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Friday, July 10, 2009

Alberta Appeals Commission

My worst fears have been realized regarding the Alberta WCB appeals commission
This is not a true legal dispute mechanism, it is a ultra cushy BS appointment of even more friends of the government. This is nepotism gone bezerk. Seriously injured Ironworkers with broken backs cannot even qualify for a bed, while the trough feeders continue to swell in number. I can guarantee you that they sleep on pocket coils. These people do not even feign concern, or interest in your plight.
Democracy died in Alberta, a very long time ago. The real shame in all of this, is the fact that almost no one showed up for the funeral. Elected officials running this province ended a long long time ago.
These people are making a mockery of Canada. It makes me sad to know that so many will suffer from the abuses of this government sponsored Super bureaucracy run amuck. The trough has been allowed to balloon to an unimaginable bloated and deformed size. The "demockery bureaucracy" has written their own laws(policies) for so long they actually believe that they are Law makers. They only need Law makers as figurehead puppets.
I thought that a true legal entity with a balanced representation would be a good solid place to consult on how to battle a corrupt and fraudulent corporation.
I really am only beginning to grasp what a completely naive and stupid idea that was. After a brief visit, their non action was obvious. I now know how naive I really am. The Office of the Appeals Commission as far as I am concerned is one more part of their farce. This is just one more layer of stupidity. This is a super corrupt organization whose chief mandate is defrauding seriously injured workers of any form of compensation.
Obviously a made in Alberta solution that was farmed out to an American consultant.
This is what happens when corporatism is allowed to run amuck.
How's that Health Super Board working out for the general population?
The response from the commission representative was typical in its merry-go-round approach to a solution. This entire situation never even needed to reach this point, if the dispute resolution process was an actual working mechanism. It's originators intentions have been grossly perverted by the demockery bureaucracy. In doing so they have created a squirrel cage that you simply cannot escape. The process is so mind numbingly drawn out that it is almost guaranteed to discourage even the most seasoned mangled human.
The Alberta WCB is just one big SHAM wow. Claims managers mindlessly grinding out more of their southern consultants well rehearsed BS.
This is not a problem that is unique to the the Alberta WCB, this is a giant "Corporate Culture" created and nurtured by our government. It is ridiculous in it's premise, and even more retarded in actual practice. Hello, did anyone notice how all this corporate BS backfired in the US? Albertans bought the Corporate Hallelujah stuff hook line and sinker.
More corporation, less government. Hmm, how's that working out for you?

Alberta WCB's intentions were clear from the beginning, cutting off a seriously injured Ironworker with a shattered vertebrae and steel bars in his back after only 6 months recovery. Why? Because I refused to be mocked, would not accept WCB Alberta's outright denial of my injuries, and refused to be threatened into signing legally binding documents. It is interesting given the fact that it is against the law in Alberta to threaten persons within the confines of a licensed medical facility in the Province of Alberta.
No need for these people to obey the Law, they will just create a new policy, and have their puppet Lawmakers rubber stamp it into law. Isn't corporatism a wonderful tool for non elected officials to completely strip Citizens of Canada of all of their individual rights and freedoms.

When a government can no longer hear the cries of it's citizens over the bitching and moaning of corporations, then they are no longer a government. This makes them a puppet regime. (See: America)

I filed an appeal, which the WCB never responded to and even though I have repeatedly brought this contentious item up, they refuse to discuss it. How can I have respect for a commission to which my appeal shall never arrive. Just one more BS arm of a very large BS organization. There is not one part of this government that impresses me. Any organization that maliciously pursues defrauding seriously injured workers out of benefits they are legally entitled to, only impresses ultra right wing corporate wing dings. Government BS does not impress me, any farmer will tell you BS ain't worth a hill of beans. Yet, this government doles out BS like it is a valuable commodity. The bureaucrats are doling out horse manure and telling us that it is caviar.
Someone has to put a stop to these lawless bastards, plain and simple.
Since their is no one in this government that is willing to help seriously injured workers. There is no other choice. It is them or us. Democracy is a community, not an idea. Hope may be our only salvation.

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