Brent McGillis: Nov 24, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Small Farmers are Big Losers in the WCB Scheme that downloads Transnational Workers Comp costs directly onto small business

  Small farmers really have NO inclination of what is coming down the pipe in the new arena of Farmers and Ranchers being brought into the scope of the WCB Alberta scheme that puts them under the arm of this super corrupt organization. They do not realize that small business operators are the BIG LOSERS in the WCB Ponzi scheme that masquerades itself as a legitimate Worker Compensation scheme. The farmers will believe what they are told on the television, what other source of information do they have, right? The Transnational Corporations and the Govt. are counting on it! The farmers will naturally believe that the WCB of AB is a legitimate Injured Worker scheme, when othing could be further from the truth.
  The costs to workers and their families are staggering and the reality of what the financial and human costs are of NOT treating seriously injured workers in Alberta are massive in scope.
  For the first 2 years after my injury I had to beg my family and friends for money to buy my medications. I became homeless because I could no longer work, and WCB refused to help. I now live on AISH and the taxpayers of AB are saddled with my care and money to live on.
  I CANNOT ACCESS specialists or clinics to treat my broken back, this is 3rd World abuse, this is NOT Healthcare by any Metric of measure. Because WCB controls Healthcare in AB, I am denied even the most basic level of care, for me there exists no Mininum Level of Care that I can access.
  The AB Govt. has the best clinics all reserved for THEIR care and the Oil Execs who live in Calgary.

Refugees and Temporary Foreign Workers have MORE Rights and Priveleges than I do for accessing medical care for a Trauma injury to my Spine. WCB Mandates my abuse, and AHS enforces this abuse.
  In my opinion the province and WCB Alberta are so desperate to bring new SUCKERS into their Ponzi Scheme is because the Transnational Oil Corporations do not want to bear ANY of the costs of injured workers or dead workers in the Oil fields of Alberta. Transnational Corporations like CNRL and CNOOC from across the globe now dominate the business landscape in Alberta and they have NO interest in paying for injured workers and the costs associated with caring for disabled Albertans.

CASE IN POINT:  Chinese Corporation fined $1.5Million for 2 workers killed and 2 disabled 3 hurt
  When the Sinopec Eng. Corp was fined for killing the 2 steel workers and seriously injuring 2 other workers and 3 others were injured. The naturally CORRUPT Alberta Justice Dept. to put their best crony Judge on the job to ensure that Giant Transnational Oil Companies will get all of their MONEY BACK.
  The corrupt Justice Dept. of AB kicked in to dismiss 29 of the charges against CNRHell saying CNRL charges were stayed because the prosecutor’s office judged that holding the actual employer to account was enough[5 Yrs later?]. Like WTH?? 10 of the other charges against SSEC China were dropped as well. You see in Hellberta it is 10x more important to protect the employer than the dead worker.
  Now for the bizarre world of WCB and OHS sentencing kicks in, in Hellberta the WCB employs a "Creative Sentencing" approach to fining companies that KILL their employees. Yeah, the gave the SSEC company a $1.5 Million CDN fine, and then gave them $1.2 Million of the money BACK to them to create a Information Center to educate TFW's about their rights. The bogus center was to be run by yet Another Bogus Organization called the Alberta Workers Health Centre which will run the program.
  I went to the AB Workers Health Ctr. back when I originally was cut off from WCB, these guys are PC Cronies sitting around getting paid to be PARROTS for the PC Government = fake Worker organization.
This is the reality of what happens to the largest companies in AB when they kill workers, a $200,000 fine for companies that are valued in the hundreds of Billions!

Big Corporations have NO PROBLEM paying for, or integrating these bogus WCB Consultants into their corporate costs because to them it is just a simple expense item in their multi-billion dollar expense columns that are managed by giant accounting firms from NYC and Toronto. For them this is simply the cost of dead workers and the cost of doing business in Alberta, screw the workers.

  Small farming operations will be the Biggest Losers for farmers as the small operators of farms in Alberta. This maybe the final nail in the financial costs coffin for small farmers in Alberta.
Giant American corporate farming WINS and the family owned farm will die forever.
Harper + big U.S. giants like Monsanto WIN. Small AB farmers = Lose.
Why you ask, because the little guys are the ones that pay for the bulk of the WCB Alberta costs in the clever money shuffling of the corrupt business practices at the WCB Alberta. The bogus KICK-BACK schemes that ends up rotating almost ALL of the WCB costs directly BACK to employers in these BOGUS Safety schemes rewards companies who complete safety programs that the WCB of Alberta designates as being part of their Injury Reduction schemes. The only problem is that companies that do not reach any of their safety goals are STILL REWARDED with Huge cash kick-back schemes. This is the magic of the Ponzi-Scheme aspect of the WCB Alberta.
  There is no validity for bogus Corporate sponsored safety programs that
A.) Do not REDUCE injuries  B.) Kill workers
But that does not matter because these programs are fake and are only designed to make the smaller companies feel as though their programs really matter, the WCB does not CARE because this is all about the kick-back and NOT about safety.

  If the bogus WCB Safety BONUSES that are rewarded BACK to the corporations in their Kick-Back schemes are really working, we would naturally as a side effect of these successful programs see an natural progression DOWNWARDS in overall injuries in Alberta. But no such Downward trend is evident, the number of Seriously Injured Workers and workers who are killed on the job remains on a constant level. I know from working for the Unions and from working on these large industrial sites that the safety programs that these massive construction companies promote are bogus because they actually promote the NON-reporting of injuries. As a reward for NON-reporting of injuries the workers are rewarded with a whole bevy of "Trinkets and Beads". Yup the big corporations hand out Swiss Army knives engraved with the project name, jackets, winter coats, tools etc. for NOT reporting injuries so that they can enter "No reported injuries" on the piece of plywood at the front gate of the project.

  For small farmers and ranchers how would they know these kinds of phony safety practices are now commonplace and have been for many years now, or that this is HOW these large multi-national corporations are able to get almost ALL of the cash that is earmarked for WCB Claimants BACK AGAIN!
  #1.) The first reason these Transnational Contractors and Oil Co's are able to pay less than a dollar per hour worked is because they get these huge CASH BACK schemes even if they KILL workers!
  #2.) Small business operators are not even aware of why THEIR costs are so high, it is because the WCB of Alberta shoulders most of the costs directly onto their backs, not big corporations.
  #3.) Small business operators are denied the ability to retain top level workers because the WCB Alberta scheme is so phony that is does not properly rehabilitate Seriously Injured workers, thus costing small business because they have lost a top employee who was already skilled and trained.
  #4)  The Alberta Government is the largest single employer that employs Government workers who know damned well they can break a nail at work or sprain their thumb get time off and claim disability.
 We all know that the Government workers like Cops and Firemen and office workers have the best benefits of all any workers in Alberta. Studies in the U.S. have shown that Govt. worker are largely responsible for a large chunk of the WCB short term and long term disability costs to Workers Comp. systems.
  #5.)  With Multinational companies taking over the farming landscape with Corporate behemoths like Monsanto and other mega-corporations now with vested interests in the farming and the mega ranching operations in Southern Alberta. Now that huge farming corporations have been fully enabled by the Harper regime, they have their BRASS chips in the game now, and they want to ensure that they keep "Control of their costs". WCB Alberta fulfills their corporate agenda by giving kickbacks and the corporations feel safe that they invested their money in yet ANOTHER CORRUPT STATE, that is easily manipulated to ensure that they will NEVER shoulder the costs of Seriously Injured Workers.
  There you have it, and therein lies the danger to workers and to their families when their loved ones do not return home from work, the giant American and Transnational Corporations CANNOT be SUED for negligence or unsafe work environments that are encouraged and fostered here in Alberta.

  Graham Thomson may be a great writer, but he did not bust his balls for 40 years with over 20 years in construction and steel erection. He does NOT know what the reality of working in Alberta is and the reality of what happens when you suffer a career ending injury and are permanently disabled for life.
  I do, and the picture is not pretty. I would have much preferred a legitimate Injured Worker scheme like the farmers had because the farm carries insurance and is legally culpable for your injuries and compensation in the event of a serious accident. Having the ability and the RIGHT to sue your employer is key to being properly compensated for a serious injury at work, that is the TRUTH.
  I was hurt at work, and it was an ACCIDENT and that was all it was, period! There was NO INVESTIGATION, no WCB employee EVER interviewed me about what happened on March 01,2006. 99% of employers have told me that they would prefer a private insurance company over the bogus WCB org. because WCB threatens the small business operators as well if they do not FORCE workers back to work early the WCB threatens to jack their rates through the ceiling.

  The presumptions that Graham Thomson has made are false, he has been reading far too many WCB Alberta propaganda handouts for reporters and his vision of reality is skewed from his perspective as an "Injured Worker ARMCHAIR critic"! If he or any other reporter wants to find out what it is really like to be homeless while permanently disabled and without any medications, medical devices or financial compensation for your injuries then they can call me at 780-965-9196 and I will be happy to answer any questions. Text works best for a person with Chronic Pain, as I may be sleeping from the Chronic fatigue that is a natural byproduct of Chronic Pain.

Dysfunctional CONSTRUCT to WCB Alberta Corporately controlled abuse mechanism

 I am in terrible amount of pain in my legs today as another major storm drops heavy snow on Edmonton. I have to leave this place of die soon, I cannot take these super cold winters in Hellberta.
  It has always been my belief that the central design fault of the WCB Alberta system of abuse, is that the contributions to the WCB AB corruption machine are billed to the Companies and they lay claim to contributing to this ultra corrupt system of medical abuse. As such this is not the WORKERS compensation system, it is the EMPLOYERS bogus Compensation scheme, and we all know that the corporations that supposedly pay into the bogus system have absolutely NO INTEREST in helping seriously injured workers either recover or do they have ANY intention of paying compensation to workers who have been seriously injured at work.
  The whole phony premise that Seriously Injured Workers have complete coverage for serious injuries at work is a nothing more than a grotesquely exxaggerated lie. The Edmonton Journal and Graham Thomson love to publish articles saying that injured workers are totally covered and that is a pile of rubbish and he knows it. He has corporate masters to serve and he is doing his corporate bidding for his employer. Graham needs a job like anybody else, he should feel lucky that he has never had to deal with such a horribly corrupt phony insurer.
  The amount deducted from the employee pay is exactly the same if in practice the deductions for WCB were to come off of the workers pay. The current system is nothing but a fancy Government Sponsored Insurance PONZIE SCHEME that pays the largest employers back the majority of their contributions to WCB even if they are convicted of recklessly KILLING workers.
  The current WCB Ponzie scheme reinjects the same old interest on the fund that it always earns as a result of the massive size of the fund, so it is in reality not actually injecting any NEW funds to the investment pool and the fund does not grow at an annualized rate adjusted for inflation. We all know that Health Care costs have been steadily rising for decades now, but by some kind of accounting MAGIC the WCB Costs arre shrinking and they never have to adjust for inflation in their contributions to this fund.
  Structurally there are other problems with the phony Employers Contributions schemes that the WCB of Alberta has constantly toyed with in recent years that include bogus programs that give financial rewards to companies that regularly KILL workers. Yes, this program has employers attend WCB run and sponsored programs that TEACH Corporations how to CHEAT their workers out of benefits, treatments and Medical Specialists. The WCB promotes these bogus cheating modules as "Cost Control Sessions". The WCB promotes these programs that they sponsor and administer that teach employers how SCAM the unsuspecting injured worker out of ANY benefits and it works!
  Look in the phone book and you will find WCB Consulting Firms that also teach mid-level corporate managers how to screw workers out of benefits and these companies promote programs for these corporate Human Resource managers where they can learn how to screw workers just like the Consulting Firms. Or you can simply hire these corporate sleezeballs, and let THEM screw your workers out of any WCB benefits that they are legally entitled to.
  That is how a professional PONZI SCHEME works and that is how the WCB of Alberta is managed because it is 100% dedicated to screwing seriously injured workers out of ANY benefits.