Brent McGillis: Nov 29, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our President and Chief BullShitter Guy Kerr

 I was reading the bio of WCB of Alberta Chief Executive Officer Guy Kerr and every single word on that page is total BS, 100% Corporately Processed and delivered high quality Bovine Excrement!
 The Guy Kerr bio page is nothing but pure FANTASY, and BS!
 The part about his family is probably true, I mean if you are dragging down a Million dollars per year for the privilege of killing hundreds of workers and putting a big giant APPROVED rubber stamp on the body bags of dead workers. So you can give yourself a great big pat on your own back Guy Kerr.
  Reading his bio would be hilarious if it were not so damned deadly for workers in Alberta. Even though we have a new government it is still 1959 in Alberta when it comes to Worker Safety and to progressive policies that penalize companies that routinely kill their workers on the job.
 Nothing ever changes in 1959 Alberta. The New Boss Rachel is the SAME as the Old Boss Jim is the saying.

  I was injured 10 years ago falling off of a steel rafter. NO INVESTIGATION into the accident was ever ordered, how do I know? Because NO WCB Investigator EVER interviewed me about what happened that day. I suffered a career ending injury and there was NO investigation into how this happened and how to ensure that this type of accident does not reoccur in the future. How is this possible?
  How is it possible that I was left laying facedown in the snow moaning in agony, while my Boss and the Site superintendant were standing right there and both did not even bother to call an amubulance?
  The WCB of Alberta is a CROOK organization that rotates around making sure Injured Workers KILL THEMSELVES to absolve the employers of any responsibility! WCB AB is run by CROOKS, that is a fact.
  All of the Bullshit that Guy Kerr has on his own bio page of the WCB is absolute garbage and a total line of Bullshit. The only people who believe the PC Party government Bullshitters are the PC Party loyalists, nobody else. This guy drives around in a Porche while seriously injured workers suffer through yet another hopeless Christmas.
  The Bullshit about the Appeals Process is precisely that: Bullshit, pure Bullshit nothing else.

  The WCB of Alberta took my first Appeal and fed it through their paper shredders, this is what is known as an Abuse of Process. Had it been properly accepted and properly dealt with through a legitimate Appeals Process then we would not be having this discussion on the TENTH CHRISTMAS I have had without a proper BED. I used to ask my HomeCare workers that WCB would send every day about my BED that I so desperately needed, they would ASSURE me every day that somebody would be sent out to ASSESS this need. Nobody ever showed up, and no bed.

  This is NO SURPRISE for the WCB crook organization, because the Royal Alexandra Hospital kicked me out and sent me home with NO HOMECARE in place, despite a meeting we had convened with the Nurses on Ward when I told them how I feared arriving home with NO Homecare!

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is going to need MORE than Bricks and Mortar to fix the Chronic CORRUPTION that permeates this hospital. That is for goddammed sure!

  The WCB lied, the Royal Alexandra Staff Nurses lied in a meeting! The nurses at the Alex lied to me by NOT telling me that I was being kicked out of the hospital on specific INSTRUCTIONS from the WCB Doctor, Dr. Leslie DeLima! The AHS Staff KNEW that the WCB was kicking me out and WITHHELD this information from me, because the Royal Alex is the designated WCB Hacks and Quacks Hospital.
 Everybody knows that and avoids this hospital, under clear threat of death or serious mortal injury!

  I trusted the WCB crooks and cronies, and this is the end product, they deliberately DENY a Seriously Inured Worker a bed, over and over again. How is this possible in Guy Kerr's FANTASY WCB?
 Simple it is all a great big LIE, a concocted fantasy to feed his OWN GIANT EGO!

Guy Kerr you and your shitty organization produce a SHIT PRODUCT, day in and day out. You sir are a complete Bullshitter, if Fantasy Bullshit was a saleable product then you would be a Trillionaire.

  The WCB of Alberta website is saturated with advertising for WCB and how they can help YOU to reduce INJURY COSTS!
  These ads prove that the WCB could care less about the health of Injured Workers, their PRIMARY focus is to DENY ACCESS to medical treatments, medications, diagnostic imaging and ACCESS to proper, timely and relevant treatments!

  If you (Claims Managers) have to be TOLD that a injured worker with a broken back NEEDS a NEW BED on a regular basis, then you are a complete idiot and should be fired. The person who hired you should be fired as well.
Both of these morons lack the necessary judgement skills to drive a car. And it just keeps happening, again and again. Such systemic failure would not be possible within a well run company or organization. The WCB of Alberta is not a well run company and all of this systematic corruption and the reoccuring systemic failure is by captain Bullshitter himself.

If you (CM) need to have a request for a BED be sent to an APPEAL BOARD for approval then this is clear evidence that you have ZERO knowledge about medical issues and the question remains; Which idiot WCB staffer HIRED YOU? Guy? Was it Guy, what a corporate crook and a maroon.
  These abusive Claims Managers are Guy Kerr designed WCB Alberta WORKING POLICY.
All the Bullshit from Guy Kerr about his fantastic Team is just that, pure 100% unadultrated Bullshit!
If Bullshit was a commodity then Guy Kerr would be Canada's best BULLSHIT saleman, hell he would the Bullshit Saleman of the Year and would be properly awarded at the Bullshitters Annual Convention.

  This guy is so high on himself that he needs to be taken down a notch, and he will discover that guess what? There is NO Company and nobody else on this earth that is willing to pay you $1 Million dollars per year for being a government do-nothing. Only CORRUPT Governments will PAY you this outragious paycheque for being a Medical Industry CRONY! Standing around giving really BAD ADVICE Guy, it is NOT the same thing as real help.
  Maybe all of your crony pals over at the College of Physicians will be able to match your Bullshitters WAGE huh, what do you think Guy. Why don't you call the richest doctor in Alberta, Dr. Olhauser and see if he will pay you a Million bucks a year?

Ms Notley "Tear down these WALLS"

  I am calling on the government of Rachel Notley to "Tear Down these WALLS" of discrimination that the medical cronies of the past PC Governments have erected to specifically DISCRIMINATE against seriously Injured Workers!
  Tear Down these Walls that have successfully managed to DENY me access to ALL Spinal Orthopaedic Specialists in Alberta! Tear down these WALLS that continue to deny me even the most BASIC medical devices like a BED!
  Tear Down these Walls that have ER Doctors DENYING ALL DIAGNOSTIC Imaging to me, and telling me that because my condition is chronic, that I will NEVER qualify for any Imaging!
  Tear Down these WAlls that continue to funnel me into the waiting arms of Corruption that makes up the Hacks and Quacks Network

I have to rest, my back is killing me. Chronic Fatique is a natural affliction for persons suffering from Chronic Pain. Thanks for your patience.

This is the 10th YEAR that I have to live through Christmas without ACCESS to a proper BED, because of the WALLS that have been erected by the WCB Corruption Machine.
Merry Christmas folks, and I hope the WCB people and their cronies sleep well snuggled up in their self-entitled expensive bed sheets.

PC Government Corruption SPAWNED KEY Govt. crony officials for the ABUSE of Seriously Injured Workers in Alberta

  Key in any discussion about the actual on the ground workings of the WCB Alberta communist constructed phony Workers Compensation system is that the entire contruct of this organization has been done through the often skewed and Corporate Corruption that blurred the government policies of  the Progressive Conservative Party, this was TRADEMARK PC Politics in action.
  Flashback to 1996 when then Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein decided to implant one of his own cronies as the head of the WCB in Alberta.  Who was this KEY figure you ask? Well it was none other than DOCTOR John F. Cowell.
Dr. John F. Cowell would go on to become the WCB Chief Executive Officer that SLASH the WCB of Alberta in HALF, for the WCB of Alberta's budget expenditures for ONE YEAR.
  Enter Premier Redford and Jim Prentice and they went back to their Old Cronies phone book to dig up Dr. John F. Cowell from the graveyard of corrupt PC Cronies to run the AHS.
  Dr. Cowell's experience as CEO of WCB of Alberta was where he honed his skills of
Simply STOP treating people and your agency will save money!
  The average tax paying citizen that is fully competent and in full control of their own facilties would look at this one line entry in the composition of a massive Compensation Fund that is intended to pay for the injuries and resulting disabilities of Seriously Injured Workers who are forced to be reliant on the integrity of the aforementioned disability fund, and the would say wait a minute; How in the hell can ANY institution manage to slash their medical expenditures in HALF in ONE YEAR?
  This would seem to be an impossibility correct? No, oh contraire Joe Albertan, this is no accident scene, this is PC Party of Alberta Corporate CORRUPTION at work on an INDUSTRIAL SCALE!
  And thus was born the Industrial Corruption era of Alberta politics, because only corruption on an Industrial Scale that permeates ALL levels of Medical Care delivered in the province of Alberta would be sufficient to deliver such collosal abuses to Seriously Injured Workers.
  The single largest BARRIER to recovery for Injured Workers in Alberta is LACK of ACCESS to proper, timely and Relevant Medical Treatments and Referrals to Specialists here in Alberta.
This single barrier is in reality a series of Multiple Medical Barriers that have been erected over decades of procedures that the WCB Hacks and Quacks CRONIES have toiled scurilessly to ensure that Injured Workers that THEY TARGET for abuse are DENIED ACCESS at every turn in their quest to find some relief for the pain they suffer. I believe that Dr. Cowell gave the instructions to DENY me care at the Calgary Foothills Spinal Treatment center, that is my opinion.
 We are the sufferers of Chronic Pain that makes us unable to function at a normal level, and thus these roadblocks created by the Ralph Klein gang of Medical Gangsters continues to be a massive BARRIER and Roadblock to recovery for Seriously Injured Workers.

 Corruption within the Workers Compensation Board and the Alberta Health Services RUNS DEEP! We need our Premier Rachel Notly to move with forcefull resolve to dismantle this SYTEM of ABUSE and to reorganize the Alberta Health Services to erase DISCRIMINATION within AHS and the
WCB of Alberta. These two organizations work hand in hand and they work in tandem to abuse Seriously Injured Workers. Doctors who seek to treat these disabled workers are unaware of the background mechanisms that are working within the AHS scurilessly to deny ACCESS to medical treatment for a extremely vulnerable portion of our population here in Alberta.
To do nothing for the Notley government, is to fully support DISCRIMINATION based on my medial disabilites, this will be the new governments BADGE of failure to wear for eternity.