Brent McGillis: Oct 31, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Patrick Clayton Defense Fund

I can sympathize with Patrick Clayton. I know what it is to be abused by these shill bastards. When you talk about Drug Addicts, let us not forget the Heroin addicts, crack addicts, meth freaks and drunks who work for WCB Alberta. It is a matter of public record that this gang of drunks and druggies have stolen MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from hard working Albertan s. They don't even have to go to jail, why? You got it. Alberta Hillbilly Nepotism at work. These people are a gang of evil shill bastards. Want proof. Here is a link to the Mother Corp. American Association of State Compensation Boards. When Patrick Clayton went up against these dirt bags, he was unaware that he was going up against a very sophisticated, highly refined and honed legal machine. I have always said right from the start of my dealings with this gang of fools, "This is an American Model". Canadians are too dumb to pull off a Insurance Scheme of this magnitude. The very last people on earth who have any latitude whatsoever for mudslinging in this affair, is any shill WCB employees, anywhere in Canada. Is your neighbor suddenly moving, now you know why. Boy, this government sure hang with some highfalutin classy types. I wonder what other things Jethro and company have been doing. I am going to start going to the leg regular to see exactly why our elected officials are getting paid and I am not. Remember what I said about a puppet regime? Bunch of Pinnochio's. The real hostages in this entire mess, are the seriously injured workers who were cheated out of their future, by a felonious sham operation known as the WCB Alberta
. These people are the true victims, and have been robbed of medications, medical care in all forms, retraining, and the ability to feed and clothe their families. These people have had their future stolen from them, not just from having to live their lives with disabilities left untreated, which can cause a whole litany of complications as a result. But from not having proper retraining, for occupations that will NOT result in further damage to their already broken bodies. Hostages because of the malicious attack unleashed on them by WCB Alberta, resulting in bankrupt families, families torn to pieces with the survivors left broke, depressed and stigmatized by our government. So as a result these victims are left to their own devices to fend off depression and suicidal tendencies. To be shut out of the opportunities we used to enjoy in society as fully functional, happy contributing members of society is a hell in itself. To be denied proper medical care, medications and medical treatment that could help ease some of our physical, mental suffering is heartbreaking to these victims. The claims managers at the WCB Alberta play mind games with us, torment us, and mock us. They know exactly how critical our medical treatments are to us. They use this to mentally torture us, they know exactly what the effect of denying us medical treatment will do to seriously injured workers. They do this to enrage us, resulting in seriously injured workers being banned from their premises. These people are trained in these tactics. As a result we are marginalized, labeled as crazy, stigmatized as "one of those crazy malinger injured workers". Some of these workers end up homeless as I did. A social worker and my friends advice helped pull me back from the precipice. So you are left completely bankrupt financially, mentally exhausted, and medically untreated injured worker staggering around wondering, "What the Hell went wrong?" To advocate such heinous deliberate willful malicious acts of social terrorism on your society will result in a society that is socially bankrupt. As a result we end up feeling trapped, abused, mentally tortured and not knowing whether or not our government will unleash even harsher penalties on us. We live in fear every day of the government cutting off whatever tiny little stipends that we receive. This government governs by "FEAR". I never used to be afraid of my government. But I am now. For what? Why? Because I got hurt at work? Good men and women are dying in Afghanistan, to protect democracy. You cannot hold up this organization (WCB) as a shining example of democracy, and how democracy treats its own citizens. If the Cowboys in charge will not reign in these rogue cows, then you know what? It is time for a showdown at the OK Corral. Phone your government representative, let them know you don't approve of torturing injured workers. Let Alberta WCB know when you talk to them that you are not happy. Keep up the pressure. Where is my Bed Colleen? I'm waiting in pain my sweet adorable claims manager. And guess what? I am not going to court to get it.
Democracy is a community, not an idea.