Brent McGillis: Dec 5, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nikolai Bogduk: Chronic Low Back Pain and Pain Medical Musing

In my quest for a medical solution to my severe Chronic lower back pain I have run across a interesting Blog from Saskatchewan. Here is the link to Pain Medical Musing. Whomever penned this Blog page has produced as far as I am concerned the absolute best objective examination of WCB denial of Chronic Low Back Pain. In his documents, he chronicles how these WCB boards should be using the most up to date and current medical technology to determine WHY exactly these poor victims are suffering so terribly. This is the single largest collection of Vitally important information, regarding identifying, diagnosing, treating and ultimately providing a long term prognosis of people who are suffering from extreme Chronic Low Back Pain. It also examines the outcomes of the different treatment regimes that are currently generally accepted practice of deluded WCB boards. I am no doctor, but I am pretty damn sure that if my patient cries out that a therapy is killing him, then it is time to examine the origin of said pain. WCB Alberta approach to dealing with such an obvious malinger is to completely cut off the claimant and starve him to death. It is their (WCB) blanket answer to all extremely complex medical problems, except if it were their own Injury. Because if this were happening to them, they would be screaming bloody blue murder, you can bet your ass on that one.
I simply cannot muster any sympathy towards an organization that has rained down so much hate, pain and suffering on innocent human beings. The WCB Alberta in my eyes is worse than any crimes committed by the NAZI's in WWII. Why. Because they are doing so with the blessing of your Governments of the Day. That is what is so vile, sinister and disgusting about these boards and the evil shill bastards that willfully rain down so much pain and suffering on others with dutiful malice.
What we have witnessed in Canada the last few years is the final stages in the completion of another Super corrupt Oil State. Harper is a oil puppet. He is gippeto and Ed is Pinnochio for all the obvious reasons.
There is a special place in Hell for these people. Right beside their Hero ol' Seig Heil himself. Just like today the goose steppers all appear so harmless.

To this day when I read the WCB website, I just howl laughing because 80% of the crap they spew out is complete Malarky. How dumb do they think the average human is? Why do you think the great State of New York is suing its primary WCB provider? You watch there is going to be a wave of lawsuits across North America against these shill bastard phony insurance schemes. Does that mean anything will happen here in Canada?, I doubt it. America hangs out its dirty laundry. Canada helps bury it. Hint to Gov't of AB: Justice Minister. She is a female and in charge of the Justice Dept. Well a PC government will never have to worry of her ever being allowed to think. The good ol' boys will let her go get coffee for them. ;~)
It is "The Alberta Way".