Brent McGillis: Apr 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A True Democracy Would NEVER allow WCB Abuses

I watch the Federal Election in a state of fear. A majority of Harper Conservative majority government will be the final blow to Democracy in Canada. The Harper & Stelmach Governments are fastidiously tearing down the foundation of Democracy in Canada. We are now running full speed into the FASCISM PC Woodshed. Working together these Corporate shill Dynamo's are hammering the final nails in to the Universal Health Care Coffin. The AB PC's corporate crony doctors who hide behind the cloak of the College of Physicians. These Privatization Champions of feeding on the public tit like Dr. Olhauser are part of the "Alberta Doctors for Privatization" club who I believe are working with Dr. John F. Cowell of the newly created Health Quality Council of Alberta, have created the perfect Universal shill & crony Medical environment. The crony medical machine that serves All branches of the Alberta Government to ensure that seriously injured Workers and any other persons the Government chooses to "BLACKLIST", NEVER-EVER receive access to proper,timely medical treatments.
This is WHY they created the Health Quality Council, so they can stamp "Denied" on your medical referrals. Good Ol' Drunk Ralph "Stole" native Medical care and Closed The Charles Camsell hospital immediately after receiving it in TRUST from the federal Government. This was the fascist beginning of the Alberta Health eugenics program. Right wing religious zealots are unable to resist playing God with our lives.[Some PC's are evangelists]
They simply WATCH you die. It is the Hellberta WAY!
Watching Guy Kerr blather on his webcast only proves how severely detached all the top level government cronies are from reality. You can tell that Guy Kerr never worked a hard day in his entire life. Egotist's can only form narcissistic thoughts, they are too self involved and would not have a clue what a serious injury was if it ran up and kicked them in the head. That is how out of touch he, and the entire WCB AB are with reality.
Guy Kerr would go running home like a little girl if he ever had to work one day in a real working man's boots.
It is not difficult to see how severely he is in love with hearing his own words being expelled from his mouth. Seriously delusional personality disorders have the same hallmarks. Using glib industry sensitive catch phrases read from a teleprompter, cleverly arraigned, so you sound like you know what you are talking about, only reinforces what I have always known; The Guy at the top of the Workers Compensation Board Alberta, is an out of touch egotist, who has absolutely NO CONCEPT of what it is to work a hard day in his life, or what it is to be seriously injured on the job.
The death toll to workers can only grow in leaps and bounds as long this egotistical mental giant is at the helm of the Workers Compensation Board. Since he has absolutely NO CLUE about how to protect workers. This will result in many more deaths of hard working Mothers, Fathers, sons and daughters. Typical Hellberta product, self absorbed egotistical maniacs are a stalwart product of the Duetschland. Schadenfruede is one of many typical personality traits of these cultural egomaniacs.
I roared laughing when I heard him say that the second most important stakeholder was the worker! What a mean-spirited joke and a god-damned bare face lie! Never happens. You do as you are ordered by WCB Alberta or suffer the SEVERE consequences of Schadenfruede ravaged Claims Managers, and their supervisors. These are the factual policies enforced upon a seriously injured worker.
Unless you are a cop, a fireman or a government worker, then you get the ROYAL WCB AB treatment.
Fair treatment by the WCB of Alberta is ONLY for Government Workers, all other workers will be mentally tortured until they are so horribly bankrupt they will simply give up and commit suicide. We have no other options, since the government who is the regulator refuses to force WCB Alberta to stop discriminating against private sector workers who become seriously injured on the job.
Since the Government of Alberta refuses to offer transparency and accountability within the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, all Laws written under the act is completely MOOT & non relevant, because the Government refuses to regulate this medical abuser organization.
And this point is precisely WHY the NO Lawyer in Edmonton will take on a WCB case, not matter the circumstances. I know, I went to see them all.

But why should the head of the WCB be any different than his "Know-everything" cousins--The PC Party of Alberta? He were not a shill crony then he would not fit the The PC Party of Alberta CRONY profile. As such his ideology would clash with the PC ideologues.

"No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive." »Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Why are all the top Doctors, Government employees and politicians so seriously deluded? These are left over remnants of a by-gone era that are holding the Province of Alberta back from being a truly great centre of innovation.
It really is still 1953 here in Hellberta.
It truly makes me sad and depressed to know that I will NEVER ever have my back injury treated again in the province of Alberta.
I was born and raised in Edmonton and this realization is so horrific, it only serves to keep me in a WCB Alberta induced permanent depression, full of hopelessness and despair.