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Monday, November 30, 2009

WCB Alberta/Patrick Clayton & Injured Worker Health Care

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King *
I really do not hold out much hope of finding Evidence based medicine here in Hellberta. I mean, I live in a province that has a government that continues to say that one of their conservative values is "self reliance". Translated that means, "Every man for himself". Conservative governments hate universal health care, they hate any medical program that does not almost bankrupt the recipient, just like America. What the conservatives mean when the say Self reliance, is you better hope you are rich enough to fly to the United States for care or you could be a goner. There never will be a evidence based medical clinic here in Edmonton. Not one that the average citizen will just walk into and be cured. Your doctor is going to have to be well connected, and you are going to need top notch supplementary insurance to enter that clinic. WCB will never pay for that, AHS will never pay for that. Never going to happen for regular Joe Citizen, never. So a medical solution to my severe back injury is just never going to become reality in Hellberta. It is The Giant Alberta Work camp mentality. No need for WCB to care for those bastards, hopefully they will go back to wherever it is they came from, to receive treatment. That is the prevailing medical attitude from this government.

Alberta's new slogan: Where Hillbillies set the bar LOW.

The possibility that I will receive any further testing, and or treatment while sinking in this giant Tar Pit Province is a bigger long shot than winning the Carbon Capture lottery. This link really makes it all hit home. WCB Alberta only acknowledge "Dead" gimps. This really is a government ordered Eugenics program. Might as well put experience in charge of our state ordered eugenics programs. I think they should put Pol Pot in charge, he was expert at eradication of whiners. The Dead Kennedys, Kill the Poor!
sums up today's Conservative values. That was 1979, nothing ever changes.
Conservatives cannot gallivant worldwide to brag about how cheap it is to come rape our land if they actually have to rehabilitate seriously injured workers. This video on the steps of the Canadian Embassy in London really brings it all home 60 seconds in when Heather Milton-Lightning says that Canada does not protect Human Rights. It's True. That is not a myth. Saying that Canada does is a lie.
Speaking of state ordered medical intellect. I think it is important to mention that the WCB a few years ago decided to AMEND their drug policy. It is interesting to note that the very same dummies used data generated by the Americans. By one of their contracted medical groups who make fortunes on generating WCB Beer Goggled research papers on Occupational Disorders. These morons cannot even read a Orthopedic Bed prescription, and you want them to produce medical research papers. Hah, what a joke. WCB Alberta copies everything the Americans do. Word for word. That is some Alberta Solution. These retards even sent me a letter stating that I was taking Unapproved Narcotics. WCB Alberta is the nepotistic employment program for drunken, drug addicted sociopathic failures, who idle away their days self opining about their superior mental intellect. Where are their drug tests? (Fiduciaries are to be held to a higher moral standard)
The terrible Hellberta Dichotomy spewing more Gunk than a SO2 flare. Drunken drug addicted freaks choking off medications to Genuine injured persons in need of real medical help. This is life in Alabama North.

The moron or herd of morons who penned this policy have absolutely no knowledge of Chronic Pain, serious injuries, or the right to Duty of Care. These policies are not written with the seriously injured worker's health in mind. They are written specifically to deny injured workers critically necessary prescriptions, and one more reason to terminate a workers benefits. Plain and simple. Additionally in some cases malicious vindictive mentally imbalanced Case Managers, use this policy to willfully inflict cruel unparalleled pain and suffering on clients. Disturbed, uneducated and medically unqualified CM's should in no way shape or fashion be allowed to INTERFERE with diagnosis and prescribing of drugs by College recognized Physicians. Clearly, Improper Wacko shill consultation and research in the fabrication of these draconian policies by non medical, fully unqualified, nonspecializing medical research contractors. Predetermined medical research outcomes are not legitimate medical policies, and were produced with a fully cognizant conflict of interest. If these policies are properly researched then there would be a complete acknowledgment with links, of all of the top specialists in this field of medicine, and their contributions and references to their particular relevant research papers. Self proclaimed medical experts, and research for hire medical group contractors do not count as legitimate contributors. North American WCB boards actually contract out to their medical group pals for predetermined medical research outcomes. If they themselves did not actually sign the cheque, the knowingly use this bogus data to formulate their own non transparent policies. These WCB boards are unparalleled Massive medical shill schemes on a scale that has never been seen before in the history of Mankind. Their policies are a gross perversion of the written word, and many other things. Something that the inventors of modern print probably never envisioned or desired.

Proper Specialist Research references and links are known worldwide as "Transparency".
How do you know you are in Alberta? Because it really still is 1953, and the dinosaurs are running the show.

It is now clear that U of A is nowhere near being the Mayo Clinic. The pain clinic did their duty and throws any further testing back at my doctor. I predicted this event. I had delusions that the Pain Clinic would be a link to further testing. What ever happened to referrals? The disappointment is large, yet another dead end.

My brother got a heart & double lung transplant at the University Hospital almost 5 years ago. I was his care giver. Care giving is something WCB knows nothing about, because that would imply that they actually care which is completely untrue.
The following statements are true:
The WCB knows nothing about serious back injuries, this is why they spend so much time trying to deny them. I have more knowledge in my left pinky than those dopers.
And they have the nerve to brag about "Exclusive Jurisdiction".
The WCB knows nothing of multi-disciplinary evidence based medicine, since they never practice any. (EXcept false evidence based medicine: a.k.a. Rent-a-docs!)
Suppression/Omission of evidence.
Denial of Due Process.
They have no need for radiography since they pay no attention to them, and do not forward them to the proper specialists.
They really do not require such a super elaborate Sham Wow legal spoof mechanism (Their answer is always no). Their relatives must need those jobs.
These people are supposed to be conducting themselves in a Fiduciary manner.
I don't understand why they need any part of legitimate medicine, they don't listen to any of the recommendations, so why bother?
You would think (or perhaps a Auditor General) that a giant Trust Fund, in charge of Billions of dollars would be subject to a much higher standard of scrutiny as a proper Fiduciary Responsibility to ALL stakeholders.

If this is The Absolute best we can do for our future generations, then our Canadian Children are truly in trouble. This is the legacy of our generation? Is this how the flaccid Human Rights Commission will be remembered? I was told today, that the JUST Commission is to ensure that you don't get any Justice OR Human Rights. Is that true?
Must be true, but we will never know with the prorogation of Government(Tory Corp).

If so, this government will be famous for being the complete LET DOWN and SELL OUT generation. This is all Alberta can be? It's a pathetic human accomplishment really. I call Alberta, Alabama North. Tell us the Tar Pit Dream again, BumbleBot.
It makes sense, in the very midst of all this Hydro Carbon development, the very last thing you want is wide open top notch help care. They will need that money for Carbon Capture silly.It makes sense not to investigate too thoroughly. Imagine what kinds of problems that could uncover? It now makes sense, this Province rotates around cover ups.
At the core of all this, is the fact that so many parts of Alberta economy rotates around the Oil Welfare system. They are the puppet masters.

Every day I run into people, regular every day working people, and they all share the same view. They say that Patrick Clayton did the right thing. He had NO choice. There were no other avenues left. These are people of every color, education level and political stripe. I am actually shocked at what some every day normal people say to me about how injured workers should deal with the WCB. How much longer can they play with live munitions before one tracks them down? Is our Conservative government that flippantly careless that they will play with hundreds of peoples lives this way?

Just imagine the Government Public Liability Issues that surround the aftermath of a seriously injured worker snapping and inflicting loss of life at the WCB office in Downtown Edmonton.
The Government of Alberta (Taxpayers) will be financially liable for Gross Negligence and Public Endangerment of the workers by reason of inaction when the government was, and is fully cognizant of the problems at the Workers Compensation Board. These glaring problems are direct result of the fraudulent practices that are common practice (SOP)at the Workers Compensation Board. These practices are unnecessarily exposing the taxpayers of Alberta to extreme Liability. It will cost the Taxpayers of the province possibly Billions in litigation.
Who will carry out these lawsuits? The lawyers of insurance companies of any person who loses their life and is carrying supplemental insurance.
Every company in the world is trying to reduce their exposure to liability.
Except the WCB.
There is not one part of their operation that could survive a true liability audit.
I would not expect any higher intellect from Hillbillies.

It is simply not possible to imagine that large employers or any person connected to the government would support any type of a system that actually treats and cures seriously injured workers. It does not compute that the constructors of these mega-projects would want any health care costs associated with building more mega-mines. Not now or in the future. No point of workers getting used too being treated. Look at CNRHell, they were trying to recreate Dubai. Cheap import labour worked in Dubai, just import it here, true conservative logic at work.

Monday, November 16, 2009

US & Canadian Workers Compensation Insurer Produced Fraud

Here is the link to videos from the Injured Workers who started it all here in AB, with their Hunger Strike at the downtown Edmonton WCB offices. Frank and Ralph started all this back in the 90's. These videos are really worth watching. Just double click on the video window and it will take you to their You Tube Page with all of their videos. Thanks goes out to Anthony Hughes, and all the Injured Workers I met at the bail hearing. I wish for good things for the Clayton family. I am in constant awe of all the injured men and women, and their families that have sacrificed and struggled for so long against this evil global machine. These families will pass through the window of history knowing that they gave their ALL. These persons who have been stripped of their human rights will leave a indelible imprint in the sands of time. They will be remembered for having a true sense of human compassion and for working tirelessly for the betterment of all society. What we are witnessing is just one more horror in the American Financial Atomic Bomb fallout perpetrated by the Right Wing Crazies (Political and Corporate). The Corporate Right Wing cannot let go of their Fanatic Agenda. Why? Because their complicity will be uncovered. I read at least one hundred Compensation news stories a month. These felonious operations are big at patting themselves on the back. Worse yet they seem to like to create symposium workshop's with Industry created educational Milestone courses. It is their very own back patting program of Systemic Justification, and a bogus Industry self Accreditation school. This is also a clever cloak for get away parties, all paid for with your dollars. 

 It looks like I am going to have to resume my letter writing campaign to US Congress members and their Senate and their Trade Committee members. Because, after all Canada is not living up to their trade obligations under the trade treaty. Until these abuses start costing Canadian business, nothing will change. I am embedding a video from the National Organization Injured Workers,

 This is a very important video to watch. It is lengthy, but enormously informative. Rampant out of control, unregulated and unsupervised corporatism is at the root of all of our problems today. Unfettered conservative policies have led to this. It is no different than what caused the Great Depression. How many times have we heard the words "Deregulation" and "Privatization", in the last 20 years. Too many. George Bush lied, Harper lied in order to win a election. He sacrificed Canada, just like Ed did by fear mongering. It is the only way they can win a election is by FEAR mongering, by fabricating a "BOOGIE MAN". Out of control conservative policies are destroying Canada and the United States. The greed of the few is wrecking most of our most sacred institutions for the rest of the population. Thanks goes out to Sam Gold. Sam Gold phoned me one evening and we discussed the parallels of "Socially Bankrupt Conservatives" blinded by greed (secret Bonus')running our governments. Lucidly executing destructive anti-worker policies that inflict horrible suffering on seriously injured workers. Anyways it was a good talk. Watch the Video 

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wayne Coady Speaks Out Against Human Rights Abuse Of injured Workers' & Soldiers: Injured and Abused Workers' Coalition

Wayne Coady Speaks Out Against Human Rights Abuse Of injured Workers' & Soldiers: Injured and Abused Workers' Coalition I was just thinking today about the time I went to the U of A Hospital. When we sat down at the desk to register, there was a sign that said if your ailment was WCB related, there was a appeal process you could apply for. Well, we both just broke into hysterical laughter, because that premise is so absurdly ridiculous. So I won't even tell the hospital that it is WCB anymore, because I actually want some care. WCB=No Care, period. My point is, how much does that cost Taxpayers of Alberta? Each and every year, year after year? If you want to reform Health Care, start with the WCB. Because you cannot use the word Health Care and WCB Alberta in the same sentence. A statement so ridiculous no one believes it. Well I had my first appointment with the U Of A Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic. Well let's see how successful the Pain Clinic is at getting paid by Shill Corp (WCB). I know for a fact that my doctor has problems being paid by these shill bastard WCB people. When I was originally hurt back in 1990, it was the same thing. My Chiropractor was not being paid. I had to go down to the WCB office and demand they pay my Chiropractor. They screwed my father years ago when he got hurt, nothing ever changes.

Tony Vandermeer's office told me to forget it and move on with my life. I was stunned, but thinking back that all makes sense coming from this government. Don't fix the problem, just keep paving over it.
Ironic, that when Raj Sherman is kicked from Caucus the first guy to Stab Raj in the Back was none other than Tony Vandermeer, hinting that their were other avenues Raj could have used. Just another Conservative Party Dirt Bag. Waste of Skin.

It's like a Chernobyl Kluge. (Hellberta)Alberta just may be the Dumbest place in Canada to live.
And you want to let Hector the defector build a reactor. C'mon people!! Just imagine what is going to happen when that Whole GONG show goes sideways. Hillbillies should not be allowed to build reactors. The whole government will just grab their airline tickets and leave. The only reason they need a reactor is so the can stop burning 80 Kazillion cubic feet on natural gas to cook oil for the Americans. It is like watching your mentally imbalanced schoolmate when you were a kid play with his science kit.
Because the WCB is not a legitimate insurance program, the farmers recognize this. That is why Alberta Farmers do not want to get roped into this bogus scheme. They ain't that dumb. They know that the WCB squeeze the balls of the little guys to pay for their entire phoney program. I gave up relying on the WCB for absolutely anything a long time ago. When I look at their internet site, I just howl laughing. That and their news rag is just such a complete joke. Anyone who believes any of that BS is a complete idiot, and should probably not drive.

WCB World Caucasian Brotherhood

Is that what WCB stands for? In the old days we just used to call the Nazi's. Sieg Heil you bunch of Waffens. The Nazi's were not dumb, they get the Waffen SS minions to do their dirty work. They knew the Nuremberg trials were coming. Who do you think invented the paper schredder? If you don't think it can happen again you are just not paying attention. Here is a link to yet another sad case. Here is a link to injustice busters wcb cases. ThutmosisIII worship god of the World Caucasian Brotherhood dating back to the time of Pharaohs. He didn't need FOIP, he had a private Temple. Sound familiar? Hint:Alberta Caucus meetings sealed for 5 years. The general populace believes that fascists live in some far away palace in old Eastern Europe goose stepping to the beat of some insane totalitarian dictator. That image is false. Franklin D. Roosevelt in a April 29th, 1938 message to Congress warned that the growth of private power could lead to fascism: The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism--ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. What differs today in our modern conservative perverted model of democracy, is that the Corporate meddlers. have the politicians to mold the privacy laws of the land to execute their sinister plots. Pre-WWII didn't have that problem they just executed their enemies. Today's modern conservative fascist model integrates much smoother less messy mechanisms to carry out their deviate secret Agenda. The brilliant part of all of it, is that they have managed to fool the greater part of the population into believing in their warped vision of our future. Theirs is a vision of gated communities, heavy police and security presence everywhere to protect the citizens from the obviously deranged poor people who for some strange reason seem to be multiplying at a exponential rate.

 This globalization stuff is working out terrific for the corporations. A corporate army to protect you on the way to work, another corp army at work. Straight home to your corporate gated community, with of course it's very own corporate security army. It's terrific. Man it this place called Canada ever great. It is just like the Hellhole we left back home across an Ocean. Why wouldn't people want to immigrate here, it has all the corruption and unreachable corrupt corporate bagmen politicians of their homeland. Stephen Harper on Olympic Holiday to avoid Human Rights Abuses Questions in Canada. For our Prime Minister Stephen Harper to go overseas and even say one word about how Canada stands up for human rights is completely absurd. That only counts if you are Jewish. If I am wrong about the Canadian Human Rights Commission, they can speak freely, uh.., I think.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WCB Breaking News / Violation of Privacy Rights

This is a clickable link to a OIPC decision on sharing medical information. July 10, 2001.
Just as I have always said, and wrote about in my Blog. Plus I have filed complaints with the College of Physicians about these evil shill bastards sharing my information with 3rd party bogus doctors who have never met me and never examined me. A judge in Saskatchewan has just ruled on our Privacy rights. I have always said, they have violated my FOIP privacy rights. Wow one more complaint to file. This is better than going to Law School. Here is the Link Run little bugs run!! Friggin Cockroach CM's and shill doctors. The reason I know what these doctors credentials are is because I went to the medical association office and checked. Canadian College of Family Practitioners, not a orthopedic or spinal specialist at all. It's all here in my blog, this is government sponsored racketeering. You can file complaints with any agency, flush these shill bastards out of their crevices. I know it is enormously time consuming, from experience. But I do believe that somehow in the end it will be worth it. I hope. Here is a letter from Dr. Charleton,(Page 01)(Page02) this is part of my file and as such I own it. This is the document that my claims manager continues to hold up as a medical investigation into my injuries, even after my C-spine MRI was produced. I was able to find doctors reports dating back to when I was seeing my Orthopedic Surgeon in 2006, corroborating my neck pain complaints. I now know why they refuse to release my complete file to my lawyer, they know there is incriminating evidence of their racketeering operation in my file. They refuse to acknowledge these documents and refuse to even return phone calls to my Doctor. I have always said if they want to know anything, just pick up that weird looking device called a telephone and call my physician, as he is my primary care giver. Like I told the appeals commission, their entire organization is one big Joke. It is not a true legal entity, since it does not adhere to any known legal principles, or incorporate any true legal devices. The whole gong show is ripe with corruption. Truly bringing shame to the legal system. I do believe that the government does not like social networking sites that cut them down. But the Gods honest truth to the matter is that the entire WCB network and their substantial network of highly specialized lawyers have been collaborating on a hybrid corporate networking system for many years. And they have governments on their side to make sure that you believe that the problem is the worker, and not the system. This is just the Globalization Machine at work. If the media thinks they are immune, then they are just not paying attention. Stand up for what is right. Unite for the next generation. WCB is trying to turn Patrick Clayton into a enemy of the state. This is a fight for democracy. How will you be counted? What legacy will we leave for our children if we do not stop the enemies of democracy? These people (WCB) have perverted every known law in the land. It is too late to save me, for gods sake save yourselves.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Evidence based Medicine

My biggest fear, especially here in the only Province that actually exports and distributes corruption. Is that my experience so far in the WCB Alberta system, and within the AHS system, is that they are in no way applying evidence based medicine. Here is a link to a fellow who suffered the same injury that I did, he outcome was quite different from mine. He got lucky. Obviously on light duty. He seen the writing on the wall, that he would receive no proper medical investigation, and he got out. The pain I endure every day is mind blowing. And that is not even talking about my neck pain. I am so Leery of all government. I truly hope that the pain clinic can help me, in my quest for true evidence based medicine. I believe my condition is called Mylelopathic. It certainly would explain the wide range of bad side effects I have been suffering the last couple of years since some brainiac decided to give me deep back massages. For some time now, I am baffled as to how to go forward with my claim (I feel ridiculous even saying that because there is nothing legitimate about the Alberta WCB). To dream of any kind of resolution is distant. I mean they will not even respond to my doctor. To me, that was their final act of stupidity. As a organization they deserve no formal recognition in any field of rehabilitative medicine. They try to maintain a very thin veil of legitimacy by producing the odd happy seriously injured individual so as to seem be living up to their mandate. I wonder if Kenworth is aware that people who are seriously injured on their site will be subjected to such human degradation and abuse? What are they paying money into this fund for? Apparently for WCB employee luxury retirement in BC.
Here is a Link to Bob Layton's Editorial on Global Edmonton regarding the Patrick Clayton hostage taking. Thank you Bob, you pretty much summed it up.
What we need is a good ol' fashioned wobble. No, not that wobble the wobblies were grass roots union and non union workers who were fed up not being treated right. This government only understands one thing, MONEY. If it starts costing the very largest employers money, then they will have the will to change.

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why does Canadian Law Discriminate Against Injured Workers

During this trip down the road of legal redemption I have ran across a whole cross section of interesting humans. A good deal of injured workers some active, some just fed up fighting a system that is so heavily stacked in favor against them. It truly is a daunting beast to go up against. It has been said that a man that has been stripped of everything, is the most dangerous man in the world. Because in his mind he simply does not have anything to loose. It struck me yesterday in one of my trips down the road of discovery that every single side road that the WCB sends you down ends up being a dead end. When every single avenue of legal and administrative, medical road you turn down ends up a dead end it tears at the very fabric that you once thought was a working part of our society. I used to dream that if I where ever to get a IME, that it would be conducted properly. Video Link example.

The AMA Guidelines to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Vol. 4, pp3/98, indicates that a loss of vertebral motion segment integrity is a 20 percent impairment, without positive exam findings. The guidelines also indicate that pain with a loss of function is reason for impairment (Chapter 15).
This is a LIVE Link to a Spine Simulator, helps in your understanding of the complexities of a spinal Injury. I hope this emphasizes how critical these medical decisions are, they cannot be left to drop out flunkies (claims managers).
After so many friends, and other injured workers I have met revealed that they where completely screwed over by the bogus WCB IME exams and ended up with nothing or on welfare for life, I don't live that dream anymore. I was on the misguided belief that once that was conducted, then I would at least have a ELP and a NELP pension to live on. I had dreamed that then if there was any money whatsoever from a genuine IME, and not some play acting charade conducted by a felonious hired doctor with malicious intent, that I could apply those monies to going to the Mayo Clinic to have my injuries treated. I now know that that dream will NEVER happen. Across the board government corruption is spilled across our airwaves every day, and every day nothing is done about it. Firing flunkies, and not the man in charge of flunkies is not dealing with corruption. Not showing true transparency and not revealing the true flaws in the system and working on correcting those corrupt mechanisms, does not show true leadership.
Keep in mind, I walk through multiple mine fields the two most dangerous of which are the WCB Alberta minefield, and the AHS minefield. You could die waiting for treatment from either of these agencies, because they are both trying to fix you for under ten bucks.
Then creating even more secretive mechanisms, amendments to (FOIP) to hide cronyism, corruption and bungling is not the "Spirit to Achieve". That is giving corrupt bureaucracies even more powerful tools and mechanisms to DECEIVE, that is not an achievement in my books. I originally thought that some sort of political solution could be arrived at in my situation. I now know that is another dead end. The politicians in charge are too busy with their own greed agenda, and creating even more bureaucracy and more layers of insulation to cover up their bungling, and ineptitude. This party can't be called the Tory party anymore, it has become the GORY party. Because everything they touch becomes a horribly messy Gory Hackjob, complete with Hackmen, Hatchetmen, and of course the obligatory Bagmen. Why do we not have a Honest Leadership and Open Government Act. So a political solution to my situation is now 100% impossible with these bunglers in charge.
Digging in the Crony pot of moron candidates to run our most critical systems in our society is not paving the road of the future. JFK did not get living breathing men to the moon with cronyism. Remember what happened with George Bush and Katrina? A society built on making sure only your contractor buddies have any involvement in achieving solutions to the problems of the day, is not a progressive society. Hardly leading edge policies. The road forward to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex society is rooted in leadership that can envelop all people. All persons, regardless of ethnicity, political stripe, gender or how big their brown paper bag contributions are. This is not Baghdad, and we do not want a Halliburton and Blackwater mercenary style right wing society. Creating a society with a increasingly divided, agitated population and large parts of that society feeling alienated and discriminated against is not progressive. Openly mocking, bullying and smugly trashing your political opponents because they want real answers to real time crisis', is not indicative of leadership in any arena. I was stunned when I heard Hector Goudreau say there was no need for a overhaul of the WCB Alberta. How can these elected officials stand up and say they represent our citizens? We don't all dream of having a Upgrader built in our back yard, I'm not mentioning any names here. The worlds most powerful economy is shifting gears on how it produces and consumes energy, it is focusing on new technologies. The new American Administration is focusing on new ideas, they don't want their landscape carpeted with SO2 flares. We can either be part of the solution, or be left behind. Having our politicians go to the US and brag about how frigging great we are is not what they want to hear. They want to here how we are going to help our largest trading partner get out of this economic jamb, and pave a new future. Harper and Ed just don't get it. They try to claim that they created the economic climate during the boom. BS, We live in a energy/mineral based commodity economy and that is why we ride on these boom bust waves. They knew the bust was coming and lied to the population, and now they try to distance themselves from the outcome. Claiming, "how could we have known?" And, "this is worldwide, we didn't cause it." WE need real leaders, with real reform. If we do not get on board with reform, when we wake up on the day the Americans have completed theirs it will be too late. For us to support leaders who think they can do a end-run around American policy is just plain stupid. By the time they are done reforming their government policies and labor standards, if we have not, we are going to be in big trouble. Harper was bragging about the Mulroney Free Trade Agreement. That document will come back to haunt Canada if there is not real reform here.
This is Alberta and if the people in charge can not see the future coming, then those people need to be replaced. I believe that my remedy to my WCB situation is a Constitutional Challenge. Our rights as a group or as a individual injured worker have been stripped from us because we got hurt at work. We are being discriminated against by the act of denying us true legal remedial tort. Talk to any judge, he will tell you that is not a board made up off old bagmen. All other citizens, under all other circumstances may apply to the courts for tort remedy, except us. All we want is too stand in front of a real judge(s), not a tea club of old crony bagman from the WCB. When the Charter was signed there existed on the books laws that are contrary to the Charter. The WCB acts in All provinces are in violation of the Charter. You cannot strip us of the right to seek true legal remedy, the charter guarantees it. To have laws on the books that discriminate and strip individuals or groups of rights guaranteed under the Charter, is in direct conflict with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We are all protected equally under the Law.

The validity of the Workers Compensation Act should be challenged on the basis that it infringes the equality rights guaranteed in section 15(1) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (“the Charter”).
In particular to be specific Section 17 is discriminatory, and as such unconstitutional:

Jurisdiction of Board

17(1) Subject to section 13.1, the Board has exclusive jurisdiction to examine, inquire into, hear and determine all matters and questions arising under this Act or the regulations and the action or decision of the Board on such matters and questions is final and conclusive, and is not open to question or review in any court.

(2) No proceedings by or before the Board shall be restrained by injunction, prohibition or other process or proceedings in any court or are removable by certiorari or otherwise into any court, nor shall any action be maintained or brought against the Board, any employee or officer of the Board or any member of the board of directors in respect of any act or decision done or made in the honest belief that it was within the jurisdiction of the Board.

(3) The Board has authority to reconsider any matter that it has dealt with and to rescind or amend any decision or order previously made by it.

(4) Each matter shall be decided on the merits and justice of the case and the Board is not bound to follow any previous decision or ruling of the Board as a precedent in reaching its decisions or making its rulings.

(5) The Board has the same powers as the Court of Queen’s Bench for compelling the attendance of witnesses and of examining them under oath and compelling the production and inspection of books, papers, documents and things.

(6) The Board may cause depositions of witnesses residing in or outside Alberta to be taken before any person appointed by the Board in a manner similar to that prescribed by the Alberta Rules of Court.

RSA 2000 cW‑15 s17;2002 c27 s10;2005 c48 s2

Because of the publicly renowned mass corruption, abuse of power in creating their own bogus consulted bylaws. The are guilty of mass abuse of human rights. These boards and their Acts of legislation can no longer stand the legal test of legitimacy.
The purveyors of WCB's across this nation have so 100% completely perverted that act, that those documents can no longer be raised as legitimate acts of LAW. To do so is embarrassing the legal profession itself. For any legal intellect to hold that perverted sicko system up as a true legal mechanism, with real tort remedy is completely assinine.
Additionally, no human wants to be forced into a lengthy legal battle for the right to medical treatment of injuries suffered at work. We just want help, real true honest help. I was injured at work, there is no human who wants to be dragged into a legal and medical mine field, laced with bogus medical expert boobie traps. George Bush's crew lost their election, so deal with it.
HMO's are evil.
A famous quote about the Charter he helped shape.
I read a article in the Post by a lawyer who deals with WCB claims across the country, secret agent/buddy. A fantasy out of touch rag, if you believe that BS you ARE a moron. Another sell out, no shortage of them. Level playing field, talk about deluded. Smelly journalism without investigation is not journalism.
The idea of a law firm that advises large employers, while representing injured workers is a old american platform. If you cannot see the trap door in that arrangement, you deserve what ever you get.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sociopathic Killers

(Regressive Government that rationalizes the implementation of tyranny on innocent persons, deserves to fall)
We need to Unite as a people in this province, or Corporate Ed and Co. are going to roll right over top of us.
Notice to the Minister Responsible: Hector Goudreau, it has never been proven that tyrannizing injured workers is an effective tool for their medical recovery.
I am going to do some research on the variety of brain deficient conditions WCB Case Managers were born with. HERE IS A Website detailing some of their Icons and their achievements in history. Claims Manager Litmus Test!! Beware Claims Managers this is like you looking in a mirror. Besides possibly being born mental mutants, their employer actually fuels their mental retardation. By not screening their employees for obvious underlying mental defects and profiling these misfits of society, the agency ends up with seriously mentally retarded, and human feelings deficient sociopaths as claims managers. Obviously these people end up taking extended leaves of absence to fuel their own mentally retarded party, on full WCB Compensation of course. It strikes me that in all of this, you know who would know the most about these sick untreated individuals? Their kids. Because guess what? They are being raised by a sociopath. Imagine the individual being created by a mentally deficient human being turned loose on society. The total cost to society, for these human marvels of procreation will be enormous. Did you ever wonder where serial killers come from? A friend once told me, "Why the Workers Compensation Board, don't you know?" They are creating their very own Army of SocioPathic Mutants, he told me. Someone is going to have to steer the ship after dear ol' mom heads off to wander the streets of her BC retirement Villa, talking all freaky to real Canadians. The next generation of greed generated sickos will have to take over the reigns of punishing and torturing seriously injured workers. The Mutant Brigade! I asked one of my Ironworker buddies in Whistler one time, "How come so many serial killers come out of Abbottsford." He replied,"I don't know what the Hell is going on down in Abby". I now can only surmise: They must have a Workers Compensation Office there too!
I wonder if the cops check to see how many WCB employees are now armed?
You never know when a sociopath is going to snap! And those sociopaths have access cards!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alberta H1N1

Alberta official fired as flu shot fury hits Calgary. This is the tip, not the Iceberg. Wake up Alberta.
Well its official, health care for the Rich is here. Now that the media has jumped all over this, they will have to become much more covert, you know? Like the rest of their government. As I watch developing news on the H1N1 Flu Pandemic, it strikes me how this government has turned a simple public health issue into a boondoggle. At the core of this issue is basic health care needs of human beings, and in particular those persons who are the most in need of that treatment. As injured workers we are used to this style of delivery of medical treatment. I don't think people of Alberta need any more evidence, that Private style health care for Rich people is already here. Stand back now, trough feeders first! Oink Oink. Back of the line you! Trough feeders will even shove pregnant women out of the way. Got to love private pay for health care. Whoever is in charge, go to his house he has probably got lots. This is just ripe for a satirical cartoonist. The trough feeders out beside the barn inoculating each other, while telling the rest of the farm animals there is none left. Oink. Moo. This particular crisis is just a shining example of how the government just doesn't get it. They just can't listen to the needs of the people. They think it is all about them, and their pals. For seriously injured workers the primary need is to treat the medical needs of that individual. Proper medical attention is so critical to a seriously injured worker. As humans we are a fragile bunch, hurling through space. Medical care is so critical. Get used to it people, this is what privatization feels like! This is how if feels to be left "Out of the Loop". It is tragic that the Wolves have been hired to watch the chicken coop, truly sad indeed. As victims of the American HMO model, we as seriously injured workers are used to this and 10 times worse. Every day. In the denial of our critically necessary medical treatments. Sadly, very sadly, soon everyone will experience the Hell (Hellberta) we as injured workers live through every day. Once again the right wing agenda rears its ugly head. Oink Moo. I almost fell out of my chair when I watched the interview with the Premier saying his government is transparent. Mooooo, the BS heap is starting to smell. What a bunch of arrogant pricks, honestly. What else can you call these trough feeders. The premier fully intends to axe even more health care workers, rather than fund the system. The brown bag lunch program at HS is shut down for the moment. You can bet the architects are going to need Samsonite paper bags and Lear jets for their golden years in California. These guys pull on their boots still stinking of yesterdays boondoggles and just bulldoze head on into another scandal. Remember how big blue used to point at federal liberals and accuse them of scandal? Political satire on this gang of fools practically writes itself. It is sad, that as a collective population the masses will not stand up against this government, and demand a election. By protest.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What is really going on?

I sure hope that the reason no investigation into gangster type organized crime at the WCB is because the RCMP are involved too. I mean don't you think it is kind of weird that politicians or government officials never get investigated here in this province? I sure hope not. For the sake of injured canadian workers. If so, we are all doomed. I was thinking today that this whole scenario would make a great premise for a video game. I mean the possibilities for different scenarios is infinite. The game could be full of all kinds of super villains, cops, even the army. You could choose from a wide range of machinery and vehicles to drive. There could be negotiators, and just a whole range of wild outcomes. It would be better that the popular game Grand Theft Auto. It is really unfortunate that most people in Canada are too busy just trying to pay the bills to actually get involved in their actually changing their country for the better. Another 2-1/2 years of this government is almost too much to bear. The idea that people would unite, organize and protest the gross mismanagement of this province will never happen, sadly. The cronies don't want anything to change ever, they can't hear you over their own slurping sounds at the trough. I am also deeply concerned that the Wild Rose party is just a dozer blazing a trail through the bush for the Oil & Gas lobby. I could be wrong. I am worried that it is the same bulldozer with a fresh coat of paint!
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