Brent McGillis: Jan 23, 2010

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alberta Government Corruption, and the Death of Democracy

These are dark days for democracy. Russian Ice dancers wearing aboriginal type costumes. There is Irony here. Canada is showcasing chosen Indian Bands. Our great leader has to, so the other 100,000 Indians don't possibly show up and drag Canada's own

Darth Vader of Democracy (Insurance Salesman Steve)

off into the woods for a proper scolding. People think that the fascists are gone from North America. Not true. The fight for true democracy south of the border boils on. Corporate fascists cannot let go and face the fact they lost because they are the new Nazi's brought back to life in the America's. Their agenda is simple, convince all people that the unbridled worship of money and greedily hungering for more money, control, corruption will create a desirable society. In their rabid pursuit they believe, stripping free men and women of their human rights is their self entitled right. These money whores are the reason the free world almost went into an uncontrolled economic tailspin. They are so blinded by greed that they cannot see the consequences of their actions, or simply do not care what wreckage they leave behind. Tory policies simply look past these crimes against our fellow humans, like they never happened. Their only agenda is the right wing corporate agenda. The corruption runs so high and so deep, that even if there were whistle blowers, who would they go to? The constabulary, their failure to investigate implies complicity. The media? Hah, who would tell the story? The media just like everyone else under the Big Oil Welfare Umbrella is too busy running scared for their jobs. To complete their agenda they are going to have to delete a pile of Media jobs. Can't have stories escaping from inside the Tar Pit Curtain now could we. I am told that the Wild Rose party wants to split from Canada complete with their own Cop force. Boy is that gonna throw a wrench into the brown paper bag program. Oh well, same bags. Different delivery boy.
You have to ask yourself exactly why has there never been any investigations of any Government Officials here in Alberta for as long as anyone can remember? (40 years)
See, I looked outside and was unable to see downtown while choking on Coker Smog. It was at this time I realized, yup, brown paper bag politics is still working.
Harper gave the Green Light to FULL THROTTLE production of the Tar-sands for 5 years with his targets. It is open game on our Environment. Truly smearing Canada.
Gilles Dusceppe got it right when he said that the PMO is protecting the Oil Companies. The Alberta model has been pulled off so magnificently well, that the Tories are busy deploying it principles across Canada. It worked for covering up abuse of Seriously Injured Workers, they believe it to be an infallible model now. By the time Canadians realize what has happened it will be to late, the corporate robbers will have already completed their sinister plan. They have in Alberta, even the Alberta Justice reward System is highly suspect, and contrary to a free and open democracy. Because of its trailer park associations with the executive branch of the government.