Brent McGillis: Nov 23, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alberta Health Services is CORRUPT and crooked to the core, they always have been

  It is no secret that the Alberta Health Services as an organization is corrupt and is full of corrupt officials right to the very top. The fact that the top of the food chain in AHS has been replaced still does not negate the fact that this kind of inbred corruption and discrimination runs very deep within this organization. I have seen persons of color and identifiable minorities like aboriginals openly discriminated against within the AHS hospital system. This is a long simmering problem that has been around for decades, just because the top officials have been replaced does not change the habits that are ingrained in this very large and very poorly managed government agency. The very highest level of political interference has been removed but the festering disease of corruption and discrimination that has existed for decades is still there, it is just not as easy as it was before for officials within this organization to openly discriminate as they once did.
  Racism and discrimination never did disappear from the deep south in the United States as we have seen in the last year of events in the U.S. Deep divisions continue, as it does here in Alberta which had the distinction of being the most Openly Racist province in Canada. That kind of deeply ingrained behavior simply does not vanish because there is a new boss in the Legislature of Alberta. Corruption is typically a very deep seated problem in any organization to flush out and eradicate, because it was so openly tolerated and because the PC's fostered a system of Self-entitled Access to Health Care for their friends and cronies. Because it is such a large organization, and because a great deal of these mid-level management personnel are all part of the largest Union in Alberta the likelihood that this endemic AHS infection will live on in a more subdued form of abuse is the more likely outcome.
  Corruption is such a huge problem here that there is a 99% chance that in my lifetime this Alberta social disease of discriminatory practices will continue as an untreated symptom underlying this dysfunctional government organization. AHS was such a great Health Care system when I was a child and a young man living in Alberta. The along came Drunk Ralph came along an injected his systemic dysfunctional PC corporatism into the Alberta Health Care system. The drive for super profitable Doctor Groups and Clinics infested this organization with the prime focus of creating little fiefdoms of Corporate Crony doctors that wanted to become wildly rich profiteering off of sick people.
  The WCB of Alberta has very close and powerful connections within the AHS organization, if it did not then it would not be able to extend its Corporate REACH and CONTROL directly interfering with the medical care of patients under the care of AHS.
  I recall back when Patrick Clayton took the hostages at the WCB offices in downtown Edmonton, when Adrienne Payette phoned me long distance from Ontario. I will never forget the words that she said to me at the time, "Get out of there (Alberta), they will NEVER allow you to be treated in Alberta".
 She was right, so right that it hurts to this day. It is sad that no matter how much things change, they still remain the same. The new boss is the same as the old boss is the saying. There is NO WAY to put an end to all of the deep level of corruption that lives within the WCB of Alberta organization and there is equally NO CHANCE of ever erasing the accompanying corruption that continues to live on in the monstrous AHS org either. The Corporate Agenda continues to live on here in Hellberta.
  At that time Adrienne told me her story and how she had the very same problem of NO ACCESS to specialists here in Edmonton, she told me she made the conscious decision to move to Toronto and in LESS than 3 months time she was sitting face to face with a neurosurgeon in Ontario. I had hope that once the NDP took over that things would change, but I was wrong. As the representatives of the biggest Unions they have no motivation to equal the playing field for all Albertans because they are committed to keeping their largest Union happy and the AUPE IS THE Government Employees that make up WCB and AHS, so obviously my hopes were sadly misguided once again.
  That is what makes it such a horror show here in Hellberta when you get hurt at work. I feel sorry for the Farmers and their employees that will now be subjected to the abuse mechanisms of these uber corrupt organizations.

Alberta NEEDS a coherent Minimal Level of Care directive for patients

  My experience at the University of Alberta Hospital back in March was more than disturbing, but it cemented the idea in my mind about the severe need for a Patients Bill of Rights in Alberta.
 If you look at some of the Western States in the United States it is becoming common practice for the State Governments to legislate a "Minimal Level of Care" that patients can expect when patients end up visiting major Trauma Centers in their individual State run Hospitals. The idea behind such bills is so that ALL patients visiting Trauma Centers will receive the SAME level of care  as Cops, Firemen and Government Workers. These are legislative actions taken to ensure that ALL patients whether they are walk-in or arrive via ambulance to major Trauma Centers receive exactly the SAME level of care as everybody else. There is NO special treatment for Government connected officials or first responders, these measures ensure that there is NO discrimination when it comes to patient care for people who are in urgent need of medical care.
 The situation that I encountered with Dr. Naismith at the U of A Hospital was truly disturbing stuff and it showcases how backward the medical practices are in Alberta and how easily it is for medical staff to discriminate against Seriously Injured Workers for their own fun and demented sense of enjoyment. There is no room for discrimination against Injured Workers because of the Alberta Health Services SECRET CODES that are used to discriminate when delivering care in Alberta Hospitals.

 The premise that patients whom have suffered Spinal Traumas do not QUALIFY for Diagnostic Imaging is patently absurd. The fact that Dr. Naismith utilizes this crazy premise to self justify her discriminatory practices in her own mind is a disturbing revelation of extreme need for a Patients Bill of Rights when patients enter a Hospital in Alberta, this is long overdue. The random practice of allowing ER Doctors to utilize completely Arbitrary thinking relying on whatever preconcieved notions that an individual doctor in an Emergency Room environment has in his mind to deliver care is prejudiced, unethical and reckless behavior on behalf of the hospital involved. There is one more factor at work here, it exposes the Hospital to litigation on behalf of patients who have been unjustly treated in an Alberta Hospital. These are serious problems that have been long standing and that need to be addressed if this province is ever to break free from the 1959 Dark Ages of Medicine that the PC's were running here in Alberta.
Chronic Pain is shutting me down, more to come. Thks for patience.