Brent McGillis: Nov 9, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

Evidence based Medicine

My biggest fear, especially here in the only Province that actually exports and distributes corruption. Is that my experience so far in the WCB Alberta system, and within the AHS system, is that they are in no way applying evidence based medicine. Here is a link to a fellow who suffered the same injury that I did, he outcome was quite different from mine. He got lucky. Obviously on light duty. He seen the writing on the wall, that he would receive no proper medical investigation, and he got out. The pain I endure every day is mind blowing. And that is not even talking about my neck pain. I am so Leery of all government. I truly hope that the pain clinic can help me, in my quest for true evidence based medicine. I believe my condition is called Mylelopathic. It certainly would explain the wide range of bad side effects I have been suffering the last couple of years since some brainiac decided to give me deep back massages. For some time now, I am baffled as to how to go forward with my claim (I feel ridiculous even saying that because there is nothing legitimate about the Alberta WCB). To dream of any kind of resolution is distant. I mean they will not even respond to my doctor. To me, that was their final act of stupidity. As a organization they deserve no formal recognition in any field of rehabilitative medicine. They try to maintain a very thin veil of legitimacy by producing the odd happy seriously injured individual so as to seem be living up to their mandate. I wonder if Kenworth is aware that people who are seriously injured on their site will be subjected to such human degradation and abuse? What are they paying money into this fund for? Apparently for WCB employee luxury retirement in BC.
Here is a Link to Bob Layton's Editorial on Global Edmonton regarding the Patrick Clayton hostage taking. Thank you Bob, you pretty much summed it up.
What we need is a good ol' fashioned wobble. No, not that wobble the wobblies were grass roots union and non union workers who were fed up not being treated right. This government only understands one thing, MONEY. If it starts costing the very largest employers money, then they will have the will to change.

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