Brent McGillis: Jun 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Supreme Court of Canada decision Case #33648 regarding CHRONIC PAIN and the ability of the Human Rights Tribunal to hear complaints of Abuse

Today's news headline "duckett-memo-queue-jumping" is directly linked to Medical Abuse of seriously injured workers by the WCB Alberta.

I fell and broke my back more than 5 years ago, and yet when I am pulled out of a MRI machine screaming at Meadowlark to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in a ambulance, I still do not get to meet my Orthopedic Surgeon that I have been desperately trying to see since I had my hardware removed from my back over 3-1/2 years ago.

Alberta Health Services is deliberately BLOCKING me from "EVER" getting to see a orthopedic spinal surgeon again in the province of Alberta!!!

Workers Compensation working in parallel with AHS is ensuring I "NEVER" get to see a specialist in the province of Alberta, "EVER".
This is direct political interference in my medical treatment, and as such, I view this as another abuse of my Constitutional guaranteed Rights and Freedoms.

Nothing new for the Alberta Government of crooks, they are very comfortable abusing individuals rights and freedoms for fun and amusement.
Case in point is the recent Supreme Court of Canada's recent decision affirming that the Workers Compensation Boards Chronic Pain policy is discriminatory the Justices wrote recently in a decision before the SCC.

Here is a link to the written decision by the Supreme Court of Canada in June of 2011 scan down to item 15 in the year of 2011.

British Columbia (Workers’ Compensation Board) v. Figliola, 2011 SCC 52, [2011] 3
S.C.R. 422

Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia Appellant
Guiseppe Figliola,
Kimberley Sallis, Barry Dearden and
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal Respondents

Here is a link to the Supreme Court of Canada's Video Webcast of the SCC case #33648,001Content-Type:%20text/html;%20charset=ISO-8859-1
If you have been injured in Alberta and are suffering from Chronic Pain, it is imperative that you watch this video in its entirety so that you can see how man Government lawyers from across Canada show up and try to DENY you the right to a fair settlement from the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.

This is directly related to the WCB Alberta abusing my rights, I had a severe incident back in March simply pulling something from the refrigerator, I had to wait 6 weeks for a MRI, on April 25, 2011. In the midst of the MRI, I started having severe spasms in the machine, I was pulled from the machine and since the Medical Imaging place wanted to get me out of the way quickly for the next scan, despite the fact my scan had not been completed. As soon as they tried to sit me up and twist me off the table I started screaming in pain.
I was taken quietly out the back in a ambulance, given some morphine. After 8 hours at the hospital the doctor informed my I have bulging discs and what he described as a ruptured disc.
That was on April 25th, and I still have not heard a word.
I told my doctor, I know people who broke their arm or ankle and they where sitting in front of my Spinal Surgeon within days.

This is the Hellberta Way. I will never receive treatment in this shit hole province. Here is the proof.
Horrifying for someone who suffers from severe chronic pain.
Sad days indeed when Conservatives run your health care, into the ground that is!