Brent McGillis: Jul 7, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

U.S. Citizens face TOXIC WCB Combative Environment in Alberta

 U.S. Citizens Warning:
U.S. Citizens will face Combative/Abusive WCB Alberta that have NO Legitimate PLANS to treat Seriously Injured Workers.

U.S. citizens working in Alberta will require some serious amounts of HealthCare Insurance. Don't buy Canadian Insurance like ManuLife because they will treat you WORSE than the WCB AB.
 U.S. citizens are familiar with private Medical Insurance, Alberta is the closest thing in Canada that you will find to a U.S. State when it comes to Workers Comp. and Private Medical Insurance.
U.S. citizens will recognize Alberta Health Services (AHS) as Medicaid in the U.S.
 As such U.S. citizens should be aware of how abusive the Workers Compensation System in Alberta really is.
The best thing U.S. citizens can do to protect yourself from the Abusive Alberta Health Services working in conjunction with WCB Alberta is to buy top quality Insurance from the United States, not Canada our insurers are crap.
 As a U.S. citizen seeking work in Alberta it is important for you to know that if you are working in Northern Alberta we have the WORST Health Care System in Canada.
Edmonton, Alberta is full of Hack Doctors, Surgeons & Specialists.
If you are injured in Northern Alberta and use the WCB Alberta system, the only doctors you will be exposed to are the Northern Alberta Hacks!
 If you are injured in Northern Alberta, get your insurer to have you transported to a hospital in Calgary or an American Hospital.
 U.S. citizen seeking work in Northern Alberta becomes injured, they will automatically transport you to the WCB Alberta Hack Hospital known as the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) in Edmonton.
 The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton Alberta is the recognized WCB Hospital for Northern Alberta, and is a "Training facility" for WCB Hack Doctors, Nurses and all other personnel.
  Are a U.S. citizen looking to work in Northern Alberta? You are probably used to being treated at a hospital with real Health Care professionals so be forewarned: Do not allow them to take you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, this is the WCB Hospital and full of WCB Quacks and Hacks.
 The WCB Alberta Quack doctors will release you from the Hospital without fully treating your injuries, and you will spend the rest of your life fighting these WCB Hack Doctors, and the Alberta Workers Compensation Board for the rest of your life.
 U.S. Citizens please be warned of the WCB Alberta Medical Fraud Danger that truly exists when you allow them to transport you to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton.

It is clear that Dave Hancock in our new "Do-nothing" Minister responsible for the Workers Compensation Board is simply another "Do-nothing" LAWYER in charge of WCB Alberta.
Nothing ever changes in Hellberta.

If you are moving here for work from the United States, be warned that our WCB System is overlooked by a "Do-nothing" Conservative LAWYER, who does not give a good Goddamn about workers health or their treatment when they become injured.

U.S. Citizens be warned if you become seriously injured in Alberta the Minister Responsible for the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta will simply throw up his arms and claim since the WCB AB is a privately run Corporation that he has NO JURISDICTION.
I know, I know this sounds absurd coming from the mouth of a LAWYER who is in charge of this Corporate Entity, but it is true. This the how the Conservatives work in Canada just like your Republicans. Shills for Corporations, and "Sorry we are powerless" for every single hard working person in Alberta. It is the Conservative WAY!
Facts about Alberta:
1. Gas is $5.00/Gallon+ 2. Rent is $1000-2000 month/1 bdrm  3. Cigaretters = $13.50+ per pack  4. Beer = $25.00 + 5. Auto Insurance = $2000+ for non residents Insurance company gouge  6. Alberta is the bigotry Capitol of Canada  7: Health Care = Free But you get what you pay for  7: Buy private Health Care Insurance because this province is like America  8: Buy $1 Million Life Insurance because WCB Alberta will not pay! 9: Electricity is the most expensive in Canada = $100/month +  10: Natural Gas for Heat = $300/month +  11: DMV is privatized so each document costs $25-$200 Cdn  12: Canadian Spy Agency spies on Canadians Internet usage  13: Some Alberta small cities carpeted with thousands of Cameras at every intersection  14: WCB Alberta Rate for Alberta employers kept artificially low by simply NOT Treating Injured Workers Largest Employers only pay $1.20/hr in WCB rates. So for Washington State workers they will be shocked when they are kicked back to work untreated and still injured. 15: Phoney Justice System: Allows killer Terror bombing cops to walk free on $10,000 bail. Predatory Sex Crimes Teachers get 3 month jail.  15: Auto Parts in Alberta are 3X what U.S. residents pay because Auto Parts Industry protected in Canada  16:  Income Taxes in Canada are ridiculously high  17: It really does go to -40 Celsius in Edmonton & North  18: Ft. McMurray the most polluted City in Canada better bring lots of Inhalers for the kids. 19: Do not go to Ft. McMurray unless you have a job, rent is retard expensive.  19:  Edmonton has NO rental protections, We have something called a rental "Advisory Board", and as such has NO Powers!  20:  Edmonton is carpeted with slum Apartments, overpriced condo's, and a severe shortage of quality affordable Apartments.  21:  A bus pass on our Peasant Wagon system of Sweaty old Non Air Conditioned Buses cost almost $85 dollars = $100 USD  22: Beheadings, beatings and other crime is rampant on our bus systems across Canada  22: