Brent McGillis: Jun 28, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Working in Alberta

Working in Alberta
is a funny sort of conservative
. If you do not work in this province you are looked down upon, because the general populace believes that you have some sort of character fault. Even if you are partially disabled. The Alberta Government Felonious Insurance Scheme will not help you in any way. That means medications, rehabilitation, medical attention of any kind, or retraining so that I will not have to
break my back, again
in order to bring home a paycheck. Nor will they finally live up to their fuduciary responsibility and pay for a real multidisciplinary assessment of my injuries, and of my current physical functional limitations so that a economic loss payment can be arrived at.
There really is no reason to postulate the legalities of my situation, since
WCB Alberta
Operates so far outside what is considered
that to dream about any sort of legal and fair resolution of my case is a completely moot point.
If a injured worker or any other outside observer where to want to study the WCB Alberta system, they would find a website that does not work, absolutely no online access to WCB Case Law here in this province. And as such, researchers would simply have to speculate on the actual documents that are supposedly posted on WCB Alberta 's website.
I find it very amusing that the Law Society of Alberta would allow such and entity to be created, one that cannot be successfully sued. And a legal arm of the government that swings a giant "Legal Axe" in its own defense yet does not have WCB Case Law posted on its website, or access to such a library.
When the legal might of a 1.3 billion dollar Government Agency is busy legally suffocating the life out of an individual, that person it not allowed access to case law in his or her own defense. I am no legal genius, but I am pretty damn sure that any use of a government sanctioned legal system, would have to incorporate access to such a library.
Since a billion dollar funded private legal system has been unleashed on a private citizen, that citizen should have access to their case law. Simply because, in no place in any part of the legal system is it absolutely mandatory to have a lawyer for representation. And as such clients, as a fundamental right should have access to the complete WCB Alberta case law library. This is not 1950, it should be posted online the same as other government agencies. If that is not possible then the government should pay for my legal defense. That way their buddies can get paid too. Lets spread the joy around some.
I hope that the Top Brass at the offices of WCB Alberta are proud of themselves. They have successfully managed to lie, cheat and steal my Pension from me. I will now receive no compensation for my Permanent Clinical Impairment, and any medical needs,or monthly subsistence, or any monies for retraining.
I did receive a phone call from the Royal Alex Hospital yesterday informing me that I will have a appointment for a MRI on my neck on Sunday the 12th day of July @ 11:00 am on a Sunday. I originally thought that my MLA's influence helped. However, I have since learned that the Taxpayers of Alberta were once again made to pay for my MRI Scan. I never did get my CT Scan of my C-Spine. Since Colleen Bamford already turned me down for my tests and my bed. We shall see. It would be nice to know what it is like to completely be able to turn my head again.

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