Brent McGillis: Sep 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Workers would NEVER have approved of the WCB Meredith Principle -- Cops, Firemen and Government Workers cooked up this scheme

  It has bothered me for many years now, exactly how did we arrive with the totally F/U Workers Compensation Fraudulent scheme that we as Seriously Injured Workers are now victims of? I have always knew in my mind that for certain there was NEVER any consultation with injured workers.
 The Meredith Principle is all a great big Goddamned LIE told by Government A+holes!
 No worker with any good Legal representation would have agreed to the bogus plan called for by the Meridith Principle. It is all a great big LIE, the biggest LIE ever told to workers.
 WCB Government workers sign the SAME collective agreements.
Here is the link to the "Shared Agreement" with Alberta Health Workers.
  Because this is a shared collective agreement the Government Health Care Employees will spend  every single moment of their self-serving administrative capabilities exhausting Your TAX dollars on THEMSELVES -- the government workers!
  The Government Workers have made it their corporate DUTY to deplete ALL of our medical system resources paid for Private sector workers in order to Fuel and Funnel ALL of our Health Care resources into treating GOVERNMENT workers.
  You know the FULLY INSURED government workers I am talking about; the ones driving around in Light Armored Vehicles like the Grizzly TANKS to keep YOU inline when you raise voice after sitting in a Emerg Dept. for 9 hours untreated.
 WCB is enabled and encouraged by our Corrupt AB Laws to Mack on Seriously Injured Workers. The WCB acts like a bunch of pedophiles (Pedophiles only prey on the vulnerable). I cannot think of any other word association that explains the WCB behavior other than a bunch of Macks looking to Mack on the innocent. What a sick FUBAR organization the WCB really is.
 Every single worker fully understood that without the protection of the courts the WCB is fully enabled by Law to abuse and run roughshod all over seriously injured workers until they push them to suicide. Meredith was a lawyer who knew that removing the rights of workers to sue employers was ALL the powers that Corporations needed to strip workers of their rights.
  Meredith was NEVER about workers rights, only the rights of Government workers.
 Meredith Principle is nothing more than fantasy Bullshit, it is a fantasy designed for private sector Injured Workers to get all DREAMY about.
 Why do you think that NO self respecting lawyer in Alberta will touch a WCB case? That is fact!
  This entire scheme was concocted and put into action by Government Unions (Cops, Firemen, Health workers and Gov't workers) to look after themselves while screwing the general public.
  Until the day comes when somebody here in Canada actually challenges the validity of Meridith within the scope of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Government Unions will still be doted over by their government Pals. The Govt. workers get complete access to ALL treatments, scans and medications when it comes to medical treatment in our hospitals when their employer makes them sick or injures them.
 Pushing workers to commit Suicide IS the #1 goal of the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta, initiating their prime directive to inflict fatal mental anguish into the minds of seriously injured workers, forcing them to take their own life.
 It occurred to me that this entire scheme was centered around screwing the average worker and their employers by NOT medically treating workers who are seriously injured, and then taking all of those  monies that they STEAL from dead and seriously mangled workers and to make sure that all of the Cops, Firemen, Hospital workers and all government workers get FULL medical treatment with Workers Comp benefits.
 The entire WCB fraudulent system of screwing workers rotates around guaranteeing Workers Compensation benefits to all government workers. This is the WHY in how the AB PC government always tippy toes around Workers Compensation abuses and continues to allow these heinous crimes to continue unabated.
 As long as the Hospital workers, the Cops, the Firemen and all of the slacker government workers are being agressively medically treated and looked after financially everything is O.K. (Sic)
 With government slackers totally covered by WCB the Govt. sees absolutely NO need to bring Seriously Injured Canadians under the same protective umbrella of legal protections as the government gangsters who cooked up this Money Laundering scheme up in the first place.
 This is WHY cops will never investigate ANY FRAUD crimes by WCB in Canada; because THEY (Cops) get treated at the BEST facilities that regular joes have NO Access to.
 The current state of affairs here in Hellberta is that all of this Government back-slapping corruption is beginning to filter out. Our new Premier has been brought in as the miracle worker to try and put a lid on the rapid decay in their Party approval. He has to pull off a miracle, so that the Government workers can keep on High fiving and making sure that THEY are totally looked after with proper, timely and relevant Health Care when they are sick and injured. Killing workers for fun and profit is the Hellberta WAY, and has been for all of my working life.
  Will I live to see change, I honestly do not beleive that Albertans have the balls to see this thing through to REAL change that will help save workers and will help save their families from the devastating effects of not having their mom or dad come home from work.
 In the final analysis, do the people care enough about their own fate and the fate of their families to actually stand up and say, "I have had enough, and I am not going to take this anymore"? I do not believe I will live long enough to see that day.