Brent McGillis: Sep 16, 2017

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Peter Vibe the Uber-Toxic Slum Landlord of 12103 - 88 street, Edmonton and his abuse of Disabled Persons

 Peter Vibe and his toxic personality has cost myself and those close to me many thousands of dollars in losses as a direct result of his pathological chronic lies. It hurts me to say this because Peter feloniously led me to believe that we were friends, friends that had known each other for over 35 years.
 As a disabled person, I had to personally BORROW thousands of dollars against my own future, in order to finance the move that Pete had suddenly sprang on us. Any human who has ever moved knows what it costs to move, it ain't free, especially for a disabled person. We had to pay many people in cash to help us pack and to help us move, that is the reality of moving for disabled people. WCB refuses to recognize this, and so they refused to pay for our move. That is typical behavior for the WCB.

 We now realize that Peter V carefully conspired his FAKE House Sale plan in order to escape having to repair his sewer line plugged with tree roots, and thus he could then continue to rent his Delton Slum to the next unsuspecting rental suckers without EVER having to spend 1 dime on a sewer line that was built in 1944!
 We now know that TAL was just a fake buyer that Peter concocted to FAKE the sale of his house, Peter Vibe NEVER intended to sell his slum property, he just wanted his current renters who he had PROMISED in our March meeting in the kitchen of Peter's Slum to not only fix the sewer, but to clean up the pile of shingles in the yard that were harbouring wasps and were a total eyesore. Peter was more than eager to promise to address all of our concerns about his slum property. We now know that these were all just another pack of lies from Peter to sheild himself, until he could concoct another pack of lies to pile ontop of the already massive pile of lies he had already told us.
 We now know that Peter never did plan to sell his house, but rather was counting on his ability to sell me on the idea we were actually friends and that he was genuinely planning to fix the sewer pipe in the back yard that backed up into the basement 6 times in 1 year.
 We now know that Peter has successfully sold the Tenant Dispute Resolution people and the Health inspector on the idea that Peter is dying and Peter is the Victim, nothing could be further from the truth. Peter is a master at making himself into "The Victim".
 I now recognize this as his go to response for any person he has wronged, I can now see how he would be successful at using this technique on women he has cheated on, and that is where I now believe he honed his acting skills to portray himself as the haplesss victim.
 For Peter playing the perpetual victim has now become a lifestyle of manipulating people as he plays on people natural tendency to go easy on somebody who is faking dying.
 It pains me to discover in recent months that Peter Vibe was falsely holding onto a grudge for 20 years. That to me is just plain weird in of itself, because this shows a serious character fault in this man, I mean what kind of person falsely holds onto a grudge for that many years? This kind of behavior exposes a serious disconnect between Peter Vibes' friends, family and business associates. It exposes a man who is devoid of any kind of meaningful social connections with people within his circle of acquaintances, because I now know that Peter does not possess the necessary social skills to make real social connections with people he knows.
 Peter confided in me during his stalking campaign as I was trying to load the car, that he does not have very many friends in life. No shit, I thought. He persisted to press on my sympathy button as he pulled his daughter into the conversation and went for the "Peter Pity Slam-dunk".
 What I see here is a person who only sees those around him as servants, and how he can leverage his friendship to get others to help do work for him for free. I simply did not recognize his character traits as being toxic, but our experience with Peter Vibe as our landlord has been absolutely horrific.
 We now recognize that Peter Vibe suffers from some kind of toxic personality disorder, and it is now clear that Peter Vibe uses "Pity as a weapon" of manipulation of others who surround him. This stunning revelation did not dawn on me, because I was constantly being lured into believing that Peter was my friend.
 Peter used his family to make that association while he was stalking me and aggressively badgering me while I was trying to complete our move. I now know that he uses this badgering technique to wear down people he seeks to manipulate. This is a disturbing pattern of behavior from a person whom I considered as a friend for many years.

 Peter Vibe uses "Pity as a weapon of control". I do not use this terminology lightly, but it is the only way I can describe being victimized by this toxic behavior by Peter Vibe. From the day I met Peter in his garage after having not seen him for many years, Peter was selling me on the idea that "Oh my God, Peter is dying". It is my observation as a person who really is seriously injured and suffering from a serious disability, that Peter has concocted this narrative for himself to insulate himself from people he causes serious harm to in his life. This is very disturbing behavior from any person, and this kind of behavior is very indicative of a person who is a "Master Manipulator".
 I finally woke up and seen the TRUE Peter Vibe for the Master Manipulator he really is, while trying to load the last few items from the house while being stalked and mentally manipulated by Peter Vibe as he filmed me on his Samsung smartphone.

 I feel violated by Peter Vibe because of his toxic behavior, I mean who stalks a physically disabled person? Who verbally badgers a physically disabled person for the sole purpose of trying to force manipulate a disabled person into making false and misleading statements for his Samsung camera phone he so proudly carries around in his work shirt? Peter was following me around and saying c'mon Brent, you know you owe me X amount of dollars, I was trying to catch my breathe while leaning on the fence as he was surreptitiously
filming our conversation.
 Peter told me when he was moving his junk out of the garage in front of his ponytail friend, and I quote: "Tell Debb to tear up those last 2 cheques". I said, "OK, I will do that".
 This was after I had asked Pete, "Pete, when did you become such an Asshole?" He looked surprised that his "good friend" would ask such a question. I told him that I set up the deal for him to sell the house with what we now know to be his FAKE Buyer, and he did not even say so much as thankyou.

 We now know that he was caught off guard at that very moment because his whole FAKE HOUSE SALE, was just a made up lie to get out of having to repair his 1944 sewer line plugged with tree roots.
 So, in order to cover up his FAKE house sale set of lies, he had to concoct a new set of lies to compact onto the already mounting mountain of lies.
 Who knows, maybe this was all part of his plan to maximize his narrative of making himself into "Peter the perpetual victim".
 Peter V has actually made "Peter the perpetual victim" into a complete lifestyle.
 I believe that is why Peter decided to show off to his ponytail friend what a great humanitarian and landlord Pete was by telling me in front of his friend helping him; "Brent, tell Debb to tear up those last 2 remaining cheques." The only remaining cheques that existed were for rent. It was all for Peter to show off what a great landlord Pete sees himself as, he went further describing how he had set it up with Ace Sewer cleaning to come back and snake out the sewer again if we required it.
 His own "Asian mail order Bride fantasy GREED" had so blinded him to the horrific living conditions he was subjecting his tenants to that he honestly believes in his own mind that his tenants should be thankful to live in the Shit and Piss backup caused by the fact that Peter Vibe is a just a cheap old bastard living out his Asian bride fantasies.
 Pete is not fit to be a landlord, his fake personality disorder does make him a perfect candidate for Slum landlord of the year award would be my personal opinion. There is nobody more qualified to make that assessment, because I AM disabled and I HAVE been abused by Peter Vibe.

We now believe that his was all part of Pete's plan to craft this narrative around himself that once again, poor, poor Peter is the victim. It is a false narrative, from a man who knows no bounds when it comes to lying.
 During our meeting way back in March we told Peter that if the Sewer line that he promised to dig up and fix in the back yard was NOT completed by the end of May we were NOT going to pay him 1 more dime of rent. Peter eagerly agreed to fix the sewer and to perform any further repairs and he went further. Peter's exact words were, "I will do anything to make you guys stay, I don't want you guys to move."
 We never got to that part of this mess at the hearing as the phony adjudicator went on the attack against us and fully advocated for Peter making us live in the Piss and Shit that was continually backing up into the basement of 12103 - 88 st. N.W. Edmonton.

 This kind of despondent behavior from Peter has seriously woken me up, and exposed what kind of toxic human being that Peter Vibe really is. The fact that Peter Vibe is a Slum Landlord extraordinaire of Delton is because of his pathological Slum Landlord psychotic actions; whereby he can rationalize making a disabled person and his family live in their own Piss and Shit!
 That is some disturbing ass shit right there, and that is why on the night Pete served me the papers that I phoned him back and told him he creeped me out and that he was out of control and that he should seek help. I meant seek Psychological Help PETE! Anybody who would treat their tenants in this manner needs some serious ass Psyche analysis to correct their personality disorders.
 This is why I was so surprised when Peter showed up when I was loading the last boxes into the car, because the night Peter served me the papers I had phoned him back later that night after reading them and I told Peter: "Pete you are a pathological liar and your behavior shows psychological tendencies when you believe your tenants should have to live in their own Piss and Shit". I said, "Just talking to you Peter really creeps me out."
 So then when he showed up to harass me during the move, I was shocked when he pulled out the phony friendship card once again, and then used his own daughter Keri as the Pity spark to craft his tale of how we were still friends and his daughter was sad we were fighting over his wreck of a house.

 It is bizarre how he could turn a conversation about his abuse of his tenants around and turn it into a conversation about HIM and how sad his family is that me and Debb do not want to continue to live in the Piss and Shit SLUM, and be abused by Peter the Slum Landlord!
 That shows pathological tendencies because he is able to rationalize forcing disabled persons to live in their own feces and urine at 12103 - 88 Street, as it flooded the basement on a regular basis. I now believe that Peter Vibe is a functioning psychopath, because he has clearly shown his inability to show any kind of empathy for the suffering of his tenants at 12103 88 Street in Edmonton, as he forces his renters to wade through their own piss and shit in the basement of this Slum. A true slum landlord indeed, complete with a total lack of empathy. As a long time friend of both of ours, when Cody came over to visit and viewed the condition of the house, he said so basically Peter is a Slum Landlord. And we all laughed, we thought it was harmless, but as Peter's behavior became more and more psychopathic, we were not laughing anymore.
 I had to buy rubber boots just so I could go into the basement after the final backup.
 After going to visit Peter at his house on Pegasus Boulevard in the Griesbach to beg him repair the sewer as per his promises that arose from our meeting back in April; it was very disturbing when he seemed at best to be bemused by the horrific living conditions we were being forced to endure. Back in April when Peter Vibe came over to get a new lease agreement signed, he pulled yet another one of his now what we famously call "A Peter Pity Party" to deflect our demands that he fix the sewer that had now backed up for the 4th time.
 We now know that his bemusement at the horrific living conditions he was subjecting us to was because he now realized that I had 100% bought into his lies and that I truly was living the DREAM that Peter would fulfill his promises to fix the sewer line.
 Looking back we now know that that Peter was likely revelling in the realization that all of his lies were working to perfection, it was probably all he could do to not bust out laughing; because that is what these kind of sick enjoyment these kinds of toxic people get off on.
 Yeah, when Peter puts on a pity show, it is quite the performance alright. Peter uses pity like a weapon to manipulate any persons who have any kind of disagreement with him, so he can shift the conversation onto how terrible life is for Peter. This is the Master Manipulator in action, he has successfully used his COPD as a weapon of deflection against people who surround him in his life. My God, I feel sorry for this mans family, that they would have to endure this kind of mental manipulation.

 Peter Vibe during the April meeting in the kitchen at 12103 88 street, Edmonton immediately had this outpouring of grief that he had been robbed of $13,000 dollars by his good friend and Real Estate salesperson "Rennie Wong". This is the true trait of a manipulator.
 Peter took a serious life threatening situation about the squalid living conditions we were being force to endure because Pete refused to fix the sewer line that repeated back raw sewage back into our basement, and turned it into an "Issue about HIM".
 This is some disturbing psychopath behavior right there, where he can show absolutely no compassion or empathy for the horrific conditions we were enduring, and then turn the whole conversation around and into a story that has NOTHING to do with the neglected SLUM he was renting to us!
 How does Rennie stealing $13,000 dollars from Pete Vibe, in any way, shape or fashion have anything to do with US? It does not, that is 100% clear. This kind of sociopathic behavior clearly cannot feel empathy for those around him whom he causes mental or physical pain to. Because of his psychopathic mental disorder, he is unable to feel empathy for those who he harms, this makes me sad for him as we were once friends.
 Peter Vibe, forever the victim and never the perpetrator. Do you know Peter? Does this theme sound familiar?

 Peter Vibes sociopathic behavior is disturbing, because in our last conversation before he stalked me while moving and tried to badger me into saying things that are not true so he could record it on his smartphone, I told Peter straight out; "Peter you have consistently lied to us since the day we moved in here". Actually the first stream of lies out of Peter Vibes mouth were when we were discussing the house and he was going over the In report and we were sitting in the kitchen, we were not even walking around the house and he was just checking off boxes as everything in "Good condition". I even said c'mon Pete when he was checking of the kitchen floor and the carpet. The kitchen floor was a hackjob lino job and the carpet was original from the day Peter moved in 20 years earlier. I know because I was there when he scouted the house and when he bought and moved in, the carpet was bagged and was wrinkled when Pete moved in. The carpet was never initially properly installed from day 1 and that is why it wrinkled, it was never stretched properly.
 Peter just laughed as he was doing so, this was on the night that he told me if we wanted the place I had to immediately go over to the house and meet him. He gave me and Chris 20 minutes to get over there and seal the deal because he had to go to China to get a bride.

 Pathological lying in order to achieve his goal of cheating renters out of a decent place to live exposes him for his pathological behavior, but to to this to a disabled person is more than just reprehensible, it is disturbing on a whole new level. I now recognize Peter Vibes behavior of pathological lying about fixing the sewer line that was causing repeated back ups of raw sewage into the basement, as part of a larger pattern of behavior going back many years. I did not recognize his behavior as being destructive or harmful back then because I was not being victimized by this sociopathic deconstruct of the people's minds around him. When he was using his sociopathic mind control while I was under extreme physical and mental duress, trying to load the car while Peter badgered me with his Mind Control logic.
 "Keri wants to know if you are sad Dad?" I was just thinking, "Like what the fuck" is this guy talking about. Once again Peter Vibe takes a dire situation that is solely about his pathological abuse of a disabled person and his family and he TURNS it into a conversation about HIM! Like WTF? The WCB is just like this, using mind control to manipulate claimants. Bizarre is all I can say about the behavior of this man.
 In the last phone conversation with Peter that I had, I told Peter. "Peter you are toxic, you are a pathological liar, and that he displays sociopathic behavior." In typical Pete V behavior he did not respond.

 I did not recognize Pete's dangerous behavior many years ago, I suppose because it did not directly affect me. I fault myself for not recognizing how toxic and dangerous his behavior was all those years ago. 21 years ago, when I put the roof on Pete's leaking old dream of a house the warning signs of a toxic personality were showing through the thin, fake veneer of Pete V's personality. Since the original roof was so worn the roof deck was showing through, I agreed to put a roof on Pete's house. When we made the agreement while sitting in the Boston Pizza shop #1, the agreement was that if I needed ANY help from Peter Vibe, he assured me on a stack of bibles that he would assist me on the roof project if necessary. Well that did not happen.
 Pete was never available back then, not because he was at work, or because he was so exhausted he was unable to help. No, he busy on Telephone Chat lines back then, from the time he got home from work until the sun went down. I think one of them was Lavalife, and there were others but I was not familiar with these kinds of random hook up because I already had a relationship. I did not recognize how damaging this kind of behavior was back then, and that it quite possibly could lead to pyschopathic behavior in Pete.

 I did not recognize how harmful sexually objectifying women and engaging in random sex acts with married women and otherwise attached women would translate into Peter being unable to associate any kind of harm this could have on that women's family or relationships. This is where I believe that Peter really nurtured his total lack of feelings or empathy for those whom he would cause harm in their relationships. I did not recognize back then 21 years ago, that this kind of behavior is toxic and that it would one day come to harm me and my family. The reason I know about these random hookups is because while I was working one Peters house all those years ago, he would tell me about his sexual conquests and random late night hookups with random women. At the time, I did not see this kind of behavior as harmful because it did not affect me, and this was not the lifestyle I was looking for, as far as I was concerned it was his life to live as he seen fit.
 But honestly now, looking back and hooking up with random women who are attached on late night rendezvous's on deserted back roads to get a blowjob from a women who wanted to fulfill a fantasy did dawn on me to be harmful behavior back then. I did not have the necessary maturity to identify this a behavior that would become toxic in the future. I am a little bit older now and can look at things a whole lot more objectively now.
 The accounts of Pete V's sexual conquests were told to me by Pete himself as he would brag about some of these random hook-ups with women in the Edmonton region. Obviously a type A personality disorder much like that of Donald Trump's, and we all know how much pain that personality has caused.
 I found it quite disturbing that Sandra would say to me after I told her that she had just lost her mother and that her dad was all that she had left. I found this a disturbing statement because it implied, that she was the only one who could feel a sense of loss. I had parents too, and it hurt just as much when they died. If Jackie was alive today, she would slap the living shit out of Peter for what has gone on here, and for how he treated someone he misled into believing he was a friend. That was the kind of person she was, she did not put up with Pete's shit and that is likely why they separated years ago. 

 The culmination of this was the kangaroo court known as the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service, where good ol' sneeky Pete got a chance to really show off his pathological lying skills for an audience of 1 adjudicator.
 As it turns out this adjudicator is nothing more than an ADVOCATE for Slum Landlords. I called out the adjudicator for being biased and prejudiced in favor of the landlord. I even asked the adjudicator Mr. Young, "So, you as a agency fully advocate that "Tenants should live in their own Piss and Shit?" Is that correct, I continued. The adjudicator then shifted towards simply yelling at me repeatedly, "Did you think you were going to live there rent free for 3 months". It was an all out gong show. Just more deadwood appointed by the past PC Govt to advance the agenda of their corporate slum landlord cronies is all I see with this agency.

 There you go kids, if you are thinking of renting be forewarned of sociopathic Peter Vibe the Slum landlord, and his firetrap house at 12103 88street, N.W., Edmonton, Alberta T5B3S5
 I don't want any other renters to have to endure what we lived through in Peter Vibe's wreck of a house. His pathological lied to the adjudicator that he never told me to: "Tell Debbie to tear up those last 2 cheques."
 He did however admit that there was "A discussion about ripping up cheques."
Peter held all the cheques, his story about the reason he told me that does not hold water.
 I believe he was just showing off for a family friend to show what a tremendous humanitarian Peter was to put on a show for his friend. That is my opinion.

 I believe Peter did this to show off to his friend with the ponytail who was helping him load his truck that Peter was after all the bullshit he subjected us to, that in the end he was a humanitarian and was going to compensate us for the pain and suffering we endured during the 6, yes SIX sewer back ups we endured in 1 single year. That is a sewer back up very 2 months, and Peter Vibe lied and lied to us with ever more complex and grandiose fake plans to fix the sewer line.
 We now know that Peter Vibe NEVER DID plan to fix the sewer line, his only commitment was to himself to pathologically LIE to us about the pending sewer line replacement that never came. That sewer line will never be fixed, Peter has planned to snake it out. His lies about moving back in are just that, more lies. When Peter served me the hearing papers, I said to Peter, "If you are moving back in, then why do you care what the Alberta Health officer has to say about the house."
 Me and Cole Arthurs were shocked as we looked at each other while Peter Vibe stood on the boulevard YELLING at us, and I quote: "I am NOT moving back in here, alright!"
 We laughed in disbelief at how quickly this pathological liar switches his stories, and told him we did not have time for his Pete Drama, and drove off. Beware of this slum people.
 But more importantly beware of being drawn into the Peter Vibe drama, I can now see how he used his techniques successfully on women in his life, and that is why I have determined that Peter Vibe is a toxic personality. Toxic to all those around him as he tries to satisfy his greed fantasies, and Asian Bride fantasies.

 We now believe that even Peter's story about selling the house to a fourplex developer was a total lie, because he then phoned us and told us we had less than 2 weeks to vacate the premises. Then after we told him that if he sold the property he would have to give us 3 months notice and that this was provincial law in Alberta. He then served us the notice dated for Sept. 15 and was super angry because he said that the buyer who was a guy named simply TAL had backed out of the deal.

Here is TAL's phone number 780-902-9663, phone TAL and tell him you have a house for sale in Delton and you heard he was paying CASH! Phone today.

The reason he told us was because of the Health Inspector and that TAL did not want to deal with any issues with the city. So then the next set of lies out of Peter's mouth was that Peter was now so poor and destitute that he would have to move back into the premises himself with his new bride that travelled 9000 km's to live in a wreck of a house on the other side of the globe; pretty bizarre tale huh? This is why Cole Arthurs and myself were so shocked as Peter stood on the boulevard outside of his wreck house yelling at us, "I am NOT moving back in here, alright?"
 Peter Vibe plans to submit another set of renters to his abuse, now that he got us to do a pile of repairs to his wreck so he can rent it out to foreign exchange students from China because they will never complain. He was musing about exchange students last summer, it did not dawn on me that we were going to be replaced as soon as Peter seen fit.