Brent McGillis: Oct 24, 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Alberta Health Services + WCB = Racism and Discrimination

The Racism that WCB Alberta promotes was clearly evident on the Facebook page of my deceased and last Claims manager at Alberta WCB.
  2 months ago a person wrote me a comment about his experience at HealthPointe which also owns the CBI Health chain of bogus Physical Therapy Offices in Alberta. He claims that Dr. Garvin Chueng gave him access to medications and Therapy.

 The only thing that HealthPointe gave me is a horrific amount of unnecessary PAIN! Their doctor steered me to their clinic and then Dr. Garvin Chueng proceeded to inflict physical pain on me. Then he wrote a report saying that I did not have ENOUGH INSURANCE for treatment at their clinic.
 FRAUD ALERT: Do not go to this clinic if you have sustained an injury while at work, these guys ARE the Hacks and Quacks corporation delivering PRE-Determined Outcome reports for WCB AB.
 I was referred to HealthPointe by my Chronic Pain doctor at the University of Alberta Chronic Pain Clinic, he assured me that I would receive equal or better treatment at HealthPointe, that never happened. I believe that his advice was part of a targeted plan by WCB Alberta Claims Managers to deliberately deny me access to proper, timely and relevant treatments for my condition.

  The Webpage of CBI Physiotherapy truly highlights that everything that CBI [previously Canadian Back Institute] promotes on their webpage is absolute pure bullshit and should not be mistaken as anything more than false propaganda to promote their WCB AB run Torture Chamber.
  Here is an article written way back in 2006 about how "Corporate Marketing" at the University of Alberta by CBI Health/HealthPointe is negatively impacting patient outcomes in Edmonton and  hundreds of other major medical centers across N. America.
  Companies like HealthPoint capital are wielding enormous amounts of CASH in order to focus their Corporate Medical Marketing on these centers and teasing CASH starved Hospitals that need funding. The cash is the proverbial carrot allowing giant American Medical Corporations to MARKET their often untested and unapproved drugs and therapies to patients in their care who are desperate for medications, treatments and therapies that will help relieve their suffering.
  HealthPoint Capital is a HUGE U.S. Corporate Conglomerate that operates with the sole purpose of using their ability to source MASSIVE amounts of Corporate Buy Out Capital so they can buy up companies that produce Orthopedic Medical devices and hardware. This company is becoming a Medical behemoth drunk on takeovers and using their vast resources, medical contacts in hospitals and clinics in order to leverage the marketing of their products on the front lines of medicine in your neighborhood hospital. The power this company wields in North American hospitals has become truly scary in its scope and their delivery practices. This company even has an entire section on their site devoted entirely to litigation's launched against their Huge List of companies they own and control by Hospitals, Governments and private groups seeking relief for their corrupt practices.
 Corruption seems routine to this corporation, they are routinely investigated, charged and prosecuted by the United States Department of Justice. Some of the HealthPoint Capital companies have paid DOJ fines in the many MILLIONS of US D for their corrupt medical practices.
  The insidious nature of Corporations snuggling up to major Hospitals, Medical Centers and governments has long been recognized as a threat to the delivery of Health Care in N. America
  I arrived at HealthPointe and was examined by Dr. Garvin Chueng at which point he decided that it would be a good idea to dig his thumbs into my Spine in order to see what kind of reaction he would get. He got one, because after he was done with this retarded Medical Attack, he instructed me to get on the exam table; to check my reflexes (Pure speculation here what his motives were). When he raised my right leg he set off a cascade of horrific spasms that sent my entire back into a giant cramp. I was forced by the waves of pain and cramping to sit up and get off the table in order to try and stop the the convulsion of spasms my back was experiencing at that very moment.
I was in a horrific amount of pain, and proceeded to get dressed because there was NO way in Hell Pointe that I was going to let this idiot posing as a specialist touch me one more time.
 Dr. Garvin Chueng was actually standing there with the most bemused and puzzled look on his face when actually had the Gall of a first year Medical Student who had never examined a person that had broken his back before in his career when he asked, "Where are you going?"
[He wrote in his report that I had "exaggerated my response"][The CPP Death Panel quoting this comment in their rejection of my Appeal for CPP Disability benefits]
 I responded, "I am going home this exam is over, I need to rest". I left because it was clear to me that HealthPointe is a bogus Spinal Care Center that is carrying on in the great tradition of their American corporate cousins who were fined by the U.S. Department of Justice in their prosecution of HealthPointe for the the crime of fraudulently billing practices to Medicare.
 What kind of junior physician would embark on the dangerous practice of digging his thumbs into my Broken Back? Was Dr. Garvin Chueng deliberately and cognitively TRYING to further injure me?
  In my mind this was his intent, I was leaving before this rookie doctor could inflict any MORE damage. 
 These are very serious questions that HealthPointe and Dr. Chueng refuse to even acknowledge happened. I interpret this bogus exam as malicious intent to dissolve my legitimate claim for compensation by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
 WCB Claims managers insert incompetent WCB Crony doctor to write malicious report to deny me access to ANY medical treatment or imaging that would confirm my condition. It must be recalled that Dr. Chueng was relying on imaging that was almost 2 years old.
  Here is a doctor "Claiming" to be a specialist in his field and he does not even bother to order any diagnostic imaging "before" he cognitively decides to try to inflict harm on my person with his careless and obviously untrained exam methodology. Who trained this guy, the Nazi's? What phony medical school gave this Hack a medical license?
 As a patient I have always stated clearly to every Doctor, that I suffer from Chronic Pain from the day I fell and that the worst pain comes from my L1 burst fracture, but not exclusively it is my entire back and neck too. I really do believe that Dr. Garvin Chueng deliberately set out to AGGRAVATE my condition with his neophyte amateur nursing school examination techniques.
  As a direct result of the phony exam by Dr. Garvin Chueng, the CBI Health Group and his pals at the WCB AB have successfully denied me access to diagnostic imaging, and treatments and references to specialist in Alberta by restricting me to ONLY SEEING CBI Denial Agents posing as Spinal Specialists.  I am being Discriminated against in my own country. Immigrants and TFW's have much 100X times the access to Health Care Specialists than I do as a Seriously Injured Worker.
  The moniker of Hellberta still rings true in Edmonton, Hellberta. The new boss seems to be the same as the Old Boss in 1953 Hellberta. To say I am disappointed is a terrible understatement.