Brent McGillis: May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

3 Alberta Mounties injured in St. Paul confrontation

Unlike regular working stiffs, the RCMP will receive the BEST CARE that is available in Alberta for their injuries. They will NOT be subjected to non-treatment and denial of the most basic of Trauma Room diagnostic imaging. These officers will NOT suffer significantly in pain or for medical attention, and as such will be showered with an overkill of medical diagnostics and treatments for their injuries. Regular Joe citizens do NOT receive this hightened level of medical attention, and as such since Alberta does NOT have a basic patient Bill of Rights for Trauma Room standards the WCB of Alberta can initiate their WCB Network of Hacks and Quacks to deny regular working Albertans proper, timely and relevant medical care when they are injured and become a victim of the AHS approved Hacks trolling the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Since the RAH hospital is the designated WCB training facility hospital in Northern Alberta, the Hospital Administration in concert with AHS allows WCB Hack doctors to TROLL the hospital denying Seriously Injured Workers medical treatments and assaulting patients at will; ALL of these abusive actions by WCB Hacks and Quacks is 100% Alberta Health Services APPROVED. So I find it hard to feel sorry for these officers, because they get the best medical treatment that I never will. Thousands of AB workers risk and many LOSE their lives every day, and many thousands are maimed and mangled. It is a basic fundamental Human Right that EVERY working person has the right to return home safely from their place of work. It is an even greater fundamental human right that they NOT be subjected to 3rd Class Medical Treatment, and that ordinary Seriously Injured Workers not be physically assaulted by WCB Hacks and Quacks while lying helplessly drugged on morphine in the care of a Government run hospital. This abusive treatment SCALE of treatment is a form of discrimination based on the fact that the most of us are NOT cops, firemen or government workers; yet we are reduced to the level of 3rd Class citizen by Alberta Health Services and the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta. It ain't right.