Brent McGillis: Jan 7, 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Radiology of Spine Trauma

I have decided that it is now necessary to post this video for the benefit of my doctor, Dr. Akpede. I have never wanted to ever get into a verbal confrontation with any doctor who is treating me, but I was unaware that there are doctors who are licensed in the province of Alberta who do NOT understand that this is Canada a country with MODERN DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING machinery. Dr. Akpede was reciting word for word the procedure that would normally be followed for a patient who had experienced a Mild Back Sprain. I FELL OFF A BUILDING AND LANDED FLAT ON MY IRONWORKER TOOLS FLAT ON MY BACK.
 I don't need any X-rays. I just had a CT Scan last year, it is unhealthy to expose any patient to excessive X-rays that are going to SHOW NOTHING! You don't even need the smallest of educations to know that and X-Ray is completely UNABLE to show ANY nerve impingement.
 This is the end product of Alberta Health Services and their propaganda that tells physicians that they need to order an X-ray to find the source of pain for a man who has fallen and broken his back; THIS is what is so ABSURD about the AHS policy framework. The Alberta Health Services policies are written by Goddamned morons, these were political policies that have ZERO to do with actual medical practices in ANY modern western civilization.

 If you (Dr.) can ONLY recite AHS propaganda, then guess what? Alberta Health does not NEED you as a doctor anymore you will be replaced with a ROBOT Kiosk down a the local MALL.
 The ROBOT Doctors now hired by AHS are likely not even aware that there is a private clinic in Kamloops that has a Vertical Stand-Up MRI Machine to diagnose serious back injuries, to better illustrate the back in its natural position supporting the load of your own body. Makes sense RIGHT? Not in Hellberta!
 We are so FAR back in the bayou that AB hillbillies don't even know this stuff even exists, that is sad. Sad to live in Hellberta that is!
 This is BIZARRE that I would have to tell a physician HOW to diagnose a serious spinal injury. This is what is so goddamned fucking bizarre in Alberta and the reason that I have now been officially designated as a Medical Refugee in my own country. It is sad and makes we want to cry, because the BRAINWASHING of Alberta Doctors is so complete that a I would actually have to argue with a doctor to get a simple goddamned REFERRAL to an Orthopedic Specialist. I am beginning to think that Dr. Akpede is a WCB hack doctor with his absurd ideas. I am so distraught at this outcome, I simply cannot begin to tell you how this saddens me.
 It absolutely FLOORS me that I would have to tell a doctor HOW to diagnose a serious spinal injury, that is just beyond the wildest most horrible nightmare medical scenarios that I could possibly imagine! It just goes to show you how Fucked-UP the Alberta Health Services IS in Alberta. It is beyond terrible.