Brent McGillis: Nov 30, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Rachel Notleys WCB Plan is a giant TAX GRAB on Farmers/Farm workers

  Here is a newsbit from the 2014 Highlights of the WCB Financial Statements.
      Average premium rate:
$1.03 per $100 of insurable earnings was the average collected in
2014. The average rate set for 2015 is $0.97.
Operating surplus: $792.5 million (2013: $921.6 million

  Here is a Screen Capture of the new Farm and Ranch rates proposed by the Notley Government and that will be EXTRACTED directly from the pocketbooks of Farmers as published on the WCB's own website.
Click on the image below to view the NEW FARM RATES, you will be shocked if you own animals.

The page this info is located on is and if you look at the Screen Grab I snapped,  it is looking very BAD for ranchers and any farmer who raises hoofed animals; as they will be paying an average of $3 dollars/per hour for every hour worked by the farm hands working on these operations.
That is a very large sum of money when extrapolated across all of the Farm Workers in Alberta. Here is a screen grab of the WCB page which confirms the massive Finacial Injury that the WCB plans to implement to further INSULATE Transnational Oil Companies from the TRUE COST of injured workers/Albertans. The WCB is so damned presumptive and GREEDY, that they have already produced the rates for farmers who have NO INJURY HISTORY with the WCB AB.
                                                                  Click on image below
 Think about this: World Oil Prices CRASH. Transnational Oil Corporations SLASH workers to cut costs, and their contractors SELL OFF Equipment in record breaking Heavy Equipment sales. Workers wages have been cut, so what is LEFT for cost cutting?
Tar Sands Corporations like Exxon/CNRHell already ENJOY the lowest WCB RATES in Alberta at less than $1 Dollar/Hr worked. Well that does not gather a lot of revenue particularly when workers are being laid off. The WCB AB does NOT want to raise rates to the ACTUAL RATE that is necessary to meet the Medical and Financial needs of workers.
  O.K. now we need to calculate the MASSIVE LOSS of revenue stream that WCB Alberta needs to be replaced by over 150,000 job losses in the Alberta Oil Patch and related industries. That is a LOT of Money, Millions and Millions of dollars. The WCB Alberta and the Alberta Government are starving for money, and they need a pack of Farmer Donkeys to carry them since WCB is feeling WEAK from paying their Corporate Crony CEO's their MILLION DOLLAR Salaries for corruption.
  Look at the TIMING of this push. This is just too damned obvious. The NDP Government does not want to RISK raising WCB rates to the level that would actually cover Non-government Workers. The NDP are going to do HACK fake Surgery on WCB AB, and SEW ON a NEW ARM of this flailing money fleecing scheme. Yeah, they are going to SEW on the hard working arm of farmers the WCB has identified as RICH Farmers. This new Green ARM is very muscular from actually working for a living, will be not so skillfully sewed onto the drunken WCB Body by their corrupt team from the Hacks and Quacks Network.
 The Farmers of Alberta are going to shoulder the COST of the failing Tar Glop Industry, and become the new DONKEY on the block, doing ALL THE HEAVY Lifting for the WCB of Alberta. As you can see the Tar Glop Corporations that KILL WORKERS will get ALL of their WCB dues Refunded, Joe Farmer you get ZERO back because this is how the WCB AB Scams the small business operators!

And the NDP comes out smelling like roses to the CFIB  for NOT raising the WCB rates in times of Financial austerity. CFIB has strongly influenced the Conservative Govt's policy for years now.
 Notley and Crew have dangerously calculated that it is better to Enrage the Farmers, than it is to propose a rate hike to cover huge INCOME LOSSES and gaps for the WCB, and Guy Kerr continues to get cash bonuses for dead workers once again. How sick is that?

So there you go. I have to take a break and get my Botox injections to help kill my nerve pain that radiates from my Spine. More to come. Thks for your patience.

Here is a link to a Orthopaedic Doctor Fraud Scheme in California where Spinal Surgeons were paying Kick-backs to clinics for referrals for Spinal Fusion surgery. Scary stuff considering that I had the same surgery and now I am screwed for life, and my bogus Surgeon refuses to ever see me again. He knows what happened at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and he does not want those dead bodies to come floating back to the surface of the murky swamp we call WCB Alberta CORRUPTION.
Former hospital CFO, two surgeons admit kickback scheme for spine surgeries

The Government of Alberta obviously believes that the AHS is not corrupt, and the PC Govt's of the past have all made points of praising our Health Care system here in AB. The reality is that 40+ years of PC Communist Rule have opened AHS wide open to the exact copy of how the American Hospital and Health Care systems were ravaged by GREED engorged Doctors and Corporations seeking monopolies that these private operators knew would make them RICH beyong their wildest dreams.
  I have always knew that the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons were corrupt, because of one of their most influential members Dr. Olhauser, but I did not recognize how this organization was able to influence the PC Party of Alberta into making sure that they were specifically INSULATED from the Alberta privacy Laws back in 2003/2004. The College LIED to me about launching an investigation into WCB Crony doctor Lorri Galbraith who wrote a bogus report on my condition from her
PO MAIL BOX on Jasper Avenue, Edmonton.
Alberta WCB employs doctors who work out of P.O. Mail Boxes inside the UPS Store on Jasper Ave, nice huh?
 Can you imagine that you are such a HACK and a Quack that you have to work out of a Post Office Box in a UPS Store in Edmonton? WCB AB can imagine this and pay you as a Hack, big FAT Farmer cheques too!

I cannot find Dr. Lorri Galbraith registered with the AB College of Physicians, but I did find a reference to her on Rate my MD in Vancouver working for WorkSafe BC.
  This is what the Farmers of Alberta have in store for them, a bunch of bogus HACKS and Quacks that will be soon Hacking and Quacking their way through their workforce and leaving their workers disabled for life, Sad isn't it?
  The Alberta Farmer is now saddled with 1 MORE useless government agency to carry on it's back, making them feel like a common DONKEY! This is not how a friendly business relationship is supposed to feel, but as long as the Transnational Oil Corporations are feeling the Farmer GREEN, then that is all that matters to Rachel and her Million Dollar Executive FRIENDS at WCB of Alberta, right?
  Guy Kerr is NOT interested in a pay cut on his $1Million dollar/year paycheque, taxing his new friends the Farmers of AB at 20% per cent of every dollar your Farm and Ranch hands earn should Top Up Guy Kerr's bonus cheque nicely. Right Rachel Notley?

Had Rachel Notley cleaned out the Corruption laden WCB first, then tried to bring Farmers on board I could understand but forcing them to sing with the Devil is just plain underhanded

  It is NO SECRET that the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta is a legalized Government Agency that can dole out a horrific amount of medical abuse, physical abuse in the form of legalized bogus Rehabilitation facilities and massive amounts of Mental Abuse by their taunting Claims Managers that glean great joy from torturing Seriously Injured Workers.
  Rachel Notley is acutely aware of these systemic abuses at the Workers Compensation Board, from her time spent supposedly supporting Seriously Injured Worker protests, so it truly does bewilder me at WHY she is NOW trying to FORCE a super corrupt organization like WCB onto Farmers.
Here is a link to a video she did in support of the Canadian Injured site
  I guess when Rachel Notley finds herself now sitting amongst the privileged and the self-entitled Elite Club that runs Alberta, that now you are simply unable to see the forest for the trees, because you are sitting around with all of the Old Dead Timber of the legislature now.
  I believe that the Farmers should DEMAND a complete review of the WCB of Alberta as an organization, and that the farmers should demand a Legislative Investigation into the systemic abusive practices and tactics employed systematically by WCB. Why would the Farmers want to enter into any agreement with the organization that is FAMOUS for abusing workers? Why would they want their best hands to get NO Medical Treatments? Why would they want their best Cattle ropers to get NO Medical Imaging? It makes no sense to any normal person.

The WCB of Alberta routinely DISCRIMINATES against specifically TARGETED workers who have been seriously injured on the job. This practice of targeted abuse needs to end, to many lives have been terminated early by this corrupt organization.
  All of this corruption is completely led from the TOP DOWN is my opinion. All of this Medical Corruption begins at the HIGHEST LEVELS of the Alberta Government. This includes some of the top medical doctors in the College of Physicians and Surgeons that have been meddling in the layout of the Alberta Health Services and the WCB Alberta's scope of power for decades now. A Legislative  Committee properly empowered would be able to uncover this system wide corruption, so that ALL Albertans can enter a new age with a Proper, timely and non-discriminatory medical treatment. We can help to create a WCB organization that does NOT TARGET individuals for abuse based solely on the fact they are not government employees.

  There are No WINNERS when your government sanctions DISCRIMINATION based solely on a persons disability. None whatsoever, because it demeans our society and makes a mockery of the very word Democracy. Democracy should never on the simple basis of principle ever condone Discrimination and Abuse because you are disabled.
  Not in my book anyways, and I would hope that is not the case in Rachel Notley's description of Democracy and how it should be governed. Democracy NOW!

WCB Government workers cannot Wipe their own Ass

  The most egregious and disgusting character trait of the WCB Government Employees is that they are so damned lazy they cannot wipe their own asses. They are in constant need of somebody like their boss or some other outside mysterious force like the Workers Compensation Appeals Commission to TELL THEM it is time to wipe their own asses.
  Yup, I know, it is hard to believe that their exists Government Employees that are so damned obtuse and useless that they NEED to be told what to do and when to do it. It is like they are ex-criminals that have just been released from prison and because of their extended incarceration they are completely unable to manage their own day to day actions and affairs.
  I know, I know the WCB and the Government of Alberta both "CLAIM" that the WCB Employees are NOT Government Employees. However the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta Employees and their UNION representatives all SIGN the very same Union negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement for their wages and benefits.
  Yup, these supposedly "non-government employees" of the WCB AB are the lucky recipients of the very SAME PLUSH and Luxurious Alberta Government sick leave and disability benefits that are specifically reserved for AB Government Employees ONLY! Wow, how could this happen? (Sic) The WCB of Alberta Employees enjoy exactly the very SAME WAGE benefits package as the Alberta Government Employees.
  Now I am no rocket scientist, but do you know what? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a
WCB AB duck and is completely unable to wipe its own ass, then I am only able to come to one single conclusion; It must be a Rachel Notley Government WCB employee duck!
  It seems that she has forgotten all about Injured Workers since she reached the throne and is now looking down on her disciples.

  This is why I have always said that the Workers Compensation Benefits for GOVERNMENT WORKERS are much more broad and the AB Govt. workers receive benefits that other Albertans are simply never going to be exposed to or receive benefit from. Here the AUPE is telling it's members that they are capable of "Working WITH the WCB to unlock these mysterious benefits that Joe AB will never receive".
  They are ALL part of the SAME TEAM right. Why? Because you are not a Cop, a Fireman, Border guard or other kind of Government Employee, you will not have UNION TRAINED WCB Specialists writing your APPEALS for you. You just ain't part of their exclusive and pampered lifestyle, it is not your fault, you wanted to work on the farm, you just never aspired to be a do-nothing Government Employee sucking the taxpayers pocketbook dry.
  Here you can read through the WCB Employees Benefits and this is not the complete list of benefits either.
  The WCB Employees MUST invest in the Public Employees Pension Fund, it is compulsary to do so if you are employed by the WCB of Alberta. Here is the excerpt:
Public Service and Management Employees
Pension Plans
All permanent employees and long-term employees, who will be
working more than one year, must participate in either the Public
Service Pension Plan or the Management Employees Pension Plan,
depending on the position held. Details of eligibility and benefits are
available in the participant handbooks published by the plans and
available through Alberta Pensions Services Corporation.

  What Joe Average Albertan will never understand is that when these slacker WCB Government Employees or any other AB Government Employees exhaust their Short Term disability, and they end up going on Long Term disability they now get to relax on the beach in Puerto Vallarta while slurping up 70% of their government wages TAX FREE. The benefit that the Government does NOT want you to know about is that the government and the WCB almost NEVER check to validate the disability of these claimants. Why? Because they are Government Employees and YOU do not belong to their CLUB.
  This is where the PTSD claims are becoming rampant is amongst Government Employees like Ambulance Drivers but NOT restricted to First Responders. The Ambulance EMT's are very upset at how their own Union and the Cities involved screwed them when the Provincial PC's amalgated them all under one roof. So how do you get back at your government employer that you despise? Simple, put in a PTSD claim and get ready to enjoy the perks of being part of the AB Govt. SPECIAL CLUB. Don't forget that these benefits are Tax Free because these people are claiming total disability. Understand now?

  So there you have it, the useless, obtuse, ignorant and abusive WCB Caims Managers that love to abuse Seriously Injured Workers, are incapable of wiping their own asses without a specific set of instructions from the WCB Appeals Commission. These Claims Managers are SO OBTUSE they are unable to see the critical need for providing an Injured Worker who has fallen and broken his back with a BED to help him sleep at night. How in the hell can Guy Kerr pile on the BS so thick with all of his phony CLAIMS about how skilled his TEAM is? He cannot, because it is all a pile of lies.
  His fantasy Team has NO PROBLEMS processing these medical needs for members of the Alberta SPECIAL CLUB (Govt. workers). Yup, Club Alberta Government sees NO NEED to change the operational functions of the AB WCB, because it treats AB Govt. Employees LIKE GOLD, with the Gold Plated medical treatment.
  But for Joe Farmer, your workers are going to receive the LESS than WELFARE recipients treatment when you try to make a claim against the fund that you pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into each year, this is the magic of WCB AB and their Special Arrangement with the AB Government.

  Disgruntled Government Employees including the WCB AB workers enjoy the ability to rake CASH IN while CASHING OUT, and enjoy the Benefits of being part of the Alberta Government Medical Benefits CASH COW that is responsible for such a large portion of the total WCB Costs in Alberta.
  I am so dissappointed that Rachel Notley has decided to FORCE farmers into an agreement with a super corrupt Insurance Scam that treats this provinces NON-government contributors so poorly.
  Rachel Notley was part of the WCB protests recently and she is aware of the systemic corruption that permeates this organization, so it bewilders me why she would try to FORCE this corrupt entity upon innocent Farm families. I just don't get it. Now she is in power and she has completely FORGOTTEN how she got there.
  Here is a video of Anthony Hughes talking about the willful of destruction of Information by WCB Claims Managers and other WCB AB Employees. As Anthony has so skillfully stated, "Once you understand that they (WCB AB) have the lawful authority to withhold and destroy YOUR information, the Game is Over!"
  Anthony just stated in a nutshell the Abuse of Process that Seriously Injured Workers face everyday when appealing decisions to the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta.
Rachel Notley is a lawyer, a Labour Lawyer by trade and she KNOWS this practice severely taints the Quasi-judicial procedures of the WCB of Alberta.
She KNOWS this to be true, so until she comes out and publicly states that she is going to make big changes to the WCB, the farmers of Alberta need to be afraid of this corrupt organization. The WCB of Alberta exists to insulate employers it has NOTHING to do with rehabilitation of seriously injured workers, that needs to be understood first and foremost by farmers.
  If people of Canada are upset that Trudeau has nannies, Guy Kerr that runs WCB AB is paid almost $1 Million/YR, he makes MORE money than the Prime Minister of Canada for APPROVING of over 160 dead workers EVERY YEAR in Alberta for 10 YEARS!
  When will Rachel the lawyer put an end to this routine practice of killing workers in Alberta? I repeat, WHEN?