Brent McGillis: Oct 3, 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Meredith Principle is a FANTASY AGREEMENT that NEVER HAPPENED!

 That's right folks, you been plain outright lied to. Sorry to bust your bubble, but if there EVER was such an agreement, then there would be pictures of the signatories representing Labour, Government and business. No such Agreement exists! Pure fucking LIE!
 The entire felonious idea of Meredith floats on the idea that Workers were too DUMB to get legal representation a.k.a. Lawyers to represent themselves in this bogus document.
 How absurd is this idea of workers having no Lawyer present to sign on their behalf? Fucking absurd is the anwer because a LAWYER wrote this bogus document for private sector worker to fantasize about for the next 100 years!
Meredith IS and always was a bogus agreement to protect GOVERNMENT WORKERS, thats it. Not you you dummy, that is the genuis of this Government SPAWNED Fantasy document.
 Seriously Injured Workers have been killing themselves with suicide for a CENTURY over a fucking bogus GOVERNMENT Spawned document! Meredith ONLY has any powers within the realm of Public Employees. Why is this so? Because no WORKERS from the private sector ever signed into this fantasy bullshit. If they did, then they clearly would have had LAWYERS representing them, and they would have the names of the Private Sector WORKERS emblazoned into the document for all of eternity.
 We would celebrate these pioneers of labour, but no such people exist it is all made up. This kind of freaky Wizard of OZ type shit was acceptable to a very stupid public over a hundred years ago.
 But no such signatories EXIST or ever did, it is ALL pure f*cking bullshit. Fantasy bullshit designed to make your average everyday dumb slug believe that he is actually covered by this bogus sham document!
  Meredith is ALL pure fantasy Government CRAP that ALL of the Government UNIONS signed onto, and thus the WCB Government Employees feel that they have absolutely NO DUTY to compensate or protect really goddamed dumb private sector employees. That is 100% FACT.
Why do you think that cops just look at you dumb when somebody takes a gun into WCB? Because they know damned well what is going on, they think think this shit is funny and guarantees that they will have a JOB FOREVER! It is the PERFECT government LIE! The BIG LIE.
 It follows that if Meridith was a true binding document, then there would have been similar types of signing agreements throughout the Dominion of Canada back in the day. There would have been ceremonies of pomp and circumstance celebrating the signing of these important Historical Documents in every province across Canada and the United States. But that never happened because it was ALL fucking Fantasy!
 Union Government Employees celebrated with great happiness, as they were guaranteed Medical Coverage for their injuries that include ongoing complications from these serious career ending injuries. Government Employees realized that they would be covered for eternity for their medications, and of course for critically necessary Radiography type Scans that their doctors would require for diagnosis of their injuries and complications that for many last a lifetime.
 Government Employees REALIZED that for them, there would NEVER be line-ups for care! And boy there never has been a time when they are jumping for joy because for them their is NO CUE.
 Obviously back in the day, there NEVER WAS a need for these celebrations and Meredith signing ceremonies across North America, because for the private sector the Meridith Document is pure Fffing government BULLSHIT. And the people jumped at the bait, hook, line and sinker.
 The people were lied to! The whole f*cking WCB AB organization is nothing more than fantasy f*cking crap designed to drive you into a mental hospital, or to FORCE you to fucking commit suicide and KILL yourself so that the Government does not have to carry out this duty for you. That is the reality of the Meredith Principle in a nutshell.
  If in fact Meredith was a legally binding document, and a truly "Living Legal Document", then the Meredith Principle and all of the BULLSHIT fucking WCB policies that have been dreamed up by their dick-sucking WCB Government Employees that are deliberately designed to drive legally entitled claimants into a delirium of heightened severe Mental Duress would have to be brought under the same legal Umbrella as a REAL Canadian document that DOES stand up for the protection of citizens of the Dominion of Canada.
  You have to realize that ALL of the Doctors in our medical system ARE Government Emplyees, they are forced to do as they are told or the WCB of Alberta will force them out of the province!
You know the REAL document I am talking about, it is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The entire WCB Bogus Meredith system of Fantasy f*cking bullshit will then die a proper f*cking death and be erased from our Canadian society forever.
 And guess what? That document was not written by some corporate dick sucker like Harper. The Canadian Charter was co-written by REAL leaders of the time led by Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Premiers of the Provinces of Canada at that time in our Canadian History.
The Charter of Rights is REAL binding document and never was a Fantasy Document like Meredith.