Brent McGillis: Jan 9, 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

WCB denial of Pain and what Chronic Pain means to Injured Workers

  Chronic Pain is a terrible affliction because Chronic Pain takes no days off, it is like a robot it takes no holidays. Chronic Pain invades your entire life, morning day and night. Chronic Pain is a killer studies have shown. The Mayo Clinic did a study a few years back and determined that if you suffer a trauma to your spinal column, your life will be cut short by a mininum of 10 years. It is relentless, it pursues you no matter what you are doing. Chronic Pain is the terrible in that it denies the sufferer the ability to enjoy life and to pursue happiness.
 It (CP) will stop you in your tracks as you try to make a sandwich, it will deny you the ability to feed yourself because you cannot stand in the kitchen long enough to make a sandwich. It will deny you the ability to sit and watch a Television show, it will deny you the ability to sit through a movie that you paid for at the movie theatre. In my case my chronic back pain hurts when I am sitting, standing, walking or just standing still. Chronic Pain is 24hr/day and it is 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, day in and day out of horrific pain and suffering.
 What Chronic Pain does to patients who suffer from this horrific affliction is that the patient by default starts to avoid certain tasks, duties and leisure activities. In the end after years of this suffering the CP sufferer will eventually simply STOP trying to attempt the activities that aggravate their condition. For myself this has resulted in me trying to avoid opening the refrigerator to feed myself, it simply causes me too much pain in order to bend over to even look in the refrigerator to see what is available. So for me leftovers are something other people eat because I cannot bear to bend over even once to look in the icebox for food. This is the reality that is forced upon my by the WCB of Alberta.
  I feel sorry that the Government of Alberta would actually support the continuation of supplying these useless lay about do-nothing Government Workers in their organization. The question looms: How in the hell does this in any way shape or fashion help seriously injured workers? Punishing Injured Workers until they are completely BANNED from seeking proper, timely and relevant medical treatments for their injuries and medical conditions is not only morally bankrupt and soaked in corruption to the highest levels of the WCB of Alberta, but the situation that the WCB of AB has forced upon me was completely AVOIDABLE.
 My case of where the WCB of Alberta had the opportunity to help me, but they would rather devise plans to mentally STRESS ME OUT using intimidation, coercion to sign legally binding documents or face homelessness and openly mocking my injuries in order to MAXIMIZE the severe mental and physical duress imposed on me until my brain could not withstand the extreme Mental Stress tactics they were imposing on a severely injured worker.
 The WCB actively TARGETS seriously injured workers by profiling them as potential victims for their Corporate ABUSE mechanism! They identify, profile and immediately initiate a program of ABUSE designed to aggravate the extreme mental and physical DURESS that the worker is already under from suffering a career ending TRAUMA to their body.
  I mean; WHO in the Hell devises a plan that coordinates personnel from the HIGHEST LEVEL of the WCB of Alberta to APPROVE that plan to IMPLANT a WCB Hack Doctor to go to the Royal Alexander Hospital and physically ATTACK a severely injured patient while he is heavily DRUGGED on MORPHINE?
 This Hack doctor also had support at the highest level of the RAH Administration, to TROLL the Royal Alexander Hospital in order to inflict physical HARM on injured workers! The Royal Alex Hospital APPROVES of this WCB of Alberta practice!
 That is alarming for a Hospital that is run by American Hospital administrators, but is 100% funded by the Alberta Taxpayers. If you go to the Royal Alex, you will DIE. If their (RAH) medical ineptness does not kill you, then one of these WCB Quackos will definitely KILL YOU, perhaps by accident in a case of mistaken identity, right. This is a rhetorical question that is very serious in nature.
 I was completely unaware of what the short term effects of the WCB Psychological Mind Games would be on my mental and physical well being. Do you know why? Because I had never before suffered a career ending injury, how could I know what kind of devious Mental Torture Mind Games the WCB was preparing for me? I was completely oblivious to the depth of the Corruption that props up this bogus Workers Comp scheme. WCB of Alberta is such a phony Workers Comp Fraud scheme that it should be named what it is in reality. Global Corporate LEGAL INSULATION Strategies Inc., the company designed  to DENY Benefits to legally entitled workers that are permanently disabled.
 I am now totally convinced that the Mental Stress imposed on me by the WCB of AB has permanently changed my brain and has infected my brains ability to trust any persons directly, indirectly or even remotely connected to all levels of Government in Canada. I now suffer from severe Trust issues with everybody around me, this is what severe mental stress does to a human being. Because of the extreme bad treatment unloaded on me by the WCB of Alberta and their evil Claims Managers and supervisors like Trevor Dill who sees no reason to return calls to claimants that are now homeless, but hey, he cashed his BONUS CHEQUE! You see, it is ALL about the Govt. workers here in Alberta. The "Self Entitlement of the PC Government" was not just at the top levels.
 The ONLY way you can run a government of Self Entitlement, is that the Corporate Corruption that created this monster NEEDS to have it's very own cronies, family members and key strategically "implanted" minions throughout the government in order to carry out their Corporate Agenda.

  The "Cronies of Self Entitlement" are STILL THERE! They are STILL holding key positions wielding enormous amounts of covert influence throughout the Alberta government, this is still happening as we speak.
I am now of the opinion that the Harper Conservatives and the PC Party of AB corrupt conservatives were responsible for not only severe mismanagement, but I believe that some of these people are responsible for deliberately pretending to bungle our DATA PRIVACY, in order to FEED their corporate Cronies with the private information of Canadians for many years.
  I believe we will see these people in the future that ran key Govt. Departments, when they are  being exposed for their crimes they will plead that is was simple mistakes and CPC BUNGLING. Historically it has not been practice for any government in Canada to actually pursue these ex-government villains. For Notley and Trudeau, the question remains; How do you even begin to flush out these "Conservative SLEEPER CELLS" that now infect ALL levels of government?
  These "Self Entitled Operatives" are 100% driven by GREED! The lengths that these self important money whores will go to in order to support their excessive lifestyles no no boundaries, these people are CASH Gluttons, and they STILL INFECT our government agencies, likely for years to come.

Chronic Pain denies you the ability to get dressed in a timely manner in preparation to go and do absolutely everything you need to do in daily life to survive. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to finish cooking dinner right in the middle of the task of making dinner. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to cook a Christmas dinner for the family, because you simply cannot overcome the overwhelming level of pain that you are experiencing living here in Hellberta. Chronic Pain will deny you the ability to go to the shopping store, on many many occasions the Chronic Pain will stop me in my tracks while shopping and I will have to leave the store and immediately get home so that I can lay down. Chronic Pain robs you of so much because you are forced to load up on a combination of pain medications in order to numb your senses sufficiently to complete a simple task like shopping for food.
  Chronic Pain denies you the ability to attend family events, functions like birthdays, anniversaries and even Christmas because you are bed ridden with pain. Chronic Pain will restrict your ability to attend appointments with your doctor, your dentist or any of your medical needs because of the pain restrictions this terrible affliction imprints on sufferers.
  I currently take the Fentanyl patch as one of my pain medications, as we all now know Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous drug. I have personally experienced a wide range of dosage anomalies when it comes to the quality control (QC) of the Fentanyl drug, therein lies the danger in my opinion, since this PK has potency many times that of morphine; this drug anomalies are Magnified many times! The results can be extremely deadly.
  It is my belief that because of the Intense potency of the Fentanyl drug, that there is your culprit right there; because "ANY" kind of anomalies in QC could potentially kill pain patients within hours. The danger of this drug CANNOT be overstated! I believe that the Conservatives intentionally banned Oxy's, and initiated promotion of Widespread distribution by doctors knowing fully what this would to to drug addicts across Canada.
 That is what Adolph Hitler and the Nazi's did in WWII, they initiated a Eugenics Program to kill everybody that they had identified and categorized into subsets of disabled persons and changed their designation to "Undesirables". That is my Harper government Conspiracy Theory about Fentanyl.

  I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is "No sane person wants to be addicted to Pain Killer medications!" I would prefer that the WCB of Alberta would actually engage me with compassion and empathy for a human being who has suffered a terrible injury. I would prefer if the WCB of AB would actually TRY to fix my back!  The WCB GANGLAND Medical Blockade has equaled irreparable damage to medical condition, and it has actually magnified the WCB Medical TORMENT. The mental damage imprinted on me can never be erased, this is a mental scar that I will never recover from because the WCB AB is designed to be a Corporate Litigation SHIELD, that insures Corporations and PROTECTS Corporations from legitimate claimants that lack all of the TOOLS that  Government Employees have at their disposal for the assisting and writing appeals for Cops and Firemen, government workers, etc.
 My burning back pain is calling I have to rest......

  The name WCB of Alberta is a clever Corporate Moniker utilized in order to Lull legally entitled workers and stupefy them into a trance, leading them to believe the WCB Wants to help them. (ROTGLMAO)   This play on words is specifically designed for workers that have been seriously injured on the job, and the name "Workers" helps to lull them into a false sense of security that radiates from this cruel name. The organization actually represents the Corporations and their WCB ARMY of Lawyers that are paid to INSULATE the companies that harmed you in the first place from any kind of harmful penalties that would cost them even a small amount of money.