister Harper as they recognized he was not leadership quality. To me when Harper was PM, he adopted the very same abusive qualities that the WCB of AB was built on. This is where I coined the term, "The Hellberta WAY!"

My chronic pain is so bad recently it has made it difficult to walk this last week. Most of my time during Christmas was spent in bed with severe leg cramping. More to come as soon as I recover enough to concentrate on something other than the pain I have been experiencing. Thks for your patience.