Brent McGillis: 08/01/2023 - 09/01/2023

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Adriana Snashall is a conspiracy theorist Healthcare worker

   This is an interesting and confusing idea to me that Adriana Snashall that was the abusive and threatening Town Bylaw officer in 2021 when she threatened to "Financially Bury me", that this woman would go on to a career in Healthcare? Like Huh? WTH?

  I do not see the connection of a woman who by accounts of her previous employer is a Conspiracy theorist. How do I know this, because the Mayor of the Town of Creston has told me so.

  Mayor Arnold DeBoon told me that Adriana Snashall was fired from the town because she refused to get a vaccine for the Covid 19 Vaccine as per Town policy. So now this is a very telling revelation by the Mayor, Arnold BeBoon who likes going around in whisper campaigns behind people backs.

 This reveals a number of disturbing facts about the Town of Creston and the abusive Town Council that runs this town.

 A.) The Town of Creston has been cavalier about exposing Senior citizens within their town to the Corona-virus. How do I know this? Because they had Adriana criss-crossing the town and speaking directly to Senior citizen property owners, putting the founders of this community at Extreme risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Like WOW, did the Town notify these residents that if they came into close personal contact with Adriana Snashall, that they could have been exposed to the Corona-virus and be infected or they could have potentially died from the negligence of the Town of Creston.

  B.) Was there a public notice or notification to the towns people of their possible exposure to the Covid-19 virus? No? Not ever? Is this evidence of a cover-up by the Town of Creston because they feared notifying the Seniors in town of this exposure would potentially expose the Town of Creston to legal jeopardy? Did the Town fear litigation so much, that they decided it was best to tel NO-one in town?

Wow, just wow at the cavalier endangerment of the Seniors in this town, by Town Hall is shocking!

  C.) Thirdly and most likely the most shocking of all is that Mayor Arnold DeBoon told me in my meeting that Adriana Snashall was an anti-vaxxer, which means she is also a conspiracy theory believer (Plain English: A bonified Nutbar)

  D.) Mayor Arnold Deboon told me he would hire Adriana Snashall back tomorrow if he could but the Town policy does not allow employees to be unvaccinated. So he would endanger the Senior citizens of Creston in a heartbeat if he were allowed to do so? Like WTF is going on in the Mayors mind?

Arnold Deboon told me that he totally did NOT believe me about the fact that his "Nutbar pal" Adriana Snashall threatened to financially destroy me, and said he believes that I am a liar. He kept saying over and over, "Wheres your evidence?" I replied that I was unaware that I needed to hire a private detective to monitor town officials when I am speaking with them. He replied, "Well why did you not report this incident when it occurred?"

  I replied, "Because I knew that the town was run by a tiny little clique of Land owners that enjoy having total control and that because of how he was treating me in my meeting with him."

  I asked him, "What kind of hack operation are you running here in this town? You go around threatening, harassing Senior citizens that are disabled? Like WTH is going on here and who empowered you to threaten and intimidate newcomers to this town?

  I knew this was a weird little cliquey town of religious crazies but this is not how I envisioned my retirement turning out. This program of threats and intimidation is a gross abuse of authority and I told Arnold so. So I asked him, "Who empowered you to destroy tax paying citizens lives, was it the province? No he replied. "Was it the Federal Govt, who gave you the power to go around threatening to financially ruin new arrivals to this town?

  It was a nonsensical meeting with Arnold using his political skills to talk in circles and imply that I was lying. I asked him, "Why would I make up such a story?" The meeting was going nowhere with Arnold just spouting lies in circles, so I got up and to told him the meeting was over.

  Creston is NOT a Town that you would want to retire in, it is a hellhole of people that only have an interest in the town bylaw officer being used as a harassment tool for new residents. I told Arnold that I severely REGRET deciding to retire in the Town of Creston, B.C., I told him that the Town had deliberately set up their bylaw system to abuse residents that do NOT fit in their little clique.

  I asked him where is the accountability? Where is the recording ot town officials that go around threatening to ruin the lives of residents? He said that Adriana used her OWN phone for town business.

  I said, "Your town is to cheap to buy a phone for official business?" Like the answers he was giving were bizarre and he was so proud that there was NO accountability at the Town office.

  I want to know, "Where is my due process?" I even told Arnold that this meeting was NOT a real investigation, it was just him hurling insults at me and implying that I am lying, and he is doing all of this behind my back. I told the Mayor that I want an apology, and I want it to be a public apology. He scoffed at that idea of accountability of his town employees, and said, "Well that is NEVER going to happen."

  I am deeply offended and now I am even MORE terrified of the Town and their intimidation tactics to drive me off of my land that I paid CASH for! I look at every human in town now with fear and distrust of their intentions. A corrupt Town that believes in terrorizing seniors that are disabled. Wow, what a bunch of heroes this Hellhole turned out to be.(Sic)

Arnold Deboon encourages Bylaw to threaten and harass a disabled Senior citizen in need of disability supports

   Yesterday morning at 10:00 a.m. I had a meeting with the town of Creston's Mayor. I was the one who initiated the meeting to deal with the ongoing threats, harassment and intimidation measures unleashed on me by the Town of Creston.

  I had made a previous post {} regarding the abuses that I was subjected to by Adriana Snashall, when she was the Bylaw Officer for the Town of Creston, B.C. During my discussions I suggested that Adrianna was no longer working for the Town of Creston because she was going around the town terrorizing Senior citizens that are new to town and that simply want to build a new house on THEIR own property, that was bought and paid for with CASH!

  Arnold Deboon is NOT the loving and caring volunteer of the community that he professes himself to be to his 12 friends on Facebook, he was callous rude and I am deeply offended by his flip and accusatory demeanor. Talk about a CYA from the politburo.

  This guy Arnold DeBoon is 100% Cover your own ass, is my assessment. 

CYA is the acronym {}that exemplifies Arnold Deboon's all round demeanor and his approach to dispute resolution. Arnold uses this as his main operating platform [CYA} from which he launches into his Gas lighting technique to throw you off balance in any discussion from start to finish and everything in between. If I did not know better, I would swear this guy had majored in political science in College for sure. He does not speak with the polished demeanor of a University Grad, he lacks the professionalism for that level of career Govt slacker.

  He may not even have a College degree, unless it was a religious College like His only people skill appears to be Gas-lighting people, I wonder if he was ever a security guard, he has that demeanor in my mind. Donald J. Trump utilizes exactly the very same technique throw any complainant or opponent off balance and this tactic is meant to insult first, demean and then finally accuse the complainant of some kind of nefarious behavior, whether or not his accusations are truthful or not is a totally moot point. His tactic is designed to make you question your own sanity because he is making accusations with absolutely NO evidence.

  He directly leveled accusations that; I lied about my encounters with Adriana Snashall during the encounters that led up to her phoning me on my cell phone and threatening to FINANCIALLY BURY ME in the fall of 2021. I was deeply offended by his false accusations gas lighting me.

CURIOUS: If my recounting of events is fabricated, then WHY would I make the post I did on September 24th, 2021? Here is the link to the Sept 24th, 2021 post on my Blog.

My Blog is now, and has always been a Online Diary of all of my disabled struggles over the years. That is what I created my Blog for, it is a living document of my life as a disabled person.

  That act of threatening to "Financially Bury me" by Adriana Snashall in the fall months of 2021, was a Gross violation of my human rights because the Government of British Columbia is NOT in the business of empowering Towns to go around threatening to financially ruin taxpayers for the crime of being a disabled Senior citizen. 

  I must have missed that political event that gave the Mayor and his crony Bylaw Abusers the same powers of the Hitler Brown Shirts to strip citizens of their dignity, vilify the targeted taxpayer and reduce them to the status of a "Sub-human", a non-citizen, a citizen that deserves NO rights.

  The Christian Religion as a whole, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church have been using their religious Bully Pulpit to dehumanize and strip native peoples of their rights and dignity within communities for hundreds of years now. They used their religion to steal children from their families so they could use their perverted clergy to mentally and physically abuse aboriginal children left in their care by the Govt of Canada.

  I am one such child, I and my 7 brothers and sisters were scooped up in the Sixties Scoop and stolen from our parents in 1962, I was 2 years old. I and my siblings are the survivors of the Sixties Scoop. I was stolen from my parents when I was 2 years old, and brought up as a Ward of the Government. I know what it is to be stripped of my rights as a child by the Government, once you loose your rights as a human being in Canada, you will NEVER get them back.

  Being reduced to sub-human status as my good standing in the community of Creston, as the Mayor has labeled my name as an unreliable person of poor moral character and attaching the label of LIAR to my name only re traumatizes me as a stolen Ward of the Government with NO rights as a human being in my community that I have chosen to retire in.

  I told the Mayor that I am extremely SORRY that I decided to retire to the Town of Creston. And further to that heart shattering idea, that I severely regret having the Dream that I could retire in peace in a Town like Creston. I told the Mayor, that I have had this Dream since I first visited the valley 40 years ago. I am physically and emotionally shattered by the abusive determination of the Town of Creston to KILL my dream and chase me from my retirement property. He face was blank with a complete lack of emotion, devoid of any empathy or compassion for a disabled Senior citizen, with extreme disabilities because I am in constant need of my Motorhome to be with me and present in close proximity on my property while I develop the lot for my Dream retirement home.

  I fully explained to the Mayor the nature of my disabilities, that I suffer from Chronic Pain and that as a side effect of Chronic Pain, that I also suffer from Chronic fatigue. He told me that he did not care. I told him that he and his Town Bullies are denying me enjoyment of my property and the right to develop my property, that he is just putting up barriers that it is implied, he KNOWS that I can never climb these barriers to success.

  I am heartbroken, because the Mayor knows for a fact, that as a disabled person I will NEVER be able to achieve my Dream as long as he is Mayor and his Bullies continue to taunt me with their bureaucratic nonsense. I told him and I told Adriana Snashall that they have to provide accommodations for my disability, by allowing me to have my Motorhome present for me to rest in while I build the house.

  In his tiny Byzantine bureaucrat world, he simply CANNOT wrap his head around the idea of helping out your neighbor that is disabled. Like what do these Bullies like Arnold LaBoon do in their spare time, KICK small dogs?

  I was brought up by my foster parents, who were farmers. We were brought up in a neighborhood where you help out your neighbor, you don't run through his wet concrete, kick sand in his face while he is working, and get on the phone to Bylaw every time you see a disabled person on his OWN land. No, you go over and you give him a helping hand, especially if he or she is a Senior citizen. That is how we were raised, that is how we grew up in our neighborhood of Dovercourt in Edmonton. We worked hard and we helped our neighbors, as a family. It is the farmer, my foster father that told me when I was young, "There is no shame is hard work, no matter what the job."

  This abusive Bullyism by the neo-Nazi Town of Creston is something so foreign to my eyes, I am just completely unfamiliar with townspeople that want to kick and shoot your dog out of pure malicious spite. I am unfamiliar with the deliberate Corporate Malice being practiced in the Town of Creston. This kind of human behavior, and deliberate mental cruelty imposed on a disabled person is so far beyond my scope of comprehension, it is very distressing mentally and it is very upsetting. I am forbidden from enjoying the fruits of my own property. I worked very hard in my lifetime, because my father taught me that there is no shame in hard, back breaking physical work. Hard work is a theme that is celebrated within the walls of the 720 Ironworkers Union in Edmonton. Ironworkers do not shy away from hard work and never have.

You would not even treat a dog with this much cruelty, the ONLY explanation I can find in my mind is that this level of cruelty towards a disabled human being can ONLY be driven by Racism. It is that pure and simple that a Town and their officers of the court could be so cruel and discriminatory in their behavior, there is no other legit explanation of their pattern of behavior.

I have $200,000 CAD reasons tied up and invested in my property in Creston and the Mayor has doubled down accusing me of lying, and he just buttressed the Town's behavior in the abusive treatment that I suffered under the constant threat of economic ruin by harassment and the intimidation of Adriana Snashall, and now the abuse and continues. Now the Mayor is threatening to SELL my property at a closed auction by the Town of Creston.

A closed auction that will without doubt be restricted to "Townie Cronies" that seek to force me off of my legally titled land, simply for the crime of being disabled.

This is one sick Town. I urge ALL Canadians to avoid the backwater hillbilly town of racism and abuse. If you are a person of Color DON'T come to Creston, there are almost NO minorities living here other than South Asians that run the Orchards. This town is so pasty white that even God wears sunglasses to hammer down the Caucasian glare. I never see native people in town, why is that?

  I don't know where that the Mayor, Arnold Deboon got his predisposition to besmirch my good name. In a small town your reputation is everything because the only thing people have to do is to gossip and spread rumors. When somebody with the Bully pulpit of the Mayors status in a small town is going around telling the other towns people that I am a bad person, that has a chilling effect on how others within the town interact with you.

 This behavior has had an extremely chilling effect on me, I fear now that the Town of Creston will financially punish me for speaking truth to power, much more for my own safety because I fear all of those around me, I don't know who those people are, who have decided that it is desirable for the Town of Creston to cause deliberate physical, mental and emotional abuse to me because I am not white like them.

  When the Mayor and the town Bylaw officer are going around spreading false innuendos and corrosive lies about your character as a human being, this is precisely the kind of "Whisper Campaign" that denies the target (Brent McGillis):

 A.) You access as a property owner the right to fair and impartial treatment by your neighbors.

 B.) It is a direct attack on your good standing in the community.

 C.) After you have been identified as a "Bad person of low moral character", that I am characterized by the Mayor as being a Liar that is making up stories about the Town Bylaw officer that was employed by the town in 2021. After you are trash talked all over town and besmirched by the Mayor, your neighbors will severely distrust anything you do or say.

  I am now and will in the future, be discriminated against by town officials especially Bylaw that has deliberately discriminated against myself as a taxpaying citizen living within the boundaries of the Town of Creston. The Mayor of Creston SUPPORTS abusing disabled Seniors, he does so by falsely accusing me of lying with NO evidence to support his whisper campaign. I fear the Town and their ham-fisted approach to dispute resolution within the boundaries of the Town of Creston.

 Now I have to live in fear of the people in my chosen retirement town. The town itself is now solidly planted in the idea that I am a person of low moral character, and I have absolutely NO recourse for this kind of false accusatory behavior by the Mayor and abusive treatment by the obviously racially bigoted and discriminatory targeting by the Town Council of Creston.

  I can only assume that the entire Town council seeks crucify me on the steps of City Hall with NO evidence of any these falsely accusatory racial dog-whistles by the Town of Creston, where Mayor Arnold is false accusing me of lying to the Town officials. I now can only assume the entire Town Council is racist, I have no other information to indicate anything other than this is just an old Town lynching.

  Now I have brought up the fact that the current Bylaw officer employed by the Town of Creston is Dwayne MacKenzie. In the follow up to the departure of Adriana Snashall because she is a Conspiracy theorist, the Town of Creston has hired Dwayne MacKenzie from Leduc, Alberta. As an ex-patriot of Alberta he would be extremely familiar with people who are anti-vaxxers like Adriana Snashall.