Brent McGillis: Jan 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Telephone temporarily cut off

My cell phone has been temporarily cut off. This is a normal event when Capital region housing cuts off your Residential Direct to tenant housing Supplement. The supplement was designed to replace the HEP program. In reality it was designed to cut people off of rent subsidy, which it has done with enormous effectiveness. As such I only get 200 dollars a month to live on. Just another day in Alabama North. If disabled persons have to struggle like this, what in the hell is the government doing to able body persons? The recent weather changes and my propensity to overdue my physical activities(like grocery shopping). When I start feeling better last weekend has led to me being laid up for a couple of days with pain. I hope to adjust to the weather by tomorrow but who knows. Or contact me by e-mail at
The FOIP privacy commissioner responded and dropped the TIME tested Alberta Government ploy of She is going on holidays.
Translated that means she does not want to produce a letter in response to the privacy complaint. It is a drone policy of the Alberta Government.
Jesus we are all in terrible Jeopardy when it is revealed that the Privacy Commissioner is complicit in the stripping of Individuals Rights and Freedoms guaranteed under the Charter. The Government of Alberta sees the Charter as simply too bothersome to pay any attention to.
Corporations HATE the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They see it as a threat to their hidden Agenda, which is total world domination.
Just another sad event in the Alberta The Dumbest Place on Earth! ;~)