Brent McGillis: Aug 31, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

PC leadership candidate Ric McIver pledges to listen to Albertans, tell Alberta’s story

The Workers Compensation Board holds absolute power over ANY decision at ANY level of the Alberta Health Services (AHS). Need proof? Who is the acting executive of the AHS? Oh, looky here we have the ex-CEO of WCB Alberta from back in the mid-nineties. One of King Ralph's old right hand Cronies Dr. John Cowell
Cowell was the CEO of WCB Ab when they slashed their budget in HALF with King Ralph's help; this led to the Hunger Strike protest outside of the front door of the WCB Edmonton offices by Ralph Teed and Frank Pagnotta back in 1999 when they went on a hunger strike outside the WCB offices for weeks.
 That was the beginning of WCB protests including Distressed workers suicides that persist to this day because of the extreme abusive nature of the policy framework laid down by these old cronies like Cowell. Cowell and Kline's solution was fundamentally simple, they simply Stopped Treated Patients! Costs plummetted in Half! Wow, who knew? (Sic)
Now Cowell is the singular head of a Health Care system for 4 million people, God his brain must be swelling.
Guys like this doctor ARE the reason ALL of my tests from the Calgary Spine Clinic were cancelled!
This is one of the main architects that APPROVES of WCB Hacks and Quacks crony quack doctors like Dr. Leslie DeLima from the WCB of Alberta to TROLL the halls of Alberta Hospitals. WCB Hack Troll doctors are Standard Operating Procedure in the Royal Alexandra Hospital, these Hacks and Quacks are allowed 100% total freedom to enter patients rooms and physically assault them while they are drugged up on morphine, denying them access to proper, timely and relevant medical treatments and scans. The WCB Ab Hacks are NOT required to submit records of their activities while on Hospital property. I know because I requested the records of Dr. Leslie DeLima relative to my stay in the Royal Alex Hospital. RAH administration says records do not exist. Nice huh.(Sic)
Is this the KIND of Medical Services we as Albertans want moving forward in the fastest growing economy in Canada? Is this even remotely considered to be "Progressive" management of our Health Services? NO, it is not. McIver you are promoting a total FAIL in your Health Care Services policy. But hey, you are part of the old gang of Cronies, right?
This is why I always say that Hellberta is stuck in 1959. Good Ol' Hellberta where Backwards is accepted as being "normal". Welcome to Hellberta folks.

I would say to candidate McIver, Mr. McIver: It is never O.K. to enter a Trauma patients room while an injured worker is in the care of a hospital like the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, so that the WCB Hacks can interfer with a seriously injured patients CARE!
 These abuses will NEVER be acceptable. For the RAH administration to simply ignore WCB Ab  Hacks and Quacks doctors who are allowed to freely take treatment liberties that cause serious harm to patients is just so damned corrupt. What kind of freak doctors deliberately cause harm with the full knowledge that these Hack actions will result in long term denial of Medical Treatments to Seriously Injured Workers who are drugged out on morphine? Is the kind of Health Care that Ric McIver Approves of? 
Christ this is like the goddamned Middle Ages here in Hellberta.