Brent McGillis: Oct 6, 2017

Friday, October 6, 2017

Neuroplastix: The WCB Millard need to reprogram the Injured Worker mind

 I am writing about the efforts of the WCB across all medical platforms in their facility to constantly hammer home the idea that the reason you are experiencing pain is because you as the injured worker are according to them suffering from some kind of mental deficiency. To me, I see these efforts in every one of their group meetings, their (WCB) need to reprogram you to see that in fact the problem with your recovery is your fault, because you were not born with the necessary mental tools to properly understand you injury. They seem to have an intense need to make you "feel good" in their group psychological get togethers. Their feel good campaign seems all well and good, until you go home and try to sleep at night.
 It has occurred to me that the majority of the floor space with the Millard Center is dedicated to offices. Yup, offices and not rehabilitation facilities that one would normally associate with a facility that is supposed to be dedicated to rehabilitation treatments for injured workers.
 How odd don't you think that this facility does NOT have a nice cushioned walking and running track for injured workers to rehab on.
 How odd that the "Rehab Pool" has been off limits on the premise that it is undergoing maintenance. Myself, I don't actually believe that there is any maintenance issues with the pool, but rather I would think it is more likely that the Millard is defecient in their ability to man the pool with a real life lifeguard that would be required to be on duty every day in the event of a mishap in the pool and that if there pool was in fact operating that it would require money to properly maintain and service the pool with real life pool maintenance contractors. If the pool was shut down for maintenance, one would think you would see contractors coming and going performing the necessary work to bring the pool back online would be my observation. The pool would have a sign on the door indicating that it is out of service and in the process of being serviced, but no such signage exists.
 Do you think that Cops and Firemen who need REAL rehab have the time to hang out at the Millard where there are no proper training facilities for walking or a proper pool manned with a team trained in the hydrotherapy arts? No, they go to real rehab facilities like the Glenrose rehabilitation hospital and other high quality facilities in Calgary. They don't have time for the Millard, Millard is for redneck blue collar workers from Northern Alberta who don't know any better and have never seen the inside of a real rehab facility.
 These are just my observations, to me the Millard is just one big giant cheap out facility. The equipment is subpar and old and worn out, the treatment beds are from another era, the chairs in this facility are old and worn out. In the last 12 years since my injury, I have not come across another facility that houses such a collection of crappy chairs in my life.
 Like where does the cheap bean counting bastard who does the purchasing for this facility source his chairs from, Woolco surplus that has been stored in a warehouse on the outskirts of Winnepeg? Like honestly, who does the buying for this cheap-out outfit.
 Let us review: here is a facility that claims to be doing rehabilitation for seriously injured workers; yet you actually have to send out a "Search Party of Millard employees" to find a decent and proper chair to sit in for a man who has broken his back. That is an embarassment to the people who carry around degrees, and are forced to tell injured workers that this is all that they have. I call them on it every day, any Millard employees that have been exposed to me will tell you this is true, I am relentless in my critique of this dump. Part of the facility is dedicated exercise space that is strictly for the WCB staff and is off limits to injured workers, this to me is a giant warning flag about the true premise of this facility. I believed that this is a dedicated punishment center for injured workers that the WCB has labelled as being in need of intensive rehabilitation methodology. I am not talking about just the area I am in, but the facility as a whole is for the workers that the WCB wants to dedicate to an agressive form of rehabilitation.
 I am not trying to say that the entire facility is fake, just that it is not the high quality modern facility utilizing the most up to date treatments, because that would be impossible given that the Millard is largely designed to be a retirement home for some of the oldest and most dedicated Conservative Cronies from the Ralph Kline era of medicine would be my guess. I have been to the largest multi-disciplinary medical facility in the continental United States, it is called the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. It is the largest medical facility in North America and it looks nothing like The Millard. It is a modern day miracle center, it is open, accessible; so nothing like The WCB Millard health center. 

The Millard is an ancient outdated facility that is based on the idea of shutting people out of treatment, and isolating them from the outside world, a prison of sorts with strict rules that demand to be adhered to. This facility is discriminatory towards seriously injured workers because it denies them to open access to proper, timely and relevant treatment facilities that have the capacity to treat their injuries. The WCB had literally made it a crime not to adhere to their strict time schedules, a crime punishable by banishment from their tired old half effort at a real rehab facility. The WCB Millard was outdated on the day it opened its doors, it should be bulldozed and pass into history as a forgotten mistake.
 This is what I said to another injured worker the other day, we are told that we live in the richest province in Canada, but there is no evidence of this wealth. For a corporation that weilds BILLIONS of dollars made on the backs of hard working Albertans, there is no physical evidence of all of this wealth. Without question there is a lot of old deadwood that is occupying offices within the WCB organization that are just sucking the working man and woman penniless because their positions are crony jobs from a bygone era of Progressive Conservatives nepotism. Jason Kenney wants to bring back "The old days" of vast nepotism wealth built on the backs of real Albertans. I still say it is time to clean out the old dead wood in the AB Govt, it is now or never is my opinion.