Brent McGillis: Feb 17, 2016

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Trauma victims unable to Fend-off physical attacks by WCB Doctors inside Royal Alex, suffer severe physical and mental Duress

 One of the most heinous and for me in my mind the extremely abusive, egregious and discriminatory practice of the WCB of Alberta, is their Corporate Policy that directs crackpot WCB Doctors to go and physically ATTACK helpless and severely sedated trauma victims while they are lying helpless in their hospital beds within the walls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital.
 These acts of criminal attacks within the Alberta Health Services labyrinth of hospitals like the RAH are egregious attacks of a subhuman nature. These subhuman attacks against trauma patients within the Royal Alexandra Hospital truly reflects the Barbarian practices unleashed on non-government patients of this hospital. Government employees would never go to this hospital because they all KNOW about the reputation of the Killer hospital.
 Physical Attacks on a severely injured patients leaves these patients with severe mental scars, because the of the FEAR that the RAH AHS administrators have scarred WCB victims with. I now live in fear of being injured and then being "FORCED" by Alberta Health Services to be taken to the very same Royal Alex Hospital to be re traumatized.
 I live in CONSTANT unending FEAR that if they (AHS) ever take me back to the Royal Alex hospital, that I will never come out of there alive. I live in FEAR that these MONSTERS will KILL me inside of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in order to cover up their crimes against humanity. I am gripped with FEAR every time I have a really severe Back PAIN episode; that I will be incapacitated and the AHS Ambulance will AUTO-transport me to the Royal Alex Hospital.
 I would rather die on the side of the road than EVER be taken back to the Royal Alex Hospital, that is how much I fear that hospital.
 These are heinous crimes perpetrated by the Alberta Health Services administrators that approves of the use of WCB paid "hit-men delivering physical attacks"against Trauma victims that are being cared for within AHS run hospitals in Alberta.
 These AHS policies only ADDS More harm to the physical injuries the patient is suffering because his condition goes untreated as he is released into the community. The combined severe physical and mental duress that this severely skewed policy is truly massive in scope, and denies seriously injured trauma patients even a minimal level of care, when it comes to the treatment they are delivered while under the care of the Province of Alberta and their government employees.
 These policies of the Alberta Health Services expose the extreme level of racism and discrimination within the hospitals of Alberta. These are signals of systemic discrimination with AHS, and are indicators of a much deeper CULTURE of Entitlement, that leads to discrimination.
 The Culture of Entitlement is the result of Government workers having "Special Access", that regular citizens do NOT HAVE. This AHS Cultural Practice leads to the Laissez-faire management culture of the Royal Alex Hospital and on a larger scale the management culture of the Alberta Health Services structure on a larger scale. It is my opinion that this lax culture of management was set up deliberately for the specific purpose of leaving a WIDE OPEN avenue for DISCRIMINATION to walk in and totally RULE the Culture of the AHS Organization. Just look at the history of AHS, it is a total FUBAR operation, this is a matter of public knowledge.

The AHS organization needs to be rebuilt with robust procedures and practices to put an end to this Culture of Racism and Discrimination.
This is why I have advocated for the creation of a patient's Bill of Rights, and in particular a Bill of Rights that lays out the specific procedures that ALL patients can expect when they arrive at a Trauma Center in Alberta. 
  These are human crimes by AB Govt. employees against humanity. These practices by the Alberta Govt. employees at Royal Alexandra Hospital shows an extreme disregard for human life and total disregard for the Health and well being of patients in their care. The wanton abuse of patients under the RAH workers care is extremely discriminatory towards Non-Government Injured workers, whose only crime against the State run RAH Hospital; is that we do not belong to the AUPE. The AUPE Public Employees Unions are COMPLICIT in this abuse of human rights for severely injured workers who are unfortunate enough to come under the care of these corrupt employees. Their Union is corrupt, so by association this means the workers are corrupt as well, because they know what is going and they are complicit in these illegal physical attacks on injured workers who in the care of these corrupt AHS Hospitals.
 The nurses on my ward KNEW about the WCB Troll doctor, and they also KNEW that the man responsible for kicking me out of the hospital was a WCB Hacks and Quacks Troll operative. The entire nursing station and all of the nurses there were complicit in LYING to me about his identity and his role in ejecting me prematurely from the Royal Alex hospital. This IS significant because when I first heard they were kicking me out 6 days after I fell and like 2 days after my operation my brother convened a meeting with the nurses from the nursing station and the Social worker from the hospital. In that meeting, the gang of nurses demanded to know WHY I felt that I should not be released from RAH. I had a broken BACK! Like, duh! How in the hell can a severely injured patient be expected to defend himself while he is severely sedated and under extreme mental and physical DURESS!
 These were the horrific events that unfolded while I was under the care of government workers (Nurses and doctors), the egregious treatment I was subjected to was criminal in nature and to this very day NOTHING is being done about it. We have a new government, but nothing has changed all of the very same players are ALL still employed and obviously still going about their egregious practices of physically ATTACKING patients and for the crime of turning a blind eye to these horrific policies by turning the table around and BLAMING the patient for their criminal conduct.
 And that folks is WHY I call this province Hellberta, because of all of the self-entitled government workers who have NO problem executing criminal orders directly from a private corporation of corrupt crony doctors and administrators.
 To these criminal public servants these heinous acts of depravity happen so frequently, and have been routine for so many years that to them that they see nothing wrong with these attacks on innocent seriously injured workers that have no choice but to go to the hospital for care!
 Doctors and Nurses within the Royal Alexandra Hospital all view this kind of behavior as normal, since they have been routinely physically and mentally harming patients in their care DELIBERATELY for decades now! This is so disturbing on so many levels that I live in FEAR of ever walking or being taken by stretcher inside of a hospital in Alberta ever again, because of the extreme level of control that is so clearly demonstrated within this super corrupt organization.
 I see NO HOPE on the horizon for ANY change within the AHS because the SAME old PC Cronies like Stelmach are all running these super corrupt hospitals. I see the advertising from AHS, I see the minister and she seems all happy and it is just all such a great big Government Employee Love-in with the NDP. So as a result of the big Love in, I have no hope that anything will change because the entire system is saturated with the SAME old corrupt PC Cronies. How would you even begin to flush out all of the old DEAD WOOD that is hampering the transition to a real health care system. Where would you begin to start at getting rid of the Conservative STAINS on Democracy? The ONLY Hope I have of ever being medically treated and off actually getting a real diagnosis and a proper long term prognosis is if I FLEE Alberta to another province in order to receive treatment because the WCB controlled AHS is so OBSTRUCTIONIST that I will NEVER gain access to specialists here in Alberta.
 I have waited 10 years and I still cannot get access to Orthopedic Spinal Specialists, it is clear that I am being discriminated against and that this practice will continue likely forever here in this sinking hell-pit of government corruption. I am a 4th class citizen and I cannot even access the level of treatment that the newly arrived refugees can.
 I am a political refugee in my own country. Refugees have much better access to medical care than people who were born and raised here, that is a sad fact of living in Hellberta. Canada is such a LIE, this is not Freedom and it is surely not a democracy I can tell you that.