Brent McGillis: Nov 30, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

WCB Alberta/Patrick Clayton & Injured Worker Health Care

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Martin Luther King *
I really do not hold out much hope of finding Evidence based medicine here in Hellberta. I mean, I live in a province that has a government that continues to say that one of their conservative values is "self reliance". Translated that means, "Every man for himself". Conservative governments hate universal health care, they hate any medical program that does not almost bankrupt the recipient, just like America. What the conservatives mean when the say Self reliance, is you better hope you are rich enough to fly to the United States for care or you could be a goner. There never will be a evidence based medical clinic here in Edmonton. Not one that the average citizen will just walk into and be cured. Your doctor is going to have to be well connected, and you are going to need top notch supplementary insurance to enter that clinic. WCB will never pay for that, AHS will never pay for that. Never going to happen for regular Joe Citizen, never. So a medical solution to my severe back injury is just never going to become reality in Hellberta. It is The Giant Alberta Work camp mentality. No need for WCB to care for those bastards, hopefully they will go back to wherever it is they came from, to receive treatment. That is the prevailing medical attitude from this government.

Alberta's new slogan: Where Hillbillies set the bar LOW.

The possibility that I will receive any further testing, and or treatment while sinking in this giant Tar Pit Province is a bigger long shot than winning the Carbon Capture lottery. This link really makes it all hit home. WCB Alberta only acknowledge "Dead" gimps. This really is a government ordered Eugenics program. Might as well put experience in charge of our state ordered eugenics programs. I think they should put Pol Pot in charge, he was expert at eradication of whiners. The Dead Kennedys, Kill the Poor!
sums up today's Conservative values. That was 1979, nothing ever changes.
Conservatives cannot gallivant worldwide to brag about how cheap it is to come rape our land if they actually have to rehabilitate seriously injured workers. This video on the steps of the Canadian Embassy in London really brings it all home 60 seconds in when Heather Milton-Lightning says that Canada does not protect Human Rights. It's True. That is not a myth. Saying that Canada does is a lie.
Speaking of state ordered medical intellect. I think it is important to mention that the WCB a few years ago decided to AMEND their drug policy. It is interesting to note that the very same dummies used data generated by the Americans. By one of their contracted medical groups who make fortunes on generating WCB Beer Goggled research papers on Occupational Disorders. These morons cannot even read a Orthopedic Bed prescription, and you want them to produce medical research papers. Hah, what a joke. WCB Alberta copies everything the Americans do. Word for word. That is some Alberta Solution. These retards even sent me a letter stating that I was taking Unapproved Narcotics. WCB Alberta is the nepotistic employment program for drunken, drug addicted sociopathic failures, who idle away their days self opining about their superior mental intellect. Where are their drug tests? (Fiduciaries are to be held to a higher moral standard)
The terrible Hellberta Dichotomy spewing more Gunk than a SO2 flare. Drunken drug addicted freaks choking off medications to Genuine injured persons in need of real medical help. This is life in Alabama North.

The moron or herd of morons who penned this policy have absolutely no knowledge of Chronic Pain, serious injuries, or the right to Duty of Care. These policies are not written with the seriously injured worker's health in mind. They are written specifically to deny injured workers critically necessary prescriptions, and one more reason to terminate a workers benefits. Plain and simple. Additionally in some cases malicious vindictive mentally imbalanced Case Managers, use this policy to willfully inflict cruel unparalleled pain and suffering on clients. Disturbed, uneducated and medically unqualified CM's should in no way shape or fashion be allowed to INTERFERE with diagnosis and prescribing of drugs by College recognized Physicians. Clearly, Improper Wacko shill consultation and research in the fabrication of these draconian policies by non medical, fully unqualified, nonspecializing medical research contractors. Predetermined medical research outcomes are not legitimate medical policies, and were produced with a fully cognizant conflict of interest. If these policies are properly researched then there would be a complete acknowledgment with links, of all of the top specialists in this field of medicine, and their contributions and references to their particular relevant research papers. Self proclaimed medical experts, and research for hire medical group contractors do not count as legitimate contributors. North American WCB boards actually contract out to their medical group pals for predetermined medical research outcomes. If they themselves did not actually sign the cheque, the knowingly use this bogus data to formulate their own non transparent policies. These WCB boards are unparalleled Massive medical shill schemes on a scale that has never been seen before in the history of Mankind. Their policies are a gross perversion of the written word, and many other things. Something that the inventors of modern print probably never envisioned or desired.

Proper Specialist Research references and links are known worldwide as "Transparency".
How do you know you are in Alberta? Because it really still is 1953, and the dinosaurs are running the show.

It is now clear that U of A is nowhere near being the Mayo Clinic. The pain clinic did their duty and throws any further testing back at my doctor. I predicted this event. I had delusions that the Pain Clinic would be a link to further testing. What ever happened to referrals? The disappointment is large, yet another dead end.

My brother got a heart & double lung transplant at the University Hospital almost 5 years ago. I was his care giver. Care giving is something WCB knows nothing about, because that would imply that they actually care which is completely untrue.
The following statements are true:
The WCB knows nothing about serious back injuries, this is why they spend so much time trying to deny them. I have more knowledge in my left pinky than those dopers.
And they have the nerve to brag about "Exclusive Jurisdiction".
The WCB knows nothing of multi-disciplinary evidence based medicine, since they never practice any. (EXcept false evidence based medicine: a.k.a. Rent-a-docs!)
Suppression/Omission of evidence.
Denial of Due Process.
They have no need for radiography since they pay no attention to them, and do not forward them to the proper specialists.
They really do not require such a super elaborate Sham Wow legal spoof mechanism (Their answer is always no). Their relatives must need those jobs.
These people are supposed to be conducting themselves in a Fiduciary manner.
I don't understand why they need any part of legitimate medicine, they don't listen to any of the recommendations, so why bother?
You would think (or perhaps a Auditor General) that a giant Trust Fund, in charge of Billions of dollars would be subject to a much higher standard of scrutiny as a proper Fiduciary Responsibility to ALL stakeholders.

If this is The Absolute best we can do for our future generations, then our Canadian Children are truly in trouble. This is the legacy of our generation? Is this how the flaccid Human Rights Commission will be remembered? I was told today, that the JUST Commission is to ensure that you don't get any Justice OR Human Rights. Is that true?
Must be true, but we will never know with the prorogation of Government(Tory Corp).

If so, this government will be famous for being the complete LET DOWN and SELL OUT generation. This is all Alberta can be? It's a pathetic human accomplishment really. I call Alberta, Alabama North. Tell us the Tar Pit Dream again, BumbleBot.
It makes sense, in the very midst of all this Hydro Carbon development, the very last thing you want is wide open top notch help care. They will need that money for Carbon Capture silly.It makes sense not to investigate too thoroughly. Imagine what kinds of problems that could uncover? It now makes sense, this Province rotates around cover ups.
At the core of all this, is the fact that so many parts of Alberta economy rotates around the Oil Welfare system. They are the puppet masters.

Every day I run into people, regular every day working people, and they all share the same view. They say that Patrick Clayton did the right thing. He had NO choice. There were no other avenues left. These are people of every color, education level and political stripe. I am actually shocked at what some every day normal people say to me about how injured workers should deal with the WCB. How much longer can they play with live munitions before one tracks them down? Is our Conservative government that flippantly careless that they will play with hundreds of peoples lives this way?

Just imagine the Government Public Liability Issues that surround the aftermath of a seriously injured worker snapping and inflicting loss of life at the WCB office in Downtown Edmonton.
The Government of Alberta (Taxpayers) will be financially liable for Gross Negligence and Public Endangerment of the workers by reason of inaction when the government was, and is fully cognizant of the problems at the Workers Compensation Board. These glaring problems are direct result of the fraudulent practices that are common practice (SOP)at the Workers Compensation Board. These practices are unnecessarily exposing the taxpayers of Alberta to extreme Liability. It will cost the Taxpayers of the province possibly Billions in litigation.
Who will carry out these lawsuits? The lawyers of insurance companies of any person who loses their life and is carrying supplemental insurance.
Every company in the world is trying to reduce their exposure to liability.
Except the WCB.
There is not one part of their operation that could survive a true liability audit.
I would not expect any higher intellect from Hillbillies.

It is simply not possible to imagine that large employers or any person connected to the government would support any type of a system that actually treats and cures seriously injured workers. It does not compute that the constructors of these mega-projects would want any health care costs associated with building more mega-mines. Not now or in the future. No point of workers getting used too being treated. Look at CNRHell, they were trying to recreate Dubai. Cheap import labour worked in Dubai, just import it here, true conservative logic at work.