Brent McGillis: Sep 9, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drop seen in Injuries to Alberta Workers

Well here we have a link to a story coming out of the website and the guy who writes their blogs. This article is offensive to me as a Seriously Injured Worker because the writer fails to recognize the extreme stress this puts on the families of the 188 Canadian workers who DIED last year on the job in Alberta. Alberta continues to lead the country in the number of dead workers who were killed on the job working in Hellberta.
 The real truth lies in Northern Alberta The reality is that the WCB of Alberta fluked the number of deaths in 2013 is my opinion. The Workers Comp Blogwire is trying to print propaganda to prop up one of their member WCB Offices. The reality for workers in Hellberta is quite different from the rosy picture than is painting.

 Those Canadian men and women have families that will never see mom or dad walk through the back door of their house ever again. The breadwinner and maybe the only parent of the house are gone forever. This is nothing more than the American Association of State Compensation Funds producing propaganda for one of their member Funds. Click on their page and you will be able to link direct to WCB of Alberta with their interactive map. Killing 200 or more workers per year is nothing to brag about for 2 Million workers is my opinion. WCB Alberta don't care, you CAN'T make them care, they are too busy partying on their Bonus cheques to care. More shit brought to you by the same folks who brought you Globalization. Canada is morphing into Mexico North where the Global Corporations can kill as many Canadians as they see necessary in order to pump Tar Glop down a pipe on the CHEAP. It is the Hellberta WAY.